Messages and Signs From the Dead

By Concetta Bertoldi

As a psychic medium my work involves bringing messages from the deceased to the living. So often when I’ve done a reading for someone they want something more to take away. They want to be able to have an ongoing relationship with their loved one on the Other Side. What they usually don’t realize is that they already do. They just don’t know how to recognize the signs.

Spirits on the Other Side have a fairly limitless array of means and methods for getting our attention and getting a message through – whether it’s something we urgently need to know or just sending a message of their love for us. The dead also have a sense of humor and often just want to cheer or amuse us.

Many times they work with what we call synchronicity – they show us a particular flower, one with special meaning to us that we see in an unusual place, or something on a billboard or on the side of a truck we just happen to be passing that relates to something or someone we were just thinking about. No, it’s not “happenstance” or “coincidence.”

Another favorite is for them to arrange for us to hear a particular song that will remind us of them, one that may have held a strong connection to the individual who has crossed. This happens all the time and I’m not sure how they manage the mechanics of it. Since in spirit we can be anywhere and everywhere at once, it’s possible that when they know you are tuned to a particular station – or sitting in the dentist’s chair listening captive to his station – they literally whisper in the DJ’s ear that the song they (your deceased loved one) wants you to hear is the next one the DJ wants to play. However they manage it, all these things are signs. What our own loved one will use to connect with us is always unique to us and it could be almost anything.

Recently, I was working with a young girl named Tammy. During her reading it came out that her father had passed away when she was three years old. Needless to say she had few memories of her father, but longed to know that her father indeed knows her, loves her, has not left her. Her reading brought out many things she could confirm: that her father had been a policeman, that he loved sailing, that he was a twin – and much more.

Just as I was about to finish up, her father showed me a great big butterfly, with a name on it. Tammy was thrilled to tell me that her father had a big butterfly tattoo on his chest with her name on it. When she told me this I remembered noticing and commenting that her car had a butterfly on the hood when she had parked at my home – unusual because it was October. Tammy had mentioned that she often sees butterflies – they almost seem to follow her around – but until her reading she didn’t know that these constant companions were most likely signs of her father’s ongoing love and presence in her life.

Signs from the Other Side aren’t always symbolic; they can be of actual practical usefulness.

Another woman I was reading for heard from her husband. There were a number of things he mentioned that she could verify, but for her there was no single “Wow” moment in the reading and I could tell she was a little disappointed. I always feel bad when that happens, but I know that often a reading will “unfold” over time and other information that has been received will be confirmed or made clear. About a week after her reading, this lady wrote me a note to say that during the reading I told her that her husband was mentioning something about a piece of paper. I didn’t know exactly what it was but I told her it seemed something like a contract.

At the time, she hadn’t been able to figure out what was being referred to. That week, however, she found herself looking for the paperwork for the diamond ring her husband bought her many years ago. She was on the phone talking with a friend about the ring and the day he gave it to her. After she hung up the phone she opened a drawer for an entirely different reason and saw a piece of paper sticking out of something in the drawer. Lo and behold, there was the original bill of sale for the ring – a piece of paper that looked like a contract. She had looked everywhere but there – the desk, the safe, the closet. Immediately, since he had mentioned it in her reading, she knew that her husband had helped her to find it.

Signs and messages can be riddle solvers, too.

I had completed a reading for a client that was ordinary in most ways. The woman was happy with the information that had come through from various deceased family members; I don’t recall who all showed up. But at the end of the reading a person of some importance to her mentioned something about a meatball under the couch. Huh? I could not make sense out of it at all so I almost didn’t mention it. At times like this I have to keep in mind that these are not my messages. I’m just the telephone receptionist for the dead folks on the Other Side, helping them to communicate with the folks they care about here. So, weird as it seemed, I told my client what I’d heard. The lady’s face looked like she was turning over a puzzle. She said, “Is that where the meatballs are?” She told me that a while back she’d started to make a meatball sandwich, taking a couple of meatballs, bread, ketchup and other ingredients out of the refrigerator. The phone rang and she talked to the caller a while, just wandering around the house as she chatted. When she went back to the kitchen the meatballs were gone. She looked everywhere, never finding them, until she said she began to believe she’d never taken them out of the fridge. Eventually she let it go. Now she was determined to go home to look under the couch, which she did. But the missing meatballs were not to be found under the couch. About a week passed, and she called my office laughing out loud. Sunday morning she had been making breakfast, a New Jersey favorite (Jersey made) Taylor ham and eggs. As she put the Taylor ham on the table the doorbell rang. When she came back the ham was gone! Remembering the reading, she immediately went to look under the couch. However, sitting on the couch was the family pet, Smooch, the dog. Sitting next to Smooch was a piece of Taylor ham! She said to me, “Concetta not under the couch ….ON the couch! I was laughing so hard, but also loved how the Other Side had helped her solve her riddle of the missing meatballs!

Whether it’s a song, a butterfly, or even a meatball, our loved ones on the Other Side are always looking for ways to make their presence known and felt. You don’t need a psychic reading to make the connection – our own beloved spirits can whisper in our ear something of importance, or a “thought” of comfort – just as they can whisper to a DJ what song to queue up next. They can help us find something missing in “the last place you’d look.” They are always with us and will find ways to bring us that reassurance. All we need to do is to pay attention.

About Concetta Bertoldi
New York Times Bestselling author, Concetta Bertoldi, is the gifted and vivacious psychic medium featured in TIME Magazine and on The Early Show on CBS. Globally renowned for sharing heartfelt messages from the Other Side, Concetta delivers live shows to standing-room-only crowds where her natural wit and compassionate energy entertains and provides comfort to every life she touches.

Concetta’s first book Do Dead People See You Shower? And Other Questions You’ve Been All But Dying to Ask a Medium hit the New York Times bestsellers list in 2008. She followed that success with a sequel Do Dead People Walk Their Dogs? Questions You’d Ask a Medium if You Had the Chance.

Concetta consults regularly with members of Britain’s royal family, American celebrities, politicians, and everyday people looking to alleviate grief and find closure over the death of their loved ones.

Born with the inability to hear in one ear, Concetta, who is clairsentient, has been communicating with spirits since childhood. She embraced her abilities in order to share her gift and lift the spirits of others.

Concetta lives in New Jersey with her husband.