Lady in the Water movie review

One of M. Night Shyamalan’s films, Lady in the Water is a bedtime story for adults. Set in a dreary apartment complex- you would think any story based there would be boring- a mysterious woman appears out of the swimming pool. The stuttering and shy apartment manager, Cleveland, finds her and tries to figure out where she came from and how to get her home. Eventually, he figures out that she is special, a creature of fairy tale who has been sent to help humanity. Hunted by an evil wolf, Cleveland must figure out who she is supposed to help and who is supposed to help her get back home to the Blue World safely.

The imagery and fairy tale qualities of this film make it different from anything I’ve ever seen. Full of strange twists and mysteries, the suspense is taut throughout the film. The humor lightens up what could be a very morose tale, but still the moral comes through. Fate and destiny are turned on their heads. I love that the point of the story is that we were all created for something important, but we might not know what that is. No one can say what another person was meant to do with their life. Finding your own purpose and creating your own future is the thread that holds this film together.

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