Dannion Brinkley interview about his near death experiences

Dannion Brinkley has had three near death experiences (NDE), including one where he was struck by lightning and pronounced dead for almost 30 minutes. Skeptics dispute near death experiences by saying it is simply imagination or caused by a malfunction in the brain. However, skeptics can not dispute the transformation that takes place in survivors of near death experiences. Nearly all people who go through an NDE come away from it profoundly changed with a peace that passes all understanding, a fearless outlook on life and death, and typically a completely new way of living their life. Most people would agree that imagination or a malfunction in the brain can not cause these type of major transformational life changes to take place…

Probably the most interesting NDE account I heard was from a man who was an atheist who had a near death experience. He reported that he went to a place that could be traditionally described as ‘Hell’ where he was biting his ankles. Then he heard a voice that asked him to pray for the ‘Light of God to intervene’. After hearing this voice the man prayed for the Light of God to intervene and was then taken to the Light. After his near-death experience, the man became a Rev. and devoted his life to serving the spiritual needs of others–when he was previously an atheist before his near-death experience. The fascinating part about this story was that the man had a choice in the matter and his choice made all the difference in the world…

In the five minute interview below, Dannion Brinkley talks about the impact his near death experience had on the way he lives his life.


  1. Beth says:

    I like Dannion Brinkley…he shoots from the hip and talks from the heart.

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