Must see TV this Sunday: Sean Stephenson A 3 foot giant

Would you trade places with a 3 foot man in a wheelchair?

Before you say “NO WAY!” consider Sean Stephenson, a 3 foot man in a wheelchair who works with people in crisis to help them overcome their insecurities.

Google or YouTube him, and you’ll find that he’s professionally speaking and traveling the world as a person on a mission – a mission to rid the world of insecurity and help people live the quality of life they deserve, no matter what their challenges are.

Sean got a pilot deal for a show about his daily life, struggles and achievements, on the Biography Channel.

He needs a 300,000 people to tune in (this Sunday night) to push his show to the next level and get picked up as a series. Help Sean take his inspirational story to millions of people, helping them overcome their own adversity and limiting beliefs.

The show premiers Sunday, November 15th at 7PM and 11pm PT, 10pm ET on the Biography Channel.

PLEASE tune in and find out why Jimmy Kimmel calls Sean “the Yoda of personal development’.


  1. Elly says:

    Great Post Matt!

    Very inspirational!


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