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bookThis post was taken from the book On Angels’ Wings – My Life as a Healer by Pamela Russell and her son Barry Richard Russell.

One day Dave and I attended a healing weekend with the late Bill Harrison, who was a well known local faith healer, in Cheddar. There were many workshops and stalls and while I was there I felt very drawn to a book about psychic protection.

I had my aura read and one of the first things that the woman reading my aura said was that I should get a book on protecting myself, which was quite a coincidence.

Auras are electro-magnetic vibrations of energy which can be seen in the form of colours that can denote personality traits. All living objects are made up of these vibrations and as a result have an aura. Looking at my aura photo she told me that I had a high spirit guide and the magenta colour on my left side signified the protection that the spirit guide was giving to me. The gold on my throat meant that I was good at counselling and the white and gold running down one side meant that in a previous life I was a healer. She told me that as a healer I had definitely earned my stripes.

You can teach yourself to see people’s auras which is something that I became interested in after having my aura read. To read someone’s aura, rather than looking directly at the person I concentrate on looking to one side of them, preferably with a plain light background behind them. I find that by putting the tips of my first fingers and my thumbs together to form a triangle shape Δ and looking through this and then slowly parting my hands I can see the person’s aura better. After a while you can begin to see a white glow around the person’s head and then with time and practice you may be able to see colours appear. The aura appears around the body but only for a brief moment.

The ability to read auras improves with practice so don’t lose heart if it doesn’t work straight away, although not everyone can see auras.

The aura colours are typically linked with the following personality traits:

Green – empathy, sensitivity, growth, inner strength, healing, balance, trustworthy.

Orange – creative, original thinking, intelligence, vitality, open, friendly.

Pink – tender, intuition, caring, romantic, strong sense of morals, calming.

Blue/Aquamarine – communication, intuition, listening, compassionate, teacher, helpful.

Red – purposeful, passionate, physical energy, strength.

Yellow – analytical, intelligent, joyful, creative, decisive, playful, sense of humour.

Purple – psychic ability, spiritual, imaginative, wise, sensitive, visionary.

Gold – spiritual, integrity, counselling, wise.

White – spiritual, godly, divine, inspirational, honest, major life questions answered.


From seeing ghostly apparitions, to having out-of-body experiences, contact with deceased loved ones and visions of the future, Pamela Russell’s life has never been ordinary. However, it was not until she began healing that she fully understood the meaning of the messages that were being sent to her throughout her life. Written with her son Barry, On Angels’ Wings – My Life as a Healer provides a glimpse into the unusual events that resulted in her finding her path as a spiritual healer. It also provides information on how to contact archangels and guardian angels, demonstrating how they can have a direct impact on your life.

On Angels’ Wings is published by O Books July 2013.


  1. Linda says:

    Hi, I recently made some pictures of myself in the mirror. I do this a lot when I feel that there is more present than I can see. I’ve seen some strange things, but last week there were pink wings behind me. Sort of looks like an angel that rises above me, behind me. It’s not really visable when you first look at the pictures. Only after I enhance the colors it’s very visable. Magenta/ pink. For a couple of days now, it’s been there. Could it be my aura? Or am I going crazy? I can semd you the pictures if you want. Thanks, Linda

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