Synergy TV Mindful Media Series video clips

Synergy TV hosted a panel last month on mindful media with today’s leading visionary filmmakers. Tom Shadyac (I AM, HAPPY), Michael Garcia (EDGAR CAYCE), Betsy Chasse (WHAT THE BLEEP!?), Holly Mosher (BONSAI PEOPLE, VANISHING OF THE BEES) explored the following topics:

What is mindful media?
Where do we find it?
Who is our audience?
What are the untapped resources for creating and sharing this content?
Why are conscious films important?
What positive messages do we need to see in more films?

Below are some clips from the event including a Q&A from the audience.

The panel was hosted by Kate Neligan, CEO and Founder of Mindful Media Entertainment LLC and Synergy TV. Synergy TV is a revolutionary Free Video On Demand channel and media-rich website that offer top-quality entertainment and edutainment which is inspiring, uplifting, and conscious in nature. For more information, you can visit their web site at and find them on Facebook at