The Spiritual Power of Protection

about-tori-pic By Tori Hartman

The world is full of stories about the power of protection. Some as simple as “something told me not to get on the plane,” or a picture that stays with me to this day: an image of a girl holding her school books and staring off into space. The caption read: xxx has something to think about; she missed the bus. Our guides and angels protect us in ways we are often unaware of. And, yet when we summon them forward, and do this intentionally, the power is uncanny.

For quite a while, I was down on the idea of “protection” as an intention; I mean after all, if your heart is filled with love then one would be safe. And I stood by that idea for a long time. That is until I was being stalked. Then it would require more than simply sending love.

I began by imagining that I was in a warm space, and surrounded by a mirror that reflected out… all around me – this was to reflect any energy that was harmful back from where it came. And while it was helpful, it soon became apparent that I would need help from my Angels. I used candles, carefully placed around my home, and created an intention to summon my warrior angels to protect me. I wrote a simple note and placed it near each candle (I burned 4, one in each of the four directions).

Here’s what I wrote on the paper:

Angels, I summon your protective powers. I ask that you reflect back any harmful thoughts or deeds from where they are originated. Please protect me from all directions. I ask this for the highest good for all concerned.

Within a few weeks I felt a shift, and soon after I learned that my stalker had left the state. This was an amazing feeling, and I became aware that my angels were always there, no matter what. All I had to do was summon them.

About Tori Hartman:
Tori Hartman is a psychic, intuitive and color expert with a worldwide following. She is an author, radio personality, teacher, and mentor. Tori helps people to learn their own soul truth, and then to embrace that truth in incredibly practical, productive and professional ways. She is the inspired creator of the spiritual toolkit, the Color Wisdom Cards. Tori provides insight to people from every lifestyle; including many celebrities on career decisions. She is a trusted collaborator with other respected self-development professionals, such as author and artist, SARK. Tori is the only psychic ever interviewed by the New York Times and L.A. Business Journal. She lives in Los Angeles, CA with her two Whippets, Frank and Owen. For more on Tori and her 100% Organic Intention Candles visit