Interview with C.F. Reynolds, author of Invoking the Light: Lift The Veil of Illusion

I recently interviewed the author of Invoking The Light: Lift The Veil of Illusion’ by C. F. Reynolds. Below is a transcript of our Q&A

1. What is your book about?

My book documents a profound spiritual breakthrough and a simple, yet powerful tool anyone can use at any time to empower ones life and achieve ones highest potential on every level. In the dream state, I received a series of ‘Foundational Light Truths’ explaining the truth of our existence in simple, logical and easy to understand terms. Through dreams and visions I was given direct experience of the truths I was receiving. Then I intuited an ‘invocation’; a transformational gift that enables the direct transmission of The Light at the highest frequency from the highest Source whenever recited.

2. Why did you write it?

I knew I could not keep this information to myself; I had to share it with others for the benefit of humanity.

3. What did you learn about yourself as you wrote it?

I learned that there is nothing to learn… we need only become Fully Aware. When we are Fully Aware, we enter a highly advanced state of Higher Knowing where there are no more questions, only answers. By Invoking The Light, I have entered such a state of being and have made the most profound discovery of all about myself… I found out who I really am and where I really belong beyond this projected, illusionary existence!

4. Many people believe this existence is an illusion. Even scientists have come up with a ‘hologram theory’. If our existence is an illusion, what is real?

I have intuited there are two kinds of ‘reality’: Projected and Authentic. Like a dream, it seems real when you are in it until you wake up. In the same way our projected existence is a dream and the ultimate goal is to wake up back Home in Authentic Reality. Invoking The Light is our ticket back Home and ‘Frequency’ is the key. Invoking The Light elevates Light Frequency in an accelerated way. Because you are connecting with The Light not of this existence, you can transcend the projected illusion with all of its multiple dimensions and energetic frequencies… a complex maze of projected experience that is very difficult to transcend completely: it can keep us busy indefinitely! By definition, a projection is an impression, therefore an impression of our true Authentic selves and Authentic Reality. So it can be very confusing finding our way out of this complex maze of experience. Invoking The Light shows us the way out.

5. You have mentioned before that “psychological solutions never work in the long term”. Why do you say that?

Psychological solutions or anything of an energetic nature do not work in the long term because of the true nature of energy. Have you ever had the experience of ‘resolving an a issue’ only to have it return sometime later? Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it regenerates. Since the age of 12 I have been on a quest to be the best I can be. I had tried self development, an intensive form of mediation for 15 years, positive thinking, theta reprogramming, manifestation techniques, and I managed to make improvements over the years but such energetic methods seemed to get me only so far. Working with energy just sends us on a merry go round of ups and downs and all the while we keep reaching for a way to get off the merry go round and make true and steady progress. Once I met a man who was motivated by the law of attraction in achieving his goals. But every time he tried to think positively he was haunted by feelings of remorse and regret over the things he had done.

Psychological solutions only suppress negative emotions until something happens to make them reimerge when what we need to do is dissolve them at their very source never to return. Only in this way may we make steady, longterm progress.

6. If psychological solutions never work in the long term, then what is your suggested solution?

Invoke The Light. By Invoking The Light one may achieve breakthroughs that would be impossible by working with energy alone, which relatively speaking, is akin to working with smoke and mirrors! Remember, our energetic existence is a projection, or illusion, In truth, the time has come to stop working with energy and elevate Light Frequency. Why? Everything operates at a frequency, just like stations on a radio, including thought. How do you feel when you have a negative thought, such as worry or doubt? You feel heavy, low. How do you feel when you have a positive thought such as love or self confidence? You feel light as if on a high. Anything of a negative nature operates at a lower frequency, while anything of a positive nature operates at a higher frequency. By Invoking The Light, we can gradually elevate the Light Frequency of ourselves and everyone and everything in our world, so that
anything of a negative nature can no longer reach us, elicit a negative response within us, nor have an influence or effect in our lives.

7. Do you think it is possible to combine psychological and spiritual solutions. If so, how. If not, then why not?

Combining psychological and spiritual solutions is like combining oil and water! Psychology deals with the physical mind, which is part of the projection or illusion. What is more, so often people on a spiritual path attempt to intellectualise the spiritual when, to truly know the spiritual, one must have direct experience of it. By Invoking The Light we may connect with our true spiritual selves, by way of our Authentic Mind, which is beyond the physical mind, the ego and even human consciousness or soul, which are all part of the Projected Reality.

8. There are many ‘light workers’ out there; how is Invoking The Light different?

I have intuited there are two kinds of ‘light’: Projected and Authentic. By Invoking The Light, you connect with Authentic Light, which is The Light at its highest frequency, above all energetic sources of Projected Light, such as cosmic or universal sources. By reciting the simple yet powerful invocation in Invoking The Light we may finally transcend the projected illusion and even the limitations of time and space and universal laws and finally return to our origins in Authentic Reality. Energy, even at the highest frequency (Projected Light) cannot transmute itself and transmutation is essential to elevate Light Frequency and achieve true, lasting change.

9. Any closing remarks?

Everyone has a unique journey and we all move at our own pace. Anyone can Invoke The Light to take their personal and spiritual development to the highest level as it harmonises with all practices and beliefs. It works even if you do not believe in it. Whenever invoked, The Light dissolves the true source of all of life’s negative conditions instantly, while having the simultaneous effect of elevating Light Frequency, enabling one to enter a highly advanced human state. Just as Projected Reality has varying frequencies and dimensions, so too does Authentic Reality. To ascend to higher dimensions of existence and beyond we must elevate our Light Frequency and Invoking The Light is the easiest and most powerful way to achieve this ultimate goal. As we Invoke The Light, we become radiant vessels, bestowed with the power to know, to grow and to change, not only to benefit ourselves and our loved ones, but also our communities and our world. With just a few words, obstacles vanish you illuminate your life. Your Journey of Light begins now.

10. Where can we get a copy of your book?

To receive a copy of “Invoking The Light: Lift the Veil of Illusion’ by C F Reynolds, send an email to with your name and mailing address and I will send a PayPal Payment Request to your email address. I can provide the book in PDF format by return email for a payment of $20 or I have high quality, hard cover copies available for $30 including postage.