Spiritual Art by Jerry Wennstrom

This is a detailed look at Jerry Wennstrom’s art. It includes the more recent, large interactive sculptures and many of the earlier paintings that were destroyed. The music is by Susan McKeown, Natalie Merchant and Marilyn Strong.

Jerry is also the author of The Inspired Heart: An Artist’s Journey of Transformation. The Inspired Heart tells the true story of how Jerry was a rising star in the New York art world, who in his late 20s destroyed all of his paintings and spent the next 10 years wandering, seeking and listening. With no possessions, money or set plan, Jerry simply trusted that the Grace of God would guide him to wherever he was supposed to go and provide for him whatever he needed in order to survive. His book shares anecdotes about the people he met along the way and what he learned from those experiences.

Jerry did not shy away from people living on the fringes of society such as potential muggers, alcoholics and mob bosses. Instead of reacting with fear and judgment, Jerry looked for the humanity in these troubled individuals and offered genuine compassion and thoughtful insight, even when it looked like they might try to harm him.

His willingness to make himself vulnerable to such uncertain, unknown and precarious circumstances helped him find a level of faith that is inspiring. His life is an example of how when we allow ourselves to trust in the greater intelligence present in the Grace of everyday life, we become open to a way of living where fears, doubts and judgments are replaced with freedom, peace and deeper awareness for the inherent goodness in our self, others and God.

You can download a free MP3 of an interview with Jerry on Spiritual Media Blog’ iTunes Podcast at:


During this interview, Jerry talks about how he lived during his 10 year journey of wandering, how he developed a sense of trust that everything would be alright and shared advice on how we can develop a trust in ourselves, others and God.