5 Levels of Attachment – An Interview with don Miguel Ruiz Jr.

The article and interview below with don Miguel Ruiz Jr. was originally posted CafeTruth and reposted with permission.

What’s Your Biggest Problem Right Now?

If you decided not to answer “spiritually” (you know: “I have no problems”) but really gave it a go, my followup question to you is:
How attached are you to the problem?

Even better: how attached are you to your beliefs about the problem?

Before my recent interview with don Miguel Ruiz Jr., author of the upcoming book, The Five Levels of Attachment, and son and life-long apprentice of don Miguel Ruiz (The Four Agreements), I would not have known how to answer that question.

When one speaks about attachment in spirituality, it’s usually around the concept of letting go of our attachment to material desires or such. Yet Miguel Ruiz Jr. re-introduces the concept of attachment to us in a revolutionary new way!

Here Are My “Aha” Takeaways

After chatting with don Miguel Ruiz Jr. about his new set of tools, the Five Levels of Attachment, a number of things became apparent to me:

– Whenever we’re in stress, doubt, worry, or depression, there’s a good chance that we are highly attached to our beliefs, our knowledge.

– Knowledge – learned from family, education, society – is a point of view of reality, sometimes close to reality, yet often very distorted

– Knowledge has the potential to be a useful tool, or a prison chamber for us

– The more attached we become to knowledge, the more knowledge uses us, rather than allowing us to use knowledge as a tool for providing direction and manifesting our goals.

– As we begin to identify what level of attachment we are in with regard to any topic in our life, we can begin to break free from the chains of knowledge and become empowered by knowledge to express ourselves through our passions.

In short, this is exciting stuff and I strongly encourage you to take some time today and check out the interview below – it has opened my eyes and it surely will open yours!

Learn about don Miguel Ruiz’s upcoming book: The Five Levels of Attachment.