Quincy Jones on intuition and the goosebumps

Dr. Judith Orloth (www.DrJudithOrloff.com) interviewed Quincy Jones about intuition for her new book, Positive Energy. He bluntly answered by saying,

“I’ve counted on my intuition for 50 years. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t trust it. To me, intuition is paying close attention to God’s whispers. It’s the most natural part of us. Listening gives us energy and inner power. What you feel, not what you think. That’s what it’s all about. I live by goosebumps. I get them every time something really touches me…music, movies, poetry and emotion…Nothing to talk about unless I get the goosebumps. I believe all the answers to our questions are out there if we just slow down enough to hear….Jazz people really trust intuition. They have to. They live off of it. They exist because of it.”

It kind of makes you wonder:

What would have happened if Quincy Jones had ignored his intuition? Would he still have earned a record 79 Grammy Award nominations, won 27 Grammys or had the creative juice to produce Michael Jackson’s album Thriller? What would have happened to his lifework if he did not trust his intuition.


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