The Edge of Dreaming movie

“A woman dreams her horse is dying. She wakes to find him dead. Then she dreams this year will be her last.”

This is the synopsis for The Edge of Dreaming, a documentary that tells the story of a rational, skeptical woman, a mother and wife, who must confront her mortality after having a dream that tells her she would die in a year at the age of 48. The Edge of Dreaming uses a meditative cinematography to visually explore the emotional states, spiritual insights and daily journey of that year. The film also mixes humor, science and married life as Amy tries to understand what is happening to her by seeking out possible answers from a neuroscientist, shaman, Carl Jung’s teachings and her own family.

The Edge of Dreaming prompts viewers to ask some big questions such as:

What would I worry about if I was going to die in a year?
How would I spend my time?
What would I place my thoughts and attention on?
Where am I going after I die?

The Edge of Dreaming does a good job of raising these questions by following Amy’s journey without telling you exactly how to answer them.

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