Spiritual Cinema Circle films review

The November films for the Spiritual Cinema Circle include The Shift, Tony Zoreil, Pie ‘n Burger and The Gift: Episode 2.

The Shift explores the spiritual journey from ambition to meaning through the fictional stories of an overachieving businessman, a mother of 2 seeking her own expression in the world and a director trying to make a name for himself. The plot is about a film crew who is interviewing Wayne Dyer for his upcoming book at Asilmoar Conference Grounds, a tranquil ocean front retreat cradled by forests and white sand beaches.

This story line is a creative way to allow Wayne Dyer to share his teachings and still have the drama of watching a good story in a movie unfold because we see how Wayne’s teachings impact the film crew and how his ideas relate to what the other characters are going through. Additionally, it is fun to see some of the film crew disagree and challenge Wayne on his ideas as they struggle with issues in their own life. The director, Michael Goorjian, got this idea because after he directed Louise Hay’s film, You Can Heal Your Life, he was struck by the impact that her teachings had on the film crew, who were not familiar that with her work.

With actors including Portia de Rossi, Michael Deluise, Ed Kerr and Shannon Sturges and Emmy Award winning director Michael Goorjian, the film is compelling, thought-provoking and high quality.

Tony Zoreil is a short film about a 28-year-old single man who inherited a remarkable physical particularity, and wonders if he’ll ever find someone who will love him the way he is. This film helps us not to judge others and raises many questions about the excessive value that society places on physical appearance.

In Pie ‘n Burger, a charming stranger changes the diner for a night – but discovering his identity will change one waitress’ life forever. This short movie helps you realize that the impact we have on others lasts far longer than we think.

The Gift: Episode 2 is the second episode of filmmaker Scott Cervine’s special 3 part series for the Spiritual Cinema Circle, where Eno and Eela continue to investigate what humans have done with the powerful gift given by their civilization 100 years ago.

Other bonus features in this month’s Spiritual Cinema Circle volume include an interview with Gary Renard and a discussion after each film with Stephen Simon, Michael Goorjian and Luis Perez. The discussion with Michael Goorjian is really insightful because talks about what went through his mind before and during the making of The Shift and what it was like working with Wayne Dyer on a movie.

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