Heed that Hunch: 5 Ways to Heighten Your Sixth Sense

imagesBy Vincent Crews

Did you see the ending of M. Night Shyamalan’s ‘Sixth Sense’ coming?  If not, maybe you’re not clairvoyant, or perhaps you haven’t honed your own sixth sense.  Palm readers, psychics, seers and other types of ‘extrasensory’ personalities champion the use of the sixth sense while others deny its existence.

Whether ‘special’ powers are an actuality remains debatable.  However, like skateboarders learning advanced tricks or scientists inventing faster and more effective machines, progression does exist, and in some cases, some personalities choose to build respective talents.  Clairvoyants attempt to convince the world they hold no ‘special’ powers.  They simply point attention to the fact they’re interested enough to hone the talent.  Here are five ways to do it yourself.


A Tel Aviv University study focused on peoples’ abilities to assume number summations.  After some time, with doctors not providing enough time to make an actual calculation, subjects began relying on guessing and intuition. Doctors observed gravitation toward correct calculations the longer subjects guessed, making an interesting observation related to intuition.  It seems the longer subjects used it, the better it became in emulating actual data.


Go back one-hundred years and you will not find as many traces of ‘weight fad’ products.  It’s a ‘modern’ concern, making millions of dollars for associated producers.  Many fads fall flat because each body is unique.  Rather than listening to get-rich-quick personalities, many report success losing fat, gaining muscle, and feeling well by paying attention to their bodies –when hungry, tired, energised. Bruce Lee, heralded as an alternative nutrition ‘genius,’ directed attention to the focus on how the body ‘feels.’


Freud thought dreams were in part the brain’s way of getting rid of ‘excess’ from the day’s observations.  Others, such as Jung, thought there was more to dreams, paying great attention to dream aspects in his psychological studies. Write down colours, places, and things, and whether dreaming in ‘first person’ or seeing overhead as an omniscient ‘author’ of the dream.  Considering parts of dreams are symbols for feelings, anxieties, physical opportunities, etc, helps some make better and more peaceful life decisions.


Sometimes, we ‘feel’ awkward, afraid, or ‘on alert.’  Usually, these feelings are associated with danger, yet, fear is a powerful emotion.  Perhaps it’s the presence of strong emotion that makes intuition so clear.  Aside from ‘hunches,’ there have been stories of motherly intuition, perceptive moms knowing when to keep children away from danger.  Considering just about every type of animal found in the wild does the same (and needs to do the same), ‘motherly intuition’ does not seem so ‘extra’ sensory at all. Be mindful of gut feelings about places, people, situations, etc, but remember to embrace the feeling rather than reserving it for ‘emergencies’ only.  Keep a journal of gut feelings and trains of thought.


Considering you may have a Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram account, not to mention school, work, relationships, family and pet obligations too, you probably are pressed for time and focus. It’s not your fault.  The world keeps spinning but our heads don’t have to follow along.  Take the time to learn how to focus, whether it means stopping for a minute to count to ten throughout the day or learning how to meditate via breathing exercises.
Vincent Crews has done extensive research in the powers of the mind. He greatly enjoys blogging about ways to use one’s mind to improve one’s environment and everyday life.