Sacred Journey of the Heart movie review

SACRED JOURNEY OF THE HEART is a new documentary that investigates the healing power of the heart. I liked this movie a lot! The part of this film that I really liked is it talked about how to deal with negative feelings and traumas in an effective, healthy and transformational manner by using compelling real-life examples.

This is a bit of a digression, but one thing that kind of annoys me sometimes about movies like THE SECRET and other self-help gurus is they are too cerebral and literally just tell you to change your thoughts and you will feel better. This can work sometimes and usually is a pretty practical method for dealing with day to day challenges and even some bigger dreams. But, for some people who have suffered childhood traumas such as abuse or neglect, a devastating relationship break up, a death, or a lost job, those people (in my opinion) need to take some time to feel, express and eventually release their anger, sadness, confusion and grief.

For example, the filmmaker Ronna Prince, explains that she was inspired to make the film in order to explore the connection between the mind and the heart:

“This film started out as a promise I made to myself as a child, someday I would be heard and someday I would heal my heart. I suffered prolonged abuse as a child and my own life-long journey has brought me to profound heart-based healing that I share in the film.”

The reason I liked SACRED JOURNEY OF THE HEART is because it actually talks about how to deal with these painful feelings, experiences and traumas without simply telling people to “change their thoughts.” And, they use real people to talk about how they did that. I won’t go into detail so that you can watch the film and enjoy it without knowing everything about it. But, I thought SACRED JOURNEY OF THE HEART did a beautiful job of showing how real people expressed and worked-though some extremely difficult traumas, emotions and experiences in a way that was authentic, real and still uplifting…

It is available November 11, 2012 on DVD. The speakers in the film include Gregg Braden, Dr. Deborah Rozman, Cynthia James, Sarah McLean, Sunny Dawn Johnston, Uqualla, Larry Running Turtle Salazar, Colin Tipping and Mary Manin Morrissey. For more information you can visit the film’s web site at: