Interview with Valter Dos Santos, author of The Truth Never Dies, a spiritual romance

I recently had an interview with Valter Dos Santos, author of The Truth Never Dies, a spiritual romance book. Below is our Q&A…

1. Why did you write The Truth Never Dies?

My mother passed away when she was thirty years old. When she passed away, I was only eight years old and my younger sister was only five years old. It was such a devastating situation for all of my family. At that time and at that age I didn’t only have to cope with my mother’s death but also I had to get myself together to able to look after my family. It was a very difficult time and I lost my faith and deep down I spent a lot of time secretly wishing I could die, in the hope that the pain would go away. Later in life when I was a teenager, I was introduced by a high school friend to the Spiritism doctrine and the studies of Alan Kardec. It was like reborn, to understand that life didn’t end with our corporeal death and that we are infinite completely changed my life. Now over twenty years after my mother’s passage I decided to write ‘The Truth Never Dies’ with the idea of sharing all the comfort and peace I found by understanding more about the afterlife, with all of those who are broken hearted by the loss of a loved one. The idea is to remind us all of something that deep down our souls know; We never die. We evolve, we progress but we never die, we are infinite and one day we will all reunite with those with love.

2. How do our past lives affect our future lives?

Let’s imagine with our day today actions we are always planting seeds and that one day we got to reap what we sow, it doesn’t matter if it’s within a week, within a month or within our next life experience. The truth is that at some point we will have to be held to account for our actions. In the book the reader will be able to follow the love triangle of the three main characters as they revisit their past lives, back in the 1800’s in Liverpool, England and together with one of the main characters understand how their actions and decisions, taken in that life far back in Liverpool, impacted them in the present.

3. What does a “spiritual romance” mean to you?

We all have at some point in our existence relationships that are filled with insecurity, jealousy, possessiveness and other destructive feelings that only stop our development and progression. The spiritual romance is the opposite of all of that. Spiritual romance, is the union of two people who are bound together by their true love and whom are aiming for nothing else but their progress together towards their enlightenment and their happiness. The spiritual romance is the encounter of the soul mates.

4. How can we find our soulmate or life partner?

In life I have come across a lot of people who complain about not being able to find love or complaining about the fact that they never find the right person. These people are the same people I see judging everyone around them. They want to choose every single physical aspect of their ideal partner, they have a pre-selection of how wealthy they should be, or even have a pre-conception of how they should behave… That doesn’t work and will never work simply because you will find your soul mate with your heart and not with your eyes. Forget all the material things and look for the person who is going to make you truly happy.

Another important point is; don’t get obsessed about the idea of finding love. You have to understand that love will always find you, wherever you are as long as you have love inside you. Love yourself, love all the ones around you, love life and then love will find you alongside your soul mate. Believe that everything in life happens for a reason and your soul mate will come along at the right time but be careful not to look for the wrong things. Your soul mate won’t have necessarily the material qualities that you think necessary but they will indeed have all the spiritual qualities necessary to complete you soul and make you happy.

5. Do you think we are destined to meet one soul mate or do we have multiple possibilities to find our soul mate in this life?

Well, I believe that we are created as individuals and therefore our journey is a process of learning and development towards the progress of our spirits that we pursue alone. Soul mates to my mind are those who are at the same level of evolution, as we are at certain moment of our existence and when together both share experiences and knowledge helping each other to progress. In light of this belief, I truly believe that there are many soul mates out there in the Universe whom we will meet throughout our existence and who we will share parts of our journeys with.

6. How can we get a copy of your book?

The Truth Never Dies is available worldwide in paperback and in a Kindle version and it’s sold online on (and the international sites of amazon)

7. Any closing remarks?

The Truth Never Dies is my first book and I am so honoured and feel so happy to see the book reaching the Best Sellers rank on Amazon since its release and doing it so well. This is only possible because of all the support from the readers and I would like to take this opportunity to say a massive thanks to all of those who already read the story and motivated by the book sent me emails sharing their personal stories with me. I do appreciate and cherish every email and feedback I receive.