Eckhart Tolle PBS excerpt

Eckhart Tolle was on PBS earlier this year where he talked about being in the now. This is such a simple and increasingly common concept. Yet, the practical application on actually living in the NOW can seem almost impossible. In a fast-paced, result-driven lifestyle or career, a person can’t help to be focused on preparing for some future responsibility. And, once that future obligation is met, there is usually some temporary relief followed with a certain level of stress to meet the next obligation. However, the trick is to simultaneously work towards our goals, while also taking the time to enjoy the process one moment at a time and also to be open to the unexpected twists and turns that come along the way.


  1. Dena says:

    Great blog! A few days ago while at our monthly “goals group” session with my friends and our life coach, we were discussing the explosion of spiritual entertainment lately. Our coach agreed and said, “the world is now ready for it!”

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