Inspiration Deficit Disorder: The No Pill Prescription to End High Stress, Low Energy and Bad Habits

EllerbyDo you feel stuck in one or more areas of your life? Are you relying on caffeine, antidepressants, anxiety medications or alcohol to manage your stress or well-being? If so, you might be suffering from what author Jonathan Ellerby has identified as “Inspiration Deficit Disorder.” In his new book, “Inspiration Deficit Disorder: The No Pill Prescription to End High Stress, Low Energy and Bad Habits”, he reveals this modern epidemic and offers practical and holistic solutions for regaining your vitality and living your best life.  For example,  Jonathan quotes from his mentor Wanagi Wachi and explains,

There is something within you that is greater than anything that was ever said or done to you.  As soon as you remember that, then you are not the hurt, stress, chaos or confusion of your life – these are only feelings and passing experiences.  They are not you.  When you know that, there’s hope.  Knowing you are a spirit (energy and essence) is enough to give you the space you need to examine your life and seek a deeper experience.”


“An inspiration deficit occurs whenever we feel unfulfilled or somehow unexpressed in an important area of life – something is missing; a job we don’t like, a struggle with self image, a relationship we aren’t satisfied with, are all examples of where we may feel an inspiration deficit. When we let these deficits persist into addictions, bad habits, poor health, and high stress – sadly most people have it to some degree and it impacts their health and happiness more than they know,” shares Ellerby.

In “Inspiration Deficit Disorder,” Ellerby offers a roadmap back to your “essential” self. He encourages readers to listen to their inner spirit and ask “Is there more to who I am?”…”Is there more I have to share with the world?”

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