Your Heart’s Intelligence

mweidlein_2011By Marianne Weidlein

Your heart is your sensing, feeling organ. Research proves your heart to be a vital part of a brilliantly integrated system of intelligence. Through its own system of neural pathways, it senses, learns, remembers, and processes vibrational information from your external environment and brain.

Coherent heart rhythms support your heart, nervous system, and brain function.

Emotions of genuine caring, understanding, forgiveness, unconditional love, compassion, gratitude, joy, etc. are powerful indeed! They increase the synchronization and coherence in your heart’s rhythmic patterns, and positively affect you and others.

Your activated heart power is essential for effective decision-making, self-management, relationships, endeavors, your quality of life, and the greater life. A basic understanding of your system of intelligence can aid you to perceive, think, choose, act, and feel as you navigate your life.

Your brain and heart have remarkable differences. The physical world, including your body, is comprised of electrical and magnetic energy fields. Your heartbeat is the strongest generator of these energy fields. I’ve read it to be 60,000-100,000 times electrically stronger than the cerebral cortex. Plus, the heart is 5,000 times magnetically stronger than the brain. All proves your heart to be a powerful generator, indeed!

As your body’s sensing, feeling organ, your heart decodes (interprets) the positive, neutral, and negative energy signals it receives. It sources your ingrained positive (expansive), neutral (impartial, equitable), and negative (limiting, adverse) frequencies, then with each heartbeat, transmits these impulses to your brain to interpret and act upon.

Physics shows that to change the atoms of physical matter, either your electrical field or magnetic field must be changed. Your heart generator is so strong that it can affect both! Whereas, the energetically weaker, data processing and storage center of your cerebral cortex cannot.

Some people are more cerebral as they relate with themselves, others, and all life. They are regarded as “disconnected” from their hearts; however, vital neural pathways that link their hearts and brains just aren’t connected, or are, but only minimally so. Consequently, their intellects function independent from the extraordinary power of their hearts.

When these neural pathways are not connected, you could proceed through life feeling separate, motivated by fear, insecurity, anxiety, limitation and so on. To survive and succeed, you could develop divisive strategies of control, defense, competition, manipulation, excessive attention or work, or even deception or fighting. You can never truly enjoy fulfilling relationships with yourself, others, and the life around you.

In conclusion, your heart energy influences your ability to effectively choose and attain what you need and want. Likewise, your thoughts influence your feelings and emotions. Understanding this can help you to magnetize and cultivate the quality of life you want for yourself, your family, your work, and mutually-fulfilling relationships.

For this, your heart and its wisdom must come alive… through caring for yourself… caring for others… caring for all life. An awakened heart inspires wisdom and all is cultivated and well-tended. It is the nurturer and protector.

Clearly, it is time for individuals and humanity to care, open our hearts, and more directly and significantly guide ourselves and future generations into a thriving future.

Marianne Weidlein, BSBA, CPC has 45 years of experience in business, spirituality, and personal transformation. As a 24-year optimal performance coach, she understands human consciousness and how to transform limitation into focused power that manifests extraordinary results. She guides clients to accelerate their transformation and develop the presence to perform at optimum levels. They become resourceful, intentional authors of their unique destinies. Learn more on

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