So Why Love Less Than Totally?


By Unmani Liza Hyde

“Love… is the only teacher that keeps us on our knees all the time.”

Why love less than totally? Why hold back? What are you waiting for? No one is going to come along one day and finally give you permission to love now! Are you going to wait for death? Will you die without ever having loved totally? Why are you putting it off for even one moment more?

Awakening or recognizing who You truly are is a bridge. It is the seeming bridge between a doing and an undoing. Before this recognition it seems that you must do everything you can to try to wake up. In recognizing who you really are, you realize that you have never done anything in your life.

The experience of awakening or a glimpse of absolute Presence or Love, is the bridge. So often you get confused and believe that it is the experience itself which is special, but the experience is only the bridge. You must cross to the other side and leave all bridges behind. Dive into the Love that you already are, and drown.

Love is only right now. Total surrender to Life, to Love. There is only absolute surrender right now. It’s already happening. Life is already in love with itself. Love is recognized, not practiced. Love is not a doing. It is an un-doing. You are un-done in Love. Unravelled. Love is nakedness. Love is Presence which is totally unguarded.

The nature of Love is to expand and open. It is thought which seems to diminish Love, but Love never diminishes. Love is forever expanding in this expression of Life. Any thought story or restriction, any tension or old habits are burnt up in the fire of ever-present Love. This can often be very uncomfortable and challenging, which is why most people try to do anything to avoid standing naked in this fire. Love is not always comfortable. Love is not always nice. Love is wild and free. You love it and you hate it. You long for it and you run from it, because you know it will destroy you.

Know the Love that You are and no longer put ideas of who you think you are or what you think you know, before Love, no matter what idea, even the idea of Love. Even the idea of forgetting to Love. You can never forget Love, because you can never remember Love. You can never have any idea of Love. Love is not a certain attitude or behaviour. I’m not suggesting you purposely change your behaviour to be in line with your ideas of what Love looks like. Thought can not do this.
Love is already the openness into which you are opening. Love is already all that thought thinks you should become. Love is revealed in every form, behaviour or thought. Love is total openness to whatever is, as it is.

Love despite fear. Love despite what the thought story says. Thought will hear this message as something that yoauthor(3)u should do. But I am not pointing out your deficiency. I am not telling you to be more loving in your life. I am saying that you are already all that you long to be. Language is not sufficient to express this. Words can only say one thing at a time. Love is an alive paradox. You are an alive paradox.

Love goes on forever expanding and burning all restriction and contraction. There is no final state where all is known once and for all. Love loves expanding.

If you believe that you have arrived somewhere or have found some permanent state, this is simply arrogance. Love is never found. Thought wants a resting place, but there is none. Thought wants something to hold on to, but there is none. Thought may say “I’ve got it!” or “I am awakened now”, “I am enlightened now”, but Love can not be contained by thought. Love doesn’t care what thought says.

Love goes on and on and on destroying you…

Originally from the UK, Unmani travels around the world offering spontaneous and direct nondual meetings and retreats in ‘Not-Knowing’. Die to Love is her second book.
Die to Love is published by O Books. ISBN: 978-1-84694-667-7 (Paperback) £9.99 $14.95, EISBN: 978-1-84694-930-2 (eBook) £6.99 $9.99.