Dalai Lama faces tough questions in interview with Wolf Blitzer

The Dalai Lama sat down for a televised interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer today. Wolf Blitzer asked the Dalai Lama some tough questions about the decision to postpone a personal meeting with President Obama until after next month’s presidential visit to China.

His Holiness said he was not disappointed that he did not get to visit the White House during his visit to Washington last week. He said, “(Obama) already…indicated he is going to speak with the Chinese. And it seems that he possibly (will be) seriously engaging with the Chinese about the Tibet issue.”

He went on to defend his position by saying, “Sometimes, you see, a little tough stand also helpful…(but) a more conciliatory sort of attitude (is) sometimes…more helpful. So, this time…I do not want to create any inconvenience to anybody…(and wish) to avoid embarrassment to the Chinese president.”

The Dalai Lama did say that he would likely visit the White house by the end of this year or the beginning of 2010.