Interview with Mary Mellow, professional actress and the creator of an autobiographical one woman comedy show “So Good To Be Home!”


1.  What is your comedy show about?

My show is about inner freedom. How not to lose yourself in any life situation. But here’s a thing… How can you “lose yourself” if you do not actually know your real self? Quite a long time ago I started this exploration, and what luck, my search was miraculously boosted when I found out that I had a huge tumor in my belly and needed a serious operation. This situation taught me a lot about myself, my deepest fears, patterns of behavior as well as people around me. Especially my parents… I looked back to my past: to the most painful memories that I had been unconsciously carrying around all my life. It opened my eyes to games of my mind and our “normal” automatic way of life. And finally, after endless wandering, I came HOME. And it felt so good!

2.  Why did you create your comedy show and how can we watch it?

When I was going through that “surgical nightmare,” I was trying to be present, observing everything that was occurring around me. Realization of games of the mind gave me enormous power, courage and inspiration to open myself and share my experience that actually turned out to be not that personal at all!

I’m sure that everyone faces challenging situations and can connect to my story. Everybody shares the same patterns of thinking and emotions. We just have slightly different “personal” stories. But ultimately, we all want to be free.

Currently, the show is in post-production. It will be available in several months. I am soon going to announce the release date on the official website and social accounts. I have decided to use the pay-what-you-want model as I want everybody to have a chance to see the show. Financial profit is certainly not the main priority of this project. Making the audience laugh and sharing what I have learned is. In addition, those who will subscribe to the show’s newsletter at will participate in a free online presreening with subsequent live discussion.

3. What do you mean by the games of the mind and our “normal-automatic” way of life?

Oh, our mind is a real joker, and if we believe everything it tells us, we are in big trouble. It is like 24/7 3D film production in our heads. We usually do not recognize it and get totally absorbed into this dream world. Consequently, we act mechanically and not according to the situation. This has been a “normal” state of consciousness for a long time which makes it harder to see its abnormality.

4. What were your deepest fears and most painful memories?

Well, I faced the fear of death, to begin with. You see, in that vulnerable and sensitive state many subconscious anxieties emerged to the surface. Those were multiple complexes developed in my childhood, many of which had been reinforced by my parents. I suddenly encountered them all again and recognized their influence on my further life. For example, I had extremely low self-esteem connected with how I looked that later led to a shopping phobia. Or my feeling of loneliness, not only because my family rarely let someone become my friend, but also because they didn’t really understand me.

5.  How did this experience help you understand your real self and real home?

I learned to see things directly as they are without my usual distorted and limited perception. And it turned out that my home was closer than I THOUGHT! J Everybody has this home inside. We just need to remember the walkway to it.

6.  Any closing remarks?

Life is too short for tragedies. It’s time to have some fun! Join me for a cup of tea!