Interview with Preeti Gupta, author of “I’ll Put 3 Chips on God”

Preeti Gupta is the author of “I’ll Put 3 Chips on God”. I recently had a chance to interview her about her book. Below is a copy of our Q&A…

1. What is your book about?

The book is about Spirituality, analyzed from an agnostic point of view. I take a look at common spiritual concepts such as the Ego, the Soul, Karma, Detachment, Heaven, God, Meditation, Vegetarianism, and Astrology, and examine them from an objective, “devil’s advocate” perspective. In other words, I analyze these ideas from all angles, including the possibility that they are valid, and the possibility that they are not. I do come to some conclusions at the end of the book, but it is less about preaching and more about the use of logic when exploring Spirituality.

2. Why did you write it?

Well, let’s see—I was getting close to my 40s, was in the middle of a divorce, and was realizing that my numerous entrepreneurial attempts were not working and I would have to return to the corporate world. That was enough for me to dive headfirst into the lap of Spirituality!
When I did, I realized that a lot of existing material is written from a “purist” point of view, i.e. the idea of Karma or Detachment is not questioned, rather the focus is on how to incorporate these concepts into one’s life. I wanted to take a step back because I was not sure whether I even believed in these ideas in the first place.   So I had to do my own analysis of all that I came across. I wrote the book because I simply wanted to share whatever knowledge I’ve acquired with those who might think similarly to me.

3. What are you hoping that people learn from it?

I don’t think I’ve presented anything that hasn’t been discussed before, but I think this book will appeal to the skeptics out there. This is a Spirituality book for those who normally don’t read Spirituality books. Some people prefer to be in a classroom when learning. Others like online self-study. There are those who respond better to visual aids. Certain concepts take time to “click” with people, and sometimes it happens because of a certain way they are presented. I think I’ve discussed these ideas in a way that might “click” with those who are not currently being drawn in by the material already out there.

4. What does soul energy mean to you?

That involves a long answer. I explain it in Chapter 2, titled “Soul Energy”. But to give a synopsis, I lean towards the belief that we are all comprised of an energy that is unlike the other types of energy our science has already discovered. I believe our goal in this lifetime is to liberate ourselves from the cycle of rebirth—from reincarnation—and release our Soul Energy from the bodies that contain us. I know this all sounds like typical spiritual drivel, but I can promise you that I back my current beliefs with solid reasons based on science, logic, and an abundance of circumstantial evidence. If you are someone who does not believe in Soul Energy, or any of this “crazy nonsense”, I am especially interested in having you read my book because I was once like you, and I swung more towards the other side once I began to delve further into the concept.

5. What sort of reaction has your book received?

It’s interesting—I seem to get conflicting reactions. Most people tell me that I have given them a new way to think about Spirituality. I am always glad to hear that. Then there are a few who don’t feel “inspired” by my book and even one or two who said they couldn’t finish it. At first I wondered what was lacking and should be improved, but then I understood why they were saying that. These are usually people who have full-faith in what they believe, and they are not interested in any debates. They are not agnostics or skeptics in any way. This book is about analysis and questions. This book will appeal to those who need to buy into a concept before they will believe it.

6. What did you learn about yourself as your wrote the book?

I learned that it takes time to warm up as a writer. Although I’ve written and published short articles before, this is my first full-length book. My first few drafts were physically painful to read, they were that bad. I gave up a couple of times. But then I found my “voice” and it got much easier and better.   I also realized that my writing style is a bit nutty—I basically write the way I think—so I just have to pray that people laugh WITH me when they read this book, and not AT me. I’m not sure if everyone will get my sense of humor.

7. Any closing remarks?
I’d like to offer a complimentary copy of the EBook, at:  There are also some excerpts available to read on the site as well. I am very interested in hearing everyone’s feedback, so I hope they will take the time to write me, or to post a review on our Amazon page. The whole fun of writing a book is to connect with others, so feedback would be warmly appreciated.

Lastly, I want to thank you for taking the time to learn about the book, and for the opportunity to share my thoughts. Happy Reading and God Bless!
(If there is one.)