The Keeper of the Keys film

Who could have ever imagined that learning how to break through self-sabotaging habits and getting the life you really want could be fun?

I’ve got great news -you can move closer to the life of your dreams and have fun doing it when you en-lighten-up with the inspirationally funny new film, The Keeper of the Keys.

Director and star Scott Cervine puts a fresh, lighthearted spin on self-help with this “totally cool” feature film. Cameos from insightful real-life experts such as Jack Canfield, John Gray and Marci Shimoff inspire you to take action as they share their stories of personal empowerment.

Here’s your invitation to be transported on an imaginative, groundbreaking journey through a mysterious realm to discover the secrets to living life to the fullest.

With elements of a modern-day A Christmas Carol, The Keeper of the Keys will provide you with a dynamic perspective on how to live the life you’ve always dreamed of. Watch to find out which key will help you unlock your full potential!

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  1. Nora Bingold says:

    Best movie of this year! I enjoyed it so much

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