Womanitys’ Cosmic Blueprint

April 13th, 2014

Womanitys Cosmic Blueprint By Corinne Carmen

I will begin this article with a comment made by my 80 year old mother:
“After I read your book I cried for I realized that I do not really know who you are.”

Womanitys’ Cosmic Blueprint is not a book about me per say. It is a book about the core identity of every female on the planet. It attempts to lead each woman to a deeper door within herself that she can open to reveal her TRUE essence. This doorway to the real self is to many unnoticed, a hidden mystery, for women remain primarily focused upon the superficial life.

What my mother was really sad about was the realization that she had lived her entire lifetime unaware of her deeper identity, one that all women share. This is the collective feminine consciousness and this common thread makes all females identical in spirit yet unique in their individual potential.

We grace the Earth plane for but a short time and life gives us a brief moment to FULLY express ourselves to the world. To partially know oneself is to be incomplete and hence limit that full potential from manifesting.

The first esoteric wisdom written above the entrance of many ancient Eastern and Middle Eastern temples is “KNOW THYSELF”. Otherwise put, know who you really are from the core of your being right up to your superficial personality.

My aim is to point the reader towards her inner door by introducing her to a higher truth, the Universal Law of Duality that helps govern all workings in the Cosmos. Some call it the Law of Balance of two differing energies that create a pair.

This law, one of many that the Cosmos is built upon, represents itself on the planet in many forms including its manifestation as the male and the female. Divine couples are major symbols throughout mythology and ancient, hidden wisdoms passed down through the centuries. The entwinement of the Feminine and Masculine consciousness is the union of separate and differing energies often referred to as “The Sacred Marriage” when in the state of balance of mutual co-existence.

Dual energies are intended to work together to support one another. Their properties are opposite but not opposing. These two halves work in EQUALITY to enhance and stabilize the whole they are responsible for. In the case of the female and the male that whole is called humanity.

The outcome of the interplay of the specific energies of a duality is dependent upon unimpeded co-operation of these two halves working in balance. The highest mandate is to apply this law to states of destructive chaos (imbalance and instability) and transform it into creative harmony (balance and stability). This then allows a particular whole to thrive and evolve. This is a basic formula that helps stabilize and expand the Universe for “So above it must also be below”.

Bringing this home to humanity, the male being the polarity to the female, must through higher order learn to embrace its counterpart, working alongside her as his respected equal.

Social, religious and cultural brainwashing has led us to a precarious imbalance as a result of male dominance repressing the Feminine. This threatening situation has kept us in an ongoing holding pattern of suffering, pain, fear, disease, pollution and violence.

The gist of Womanitys’ Cosmic Blueprint is to bring awareness to women that this law alone proves woman’s equality in the greater scheme of things and she must now rally in force to rectify this imbalance brought about by the destructive mindset of the male ego need for superiority. There is simply no such thing as states of inferiority or superiority. It is a manmade illusion.

Dualities in co-operation abound around us and serve as examples. Just look at the balanced state of positive (male) charge and negative (female) charge from the North and South Poles right down to the tiny atom stabilized by its negative electrons and positive protons. Look also at the sun’s electrical force (masculine) working alongside the moon’s magnetic force (feminine). In unison they are responsible for creating movement, fertilization and growth in nature.

In Charts A and B of this book, the differing male and female core properties are listed that are important in the development of humankind. Neither chart is superior nor inferior, just opposite from one another. Both men and women must now work together, as per our innate programming, to introduce the long awaited Golden Age of harmonious co-existence. If attitudes of inferiority and superiority prevail, the current state of chaos or Age of Ignorance will continue to imprison the human spirit and severely retard our evolution.

Joyfully in light, Corinne Carmen

When the feeling of loyalty is holding us back….

April 2nd, 2014

garden2By Jeanne

The other day, I was talking with like-minded people about the question on what is holding us back from living our dreams, reaching our goals, being happy, etc., etc.,…. and the more one is sensitive, the more this can play a role.

Later then, I received some more answers from the Angels, explaining that some more things that are holding us back, are based on old beliefs. And these unconscious beliefs were still telling us that we were not allowed to be more happy than our loved ones, because we would have to be loyal to them: and as long as they were unhappy, we could not really be happy.

This answer and explanation made me wondering: do we really not allow ourselves to be happy, as long as we know that a person we love (father, mother, aunt, brother, sister, life partner) is somehow not happy? ?

Do we unconsciously suppress our own happiness and feelings of joy, in order to stay loyal to a loved one who for some reasons is unhappy?

Are there hidden, unconscious beliefs somewhere within us, telling us that we are not allowed to be more happy than our family members? Do they maybe even tell us that we do not deserve to be more happy than them?

I remember that as a child, I was a very good student – but one of my sibling struggled at school. And true: I was holding back my feelings of joy about my good news from school, because I did not want him to feel bad about himself.

What if the same pattern works in all other areas too? Are we hiding our feelings of joy and not expressing our happiness, because we do not want others to feel bad about themselves?
Are you holding back your talents and not showing your true gifts, because you do not want your loved ones to feel bad about themselves?

This is one thing that could hold us back from living all our potentials….
(Take a piece of paper and write down a list of things you always wanted to do, but did not yet do.)

But there is more, and this may be less easy to admit:

The number 2: There can be another belief that tells us we should not or that we are not allowed to be fully happy. And this one shows that some may even feel guilty when they start feeling happy. Do you know that feeling when something real great and real good starts showing up in your life — and the moment you start feeling happy, then suddenly it feels somehow “heavy” at the same time, telling you that you do not deserve it (( as long as other members of your family are unhappy)) ?

Are you feeling guilty about your own happiness, joy and success, because a person you love is living an unhappy life for some reasons? And because you love him/her/them, you first would like to make sure that they are happy….before allowing yourself to fully enjoy your own gifts, your deserved happiness and live your life to the fullest?

Imagine for a moment, just to try it, imagine what your life would look like, if this person would be living a happy life and you could see that he/she is just doing great. How would you feel differently about them and about your own success and live your life then?

And number 3 on the list is a little bit ugly, but I have observed it so many times. It is called jealousy and it starts sometimes before Kindergarten age. One child thinks it gets less love from the partents than the little brother or the little sister. This is where the first frustration and jealousy starts…

Now, let’s say you were that younger brother or sister and when you grew up, you were sensitive and could feel that jealousy over and over again. And from that, you could feel the frustration the older siblings made you responsible for. And so, they started making you responsible for their feelings of frustration, anger and unhappiness — and so you developed feelings of guilt. Over the years, this can become heavy and out of those feelings of guilt mixed with their jealousy, you may have developed the feelings that you do not deserve love, happiness and joy — not as long as they are so frustrated. And at the same time, you love them, but…..

And so, when getting older, you are still holding back your happiness, playing smaller than you are, not showing your gifts, and hiding your light, your beauty….

Yes, it can happen that unconsiously we are still living in the shadow of one or two of these old beliefs.

But, what would happen if we put them aside? Yes, one of the first feelings that come to surface in the moment we think about putting these old beliefs aside, is a sort of fear. Because when, for the first time of our lives, we allow ourselves to express our joy, show our light and our gifts — there comes the question of self-worth we were also scared of: do we deserve it?

And this is reason nr 4: the feeling to really deserve it. If a person you love, a family member, a loved one, a life partner, is going through some personal issues and difficult times — do you then still feel that you do deserve to be happy ? Many people don’t. They feel that as long as that other person is going through so difficult or painful experiences, they themselves can not deserve to be happy at the same time.

Now, let us look at this: You deserve to be happy. You are allowed to be successful. You serve this world and people around you a lot better, when you let your light shine.

You are not responsible for other peoples frustration, their issues, their karma, their choices or their feelings. Once grown up, everybody must learn to take care of himself. Everybody is only responsible for himself. You can now stop giving your power away. You ARE free now!!

If one of these old beliefs has been holding you back, you may now first need to train yourself to feel worthy and to feel that you really do deserve to be happy. If during the last 20 years of your life, you did not feel that you deserve joy, abundance, happiness and wealth, this may be new for you. But once you can FEEL it, then you can create it too. Have compassion with yourself.

And it is NOT love if people around you do not want you to be happier than what they are. It is not love if they are jealous and not able to share your joy with you. It is not love if they make you feeling guilty. And it is not love if they are holding you back from living your real potentials.

You deserve to be happy and successful.
You deserve to be happy in a loving relationship with a wonderful partner.
You deserve to live in a wonderful and beautiful house in a nice neighborhood.
You deserve to fulfill your dreams and follow your own heart.
You deserve to live in abundance, wealth, health and freedom.
You deserve to have an activity where you are appreciated and that gives you true inner fulfillment.

People who truly love you will support you, motivate you, encourage you and share your joy with you.

So please, stop hiding.
Stop holding back your gifts.
Let your light shine.

With blessings and love,

Navigating Your Future: Thoughts From The Wisdom Keepers To Help You Minimize Obstacles & Maximize Opportunities In This Brave New World

March 28th, 2014

13-resizedBy George Cappannelli

 Those of us who weren’t born yesterday and haven’t been hanging out with Rip Van Winkle in Sleepy Hollow, know we are in a time unlike any before it. In addition to the many challenges we face – climate change, energy, education, healthcare, immigration, wealth inequality, gender and minority inequality to name a few — we are also in a demographic revolution that will, over the next several decades, result in 50% of our population here in the U.S and Canada and in every industrialized country in the world being over 50 for the first time in history. Increasing longevity, decreasing birth rates and shrinking tax base are just a few of the startling and relatively immediate implications this demographic revolution will have for those of us who are older GenXers, Boomers and Elders here in North America and billions more around the world.

We have no blueprint or script that describes what billions of us are supposed to do with this additional time we are inheriting. Surely there must be some purpose in the grand design — other than some outmoded belief in retirement – something of genuine consequence that capitalizes on our wisdom and experience and requires the presence of such an inordinately large number of elders on the planet at this time.

Those of us who are 50 and older have come to the end Acts One (Youth) and Two (Maturity) of the Human Drama and must now address the question of how to write a new Third Age (Aging).

This prompted me to contact several colleagues among the leading women authors and experts of our time, who are also members of AgeNation’ World Council of Wisdom Keepers.  Here they share some thoughts and recommendations that can help us all to begin to write this new Third Act, and in the process, better navigate the future.

 Joan Borysenko, Best Selling Author and Expert on Spirituality and Health

 “The world has bottomed out. The statistics are dreary. Some of our best scientists are feeling we don’t have time to save ourselves. However, there’s the alternate point of view. Unusual things happen all the time. The Berlin Wall fell. Smoking has diminished significantly in a relatively short period of time our country. We’ve made major gains in gender equality and, in some areas of human rights. We’re more aware of the need to protect our habitat and to lead lives that are healthier and more conscious.

 Still it’s clear we are at a crisis points, but it’s also a turning point.  And if I can take a page from my own book: It’s Not The End of The World, although some may think we’re at the end, when people of good hearts get together and support one another, what can happen is a rite of passage.  In this space we can get out of the rut of the habitual and make room for miracles to happen.

 The Buddhists and the Hindus have a word for getting stuck in ruts– they call these sanskaras. They’re like habit patterns of thought formed by repetition in the same way that troughs are created when water runs down hill in the same pathways. I believe those of us who want to better navigate the future can get out of the ruts by changing our attitudes. We can also remember that major growth often occurs during times of unwanted changes. We must be  willing to finally say: ‘I’ve seen enough of the inside of this box. Maybe it’s time to flow in a different way, to look for and find new meaning.’ So I don’t think it’s the end of the world.  I think it’s a whole new age!”

Connie Buffalo, President of Renaissance International, Member of The Chippewa Tribe


“Passing on wisdom and insights is part of the responsibility of the elder in the Chippewa tradition, but certainly not all of it. It also includes knowing that one is a sacred being living in a sacred, precious world. Quite different from the Western concept of “retiring,” this awareness invites the experience of the elder to be respected and put into action for as long as possible.

 Instead of hoping that others recognize their ongoing value, elders in my tradition, honor their own potency, sacredness, rights and responsibilities. In this way, elders use this understanding to become a humble light that shines his or her brilliance across the ages. For the Chippewa, who we believe ourselves to be influences how we expect others to treat us and our relationship to the world around us.” 

Sedena Cappannelli, Author, Co Founder of AgeNation and of the World Council of Wisdom Keepers

 “George and I speak to the issue of living consciously and aging wisely because we believe both are essential keys to learning how to better navigate these challenging times and to better prepare for the remarkable new world that lies ahead. This is a time for tremendous optimism because our challenges give us a clear sign that the old and the no-longer-valuable are breaking down to make way for the new.

 Here are a few of the things I believe each of us can do to live lives of greater stability as this falling away occurs.

  • Remember to be true to our dreams, the dreams each of us has come here to manifest.
  • Continue to be open to learning from our stumbles and celebrating our breakthroughs.
  • Commit to a deeper level of healing in all areas of our lives– physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.
  • Step more fully into our daily lives with genuine compassion for ourselves and others.
  • Look beyond physical accomplishments, possessions or wealth as the measure of our success, and instead to the quality of our character, our experience and discernment and turn them into the gold of wisdom.

To be successful in these efforts, let us also remember to be guided as much by our hearts as by our heads so that we might better align our thoughts, words and actions with a more elevated consciousness.”

Barbara Marx Hubbard,  Author, Visionary, Social Innovator and The Voice of Conscious Evolution

“We are now going through a phase of evolutionary metamorphosis on planet Earth. Our past life is not sustainable. The planetary timing is moving toward the next phase of evolution, devolution or even extinction. 

Millions of us are attempting to evolve ourselves and our culture toward a still amorphous undefined society.  And none of us has seen this form of society. We might call it a Co-creative Society in which each person is free to be and do his or her best within the evolving whole.

It is my experience that during this process many of us are naturally gaining access to higher frequencies of consciousness which need to be integrated with all levels of our self. And one of the primary keys to success in this integration involves putting purpose first. The key is to yearn with all the passion of your being for your own evolution, beyond the separated state. This does not mean that there is nothing else in your life or that you become a hermit in isolation from others.  No, it means you keep your attention on the highest frequency of your being and bring your Whole Being into harmony with that frequency. A second key is to be compassionate with yourself. You are taking a monumental leap here and helping evolving our species.”

Jean Houston,  Author, Scholar, Philosopher, Teacher, Visionary Leader

“We are living in the most unique time in human history. The old ways of doing things are no longer working. We are now seeking the emergence of the deeper story… our mythic lives.

Do you feel the passion within, urging you to live the greater story of your life?  Myth is always about the making of the soul.  It is the journey of the heroic soul as you travel from an outmoded existence to an amplified life. In times of breakdown and breakthrough – which we’re in right now – myths arise telling us of the new heroes, new heroines, and of the noble journey we must take in search of the Possible Human both within ourselves and in others.

How do we evoke this emergence?  How do we inspire this possible, passionate human so that we may not just survive our time, but thrive, leaving a legacy of a new way of being for our children, our grandchildren and the future?  It is only when we have discovered this possibility that we go beyond our pessimism and create a world in which we make a difference. It is in working with myth in a creative manner that we can gain fresh perspectives on our life journey. Myth can take us beyond our ordinary, habitual ways of being to the essence of what we really are or can be.”


Very sound advice and some common themes present in their words of these wise women.  The reminder that crisis always provides opportunity and the prompt that if we are wise we will remember that the only thing that has ever created substantive change is the exercise of the Power of One. DoNotGoQuietly-Cover300

We are also advised to turn down the outside noise and turn instead to that place of silence within us from which real wisdom flows. So at home, at school, at work, in our churches, clubs and community organizations, we have the opportunity to raise the level of the game and navigate the future with greater levels of consciousness and love.


 George Cappannelli is the author of the award-winning and bestselling book Do Not Go Quietly, and co- founder of AgeNation and The World Council of Wisdom Keepers He is leading AgeNation’s six transformational Navigating Your Future Weekend Journeys June through November, which will feature 16 of the world’s leading wisdom keepers addressing the needs, concerns and opportunities for “people who weren’t born yesterday,” as well as for younger people who want to chart a terrific and vital course for the future. The goal of the programs is to assist participants to explore some of the essential and relevant topics, and many primary and empowering tools they can use on the road to living more conscious lives, inheriting their roles as wise elders and playing an active part in recasting a more positive future. Visit www.navigatingyourfutureconferences.com.



What Forgiveness Is Not

March 24th, 2014

HEADSHOT Book of Forgiving_Desmond and Mpho photoBy Desmond Tutu and Mpho Tutu

We all need to forgive, and there are many of us who need forgiveness. The question is, how do we forgive? In their new book, The Book of Forgiving, Archbishop Tutu and his daughter Mpho Tutu share their experiences, the stories of others who have inspired them, and what they have learned about the process of forgiving, to help all of us learn the answer to this. And, they are calling YOU to join the Tutu Global Forgiveness Challenge, to join them in undertaking the path for healing ourselves and our world.   To sign up for the Tutu Global Forgiveness Challenge, Please visit:  www.forgivenesschallenge.com

 In an instant, life can change. For Mpho, that instant was in April 2012:

I still can’t describe my own feelings fully. Nausea, disgust, fear, confusion, and grief overwhelmed me. Our housekeeper, Angela, lay on the floor of my daughter’s room. The blood from her brutalized body pooled around her. Yes, the medics confirmed shortly afterward, she was dead. She had been dead for some hours. The days and weeks that followed were a blur of a life upended. The blood and the body are gone, but the event continues to reverberate in our lives. We miss her. In a few short months, she had made her mark on our lives. Her quirks and her kindness had become a part of our story and our family. Her laughter had filled our home. Her strange turns of phrase had become part of our language. Her absence is a sad, scary shadow. Weeping and nightmares, terrors and sleeplessness, brittle silences and nerve-shattering sounds—all of these have become a part of our new reality. The home we had shared is no longer home. We cannot live there.

“Was anything stolen?” the young policeman asked.

A life was stolen. No, more than one life was stolen. There was one dead body, but so many lives were changed irrevocably, snatched away, stolen. So many lives and one happy home gone. Sometimes I feel sad for the murderer, unutterably sad. At other times I feel angry. How could anyone be so vile? How could any person be so brutal? Why Angela? What harm had she done anyone? How dare anyone violate my home? There are moments when the anger turns to rage, and there are moments when I want to strike back!

In one unexpected act of violence and rage, we can experience horror and loss so great we don’t think we can survive.

We see it on the evening news: children go missing, either never to be found or their bodies are found discarded like the day’s trash. We read about it in the newspaper: the torture and rape of women caught in the crossfire of civil war.

We see it on the Internet: classrooms and movie theaters where innocent people are shot at indiscriminately, killed tragically, violently, and senselessly. We hear reports of drive-by shootings and home invasions, gangs retaliating against gangs, and deaths avenged by more deaths. We watch and read and listen, but we do all this from a distance and with a sad detachment at the horrors people are capable of inflicting upon one another.

Then it happens to us. And the horror we once watched from a distance, as if it were a movie or a play, is now in our homes and in our classrooms and in our neighborhoods.In our own families.book

There are times when Mpho cannot imagine ever forgiving the person who brought such horror into her home;the person who forever and indelibly marked her daughters’ psyches and childhoods with a singular and senseless act of brutality and bloodshed. I tell you this because even for people of faith, who believe in unconditional forgiveness, even for people like Mpho and me—people who dare to write books about forgiveness—forgiveness is not easy. It is not easy for Mpho. It is not easy for me. And it is understandable if forgiveness does not come easily for you.

Excerpted from The Book of Forgiving by Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Reverend Mpho Tutu, reprinted with permission by HarperOne, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers. Copyright 2014.

 To sign up for the Tutu Global Forgiveness Challenge, visit forgivenesschallenge.com.

 Anglican Archbishop DESMOND M. TUTU won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1984 and the Templeton Prize in 2013, and was the founding chair of The Elders from 2007 to 2013. In 1986 he was elected Archbishop of Cape Town, the highest position in the Anglican Church in South Africa, and in 2009 he received the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the United States’ highest civilian honor. In 1994, Tutu was appointed as Chair of South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission, where he pioneered a new way for countries to move forward after experiencing civil strife and countless atrocities.

 The Reverend MPHO A. TUTU, an Episcopal Priest, is currently the executive director of The Desmond & Leah Tutu Legacy Foundation and has run ministries for children in Worcester, Massachusetts; for rape survivors in Grahamstown, South Africa; and for refugees from South Africa and Namibia at the Phelps Stokes Fund in New York City. She is pursuing a doctorate on the subject of forgiveness from Vrije University, Amsterdam. With her father, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, she has authored Made for Goodness and, now, The Book of Forgiving.

Excerpt from The Path to Awakening, from Chapter: Homage to the Great Compassionate One!

March 20th, 2014

bookExcerpt from The Path to Awakening, from Chapter: Homage to the Great Compassionate One!

 This is the key instruction, the essential nectar generated by Serlingpa.

Now we come to the main subject: the Seven Points of Mind Training. This is the key instruction of the Kadam school, the lineage of which comes from Atisha Dipamkara Srijnana (982-1054 C.E.). Though of course this key method comes from Buddha, for a long time it was passed on as a secret oral tradition along a long lineage of great bodhisattvas.

It is called dütsi nyingpo, or essential nectar. The nectar is a liquid so pure that even one drop can purify a vast body of water. These instructions are like the very essence of that purifying, healing nectar.

This nectar is not only able to purify the mind, but when Atisha received these instructions he effectively purified the transmission of Buddhism as well. In the 11th century, Buddhism slowly started declining in India. This was exactly as Buddha had predicted. When he was teaching he repeatedly told his disciples that his teachings would definitely disappear so it was critically important for them to practice diligently immediately. At every sojong (ceremony for purifying monastic precepts), he repeated this warning. So it happened that during Atisha’s time there began to be indications that this disappearance of the Buddha’s teachings from India was starting to happen. For example, during Atisha’s life, the combined lineages of the bodhisattva vow – the Maitreya-Asanga lineage and the Nagarjuna lineage – already disappeared from India.

Everybody was practicing one or the other, but not the two together. As a great bodhisattva, Atisha saw that in the future he could benefit beings in Tibet before Buddhism declined in India. He understood that by sowing the seeds of buddhadharma there, when it declined in India it would live on in Tibet. For that reason, he went all the way to Indonesia to meet Serlingpa, the only master who still held that combined lineage of the bodhisattva vow…

Like the diamond, the sun, the medicinal tree, it (the Seven Points of Mind Training, or Lojong) is the principal, ever precious discipline.

The Buddha gave many different teachings and instructions according to the abilities and propensities of his students. The methods vary in levels of difficulty and of accomplishment, but among the countless dharma practices, Lojong is the superlative discipline. It is as priceless as a perfect diamond. Its worth cannot be measured because it is the very key that opens the inner door to enlightenment.

Another simile distinguishes the brilliance of Lojong: these very precious teachings are said to shine as brightly as the sun itself. We have at our disposal all kinds of artificial light such as candlelight, gaslight, or electric light. But in the sun, all artificial lights are redundant. The sun completely dispels darkness and everything is shown clearly in its presence. Similarly, Lojong clears away the ignorance of our mind and reveals everything as it is.

A third simile highlights the special power of Lojong to accelerate our progress on the path: Mind Training is like the roots of a medicinal tree. The roots hold all the healing ingredients and these curative essences in turn permeate the entire tree: its trunk, branches and leaves, etc. Every single cell of the tree contains the medicines and we can harvest them through any of its parts. Similarly, Mind Training forms the best root for all dharma practice.

When Lojong has taken root in us, it imbues any practice we do with the same power to bring us swiftly to enlightenment. By these three similes, you should understand, know, and remember the superior qualities of Lojong which attest to its being the most valuable and meaningful practice in your life.


THE PATH TO AWAKENING: How Buddhism’s Seven Points of Mind Training Can Lead You to a Life of Enlightenment and Happiness (Delphinium Books/distributed by HarperCollins; February 11, 2014), by Shamar Rinpoche, provides a complete and simple guide to living a fulfilling life as a Buddhist, as well as a comprehensive manual of meditation techniques. face

SHAMAR RINPOCHE was born in 1952 in Eastern Tibet to the elder brother of the late 16th Karmapa. He was recognized as a reincarnation of the Shamarpa by the 16th Karmapa, and confirmed by the 14th Dalai Lama. The Shamarpa lineage is the second-oldest reincarnate lineage in Tibetan Buddhism and dates back to the 13th century. Historically, during the life of the 10th Shamarpa, the 18th century Emperor Qianlong of China imposed a law to ban the continuation of the Shamarpa institution, due to the 10th Shamarpa’s allying with the Nepalese government when the emperor was attacking Nepal.

According to this history, the present 14th Shamarpa is the 11th throne holder. The present day Shamar Rinpoche was enthroned in 1965 by the 16th Karmapa in Sikkim. He had a Buddhist education in Sikkim and, since age 29, has been teaching worldwide. In addition, he has founded several non-profit organizations worldwide engaged in charitable activities such as schooling underprivileged children and promoting animal rights. http://www.shamarpa.org/

A Q&A With Jacqueline Ripstein, Author of The Art of HealingArt: The Keys to Power and Awareness

March 14th, 2014

headshot1. When did you realize you were an artist?   

Art has been my natural way of expressing myself. I always enjoyed creating. I’m self taught. It took me years to realize I was an artist, because I couldn’t separate the concept of being an artist and being “me.” I have always believed in Magic, since my dad gave me a wondrous wand when I four years old! Whenever I would sit and paint, it was as the magician was being awakened within me.

2. How does your inspiration come to you for each of your unique pieces? 

Once a moment of inspiration triggers me–it could be a song, theater, a moment of reflection, a dream, or even talking to someone about the deep matters of life–my need to create manifests.

I always put on a candle, incense and high vibrational music. I prepare my canvas, and when I take my brush, it’s as if a magic wand ignited! My eyes start twitching, and then it’s as if I leave my body. I am no longer aware of what I’m creating.  When I come back it could be moments or hours later. And when I look at the piece of art, I almost don’t believe I did it!

In the case of the book The Art of HealingArt, I could “hear” the dictation of the book. I found that each painting would take me to a different dimension, where messages were given related to the artwork.

I’m merely the tool, the brush the messenger–not the message. I work for God, and I serve Humanity.

 3. What prompted you to write this book?  

 A rare given gift was given to me during a time of a major health challenge—a time when I was also loaded down by life’s other  tests–I realized that sickness could be turned into an enlightening opportunity.

For three years, I was forced to “listen only,” since I was unable to talk clearly. I learned that the constant chatter, stress and noise of life kept me away from my true self.

It all came on very suddenly. While taking for granted my health, one day–out of the blue–I just couldn’t talk well, my energy dropped, my life changed. My dad had died, but I felt I still had so much to tell him. I was dealing with old emotional wounds. But my unresolved pains and fears started taking over my life and my body. The doctors’ diagnosis after an MRI scan was that I had a brain tumor. This was in 2009.

This was not an easy situation to accept when all my life I had been so energetic. Sometimes life forces one to take paths that stray off the main roadway. These stray paths are often unexpected and difficult. But these challenging times are the ones that help “awaken us” to our True Essence. I tried to fight the sickness. My ego started crumbling, forcing me to face that I was not perfect, and could not solve it all on my own. It was not an easy process to accept. I had to deal with my concern about what people would say. Combating my fear that people would “judge” me when they heard me speak, just added more weight to my ” sickness.” Some people were afraid to see me, thinking it could be “contagious.” Some thought I was drunk (when I barely drink alcohol.) Others were more compassionate towards my inability to communicate.

At that point I understood that the main communication had to be between God and me.

My ability to talk declined day by day. A shift, a transition happened, just as the caterpillar is guided to create its own process when it pupates. Slowly, I started being comfortable with change, turning over my energy.  I began focusing away from sickness and instead toward my creative forces. I basically secluded myself.The sickness was leading me away from the noise of life. It took me a while to realize its embedded positive potential–for the first time in my life, I could find inner freedom!

I realized for the first time in my life that by not being able to speak fluently, I had a choice. I could learn to listen within the silence…

That’s when I started to write the book…The Art of HealingArt.

In those moments of vast silence, suddenly I started listening within the sacredness of silence…a voice…I heard a voice in my head which I knew was not me. That voice was dictating me this book. I was in awe! Sometimes I would say to this voice…”please not so quickly…” And I’m sure I lost a lot of the dictation. I learned to be Present. I became the observer of that voice, and my Soul was listening to it. The state of awareness really began for me.

As in the wondrous process by which a caterpillar morphs into a butterfly, sickness represented an opportunity for reconstruction, a way to revamp my life, to re-emerge.

Though adversity may place heavy strains on us, it is definitively a fundamental obstacle that we must overcome, to get to a place of true self-discovery.

4.  Can art heal the mind body and spirit? 

Art is an experience of the sublime, or the divine. It enriches our lives. And by inspiring us, it raises our being into higher states of vibration, connecting us with our inner divine force. This is the mission of art. It touches us so we can raise our inspirational level and awaken the forces of creativity and consciousness, creating Peace within us to unite the world.  Only then, when we are able to manifest Peace within, will we be able to manifest Peace everywhere.Header

“Great works of art contain the essence of man and they convey that there is something more that cannot be seen with our eyes. They reveal the Invisible world. Every masterpiece has this quality of mystery.” JR©

 5. How can your art and book be a healing tool and inspire people?  

My art and book come from higher connections of my Soul.

When the viewer is seeing my art, or art images, or reading the messages in the book, there is a moment of INSPIRATION–an impact, as the energy and higher octave vibrations are automatically transmitted to one’s inner self and his/her vibration is raised, going beyond the barriers of the mind.

At this divine moment, many walls of fears accumulated throughout the years fall away, as a “BODY, MIND AND SPIRIT” healing takes place. All the organs of the body respond to these high vibrations (as documented in studies made by Dr. Vaughn Cook), a balanced state appears, and a sacred moment of communion in the body, mind and spirit takes place. This is what I call “Raising the Viewer from Earth to Heaven.”

Here’s a quote from the book: “IT IS VALUABLE TO FEEL PAIN. Pain nourishes your courage. It can weaken the ego, strengthen humility, and increase compassion. Pain is a human process that we should not fight against. It’s a lesson to let go of all attachments we may have. By living the experience of pain, we mature and move forward.”

 6. What are the benefits of being in a high vibrational state?

It behooves us to understand how our minds work, and that all in life is vibrational energy.

By connecting to the silent language that is encoded within colors, sounds and the awareness of being ,we influence our thinking, acting and speaking. By reaching for the higher emotions, words and actions, a whole universe opens to give us the possibility of expansion– tapping into love and not hatred, peace and not war.

If we do not learn to control our minds, then we are giving away our freedom and our power.

 7. Several scientific testimonials have been given to show that your art contains very high vibrations that can help heal people and aid in raising consciousness… Can you please explain this?  

 Art has never been a separate entity from science. It dwells in unknown energy dimensions. When the art is done with pure intent, then the body becomes the instrument of the soul, and the visible and invisible dimensions merge into its true oneness.

I’ve had several scientists test viewers of my art and the results were amazing, including the following summations:

“Jacqueline Ripstein’s enlightened message through art is the universal information to calm the current explosive turmoil of people around the world.” –Dr. Valerie V. Hunt, Scientist, Author, and Professor Emeritus, UCLA.

“The effect of Jacqueline’s art on each person was different (as reflected in the readings). The results were impressive. Her art has a most definite calming, balancing, and healing effect.” — Dr. Vaughn R. Cook, OMD, President, Digital Health Corp.

“Jacqueline has discovered the logic within the Harmonic Oscillators that allows the decoding of all information that flows from the Universe into us through our senses. Our perception expands. When we contemplate Jacqueline’s art, it may seem as if time stops.”–Rafael Lopez Guerrero, scientist, president and founder of FET (Foundatión EticoTaku for Innovation.)

8. How can your book and its lessons be used as an oracle and a guide to help people who are in pain, stress or anger? 

An oracle has been considered as a source of wise counsel or prophetic opinions, a wise statement or prediction. Oracles are a means of divination, a connection between our soul and its divine source. Throughout history they have been used to answers profound life questions.

I believe that when we ask a question that comes from our deepest desire to solve a life test, or to get help moving beyond the trap of suffering, anger or resentment. In that same moment, the question is posed to the book and the answer arises, offering sometimes practical and sometimes mysterious solutions to life’s questions.

I have seen it many times, and people have told me their amazement when this happens. I also know that when we are asking a question that is not powerful enough, nor specifically addressing the true cause of our suffering, the book’s energy will dig deeper to answer the true energy blockage that we need to confront.

This proves that there is a Life-Code hidden within our Invisible World!

In this book, each lesson is revealed and learned through the works of art and its hidden messages. Each message is a step toward the revelation of our own truth, toward our enlightenment. Each image captures different dimensions of reality. It contains a silent language that vibrates directly to our soul, awakening in us states of inspiration and awareness.

The book that you have right now in your hands radiates high, scintillating energies. Its purpose is to inspire, rouse, and motivate–to infuse our lives with joyous anticipation, to shower us with light, and to lift us over any darkness that may be anchoring our lives – whether that is pain, anger, guilt, fear, resentment, sorrow, jealousy, grief, or low self-esteem.

 9. What is your life’s mission?  

 My art and book are part of a larger spiritual movement that is here to feed the spiritual needs of the world. It serves the higher purpose of unity and healing.

I have eagerly waited for this New Era. My mission now is to help bring down heaven to Earth, to reveal the Invisible World to humanity–as a means to help distressed humanity which is today facing one the roughest times in human history—enduring a potential collapse on multiple levels.

When people have an instant of inspiration, faith, love and peace are activated.

My life’s purpose has been to help raise consciousness, to inspire and to transform people’s lives.

10. What is your role in the International Association of Educators for World Peace at the UN?   

I have been presenting Peace Proposals worldwide, based on the proposal to use the arts and our creative forces as an instrument for world peace.

My wish is that this book’s inspirational messages and art will aid men and women to reunite with their higher selves, manifesting the light of the creator through every action. Together, we can create harmony among all people, while respecting and restoring balance with Mother Earth and the universe. May the light of the creator shine through our every thought, word, and deed, and may we leave a legacy to our children and their children as we give birth to a world of peace and love.

11. What important international events have you been invited to give your Peace Proposal, using the arts as an instrument for world peace?  

 Many global events. I was:

  • Invited by the government  to participate in the “Sefarad” events in Toledo, Spain (1992-’94)
  • Commissioned to paint Our Lady of the Universe for Medjugorje, Croatia, to support widows and orphans of war (1996)
  • Chosen to open the “Millennium Peace Day” in 2000 at the United Nations in New York, alongside Mrs. Nane Annan; leading a workshop for over 450 children, encouraging their messages of Peace to the World
  • Invited by the government of China to celebrate the 9/21/2012 International Day of Peace. Participation in the first Linzhou Art Exhibition and a Gliding Opening Gala at the Taihang Canyon Peach Blossom Valley, including a Ceremony of Friendship and Peace, with more than 3,500 people in attendance, where I was asked to be one of the representatives to close the ceremony using the peace water and bells. I was one of keynote speakers at the International Friendship Peace Forum, delivering a “Proposal to Use the Arts as an Instrument for World Peace.”
  • Invited to Hyderabad, India, where I was one of the keynote speakers at the First Parliament on Spirituality, in December 21, 2012.

12. How can we get more information about the kinds of talks, workshops, and shows that you do and a copy of your book?   

 You can contact me through my websites www.TheArtofHealingArt.com and www.JacquelineRipstein.com or

via Facebook at www.facebook.com/artistjacquelineripstein.



The Key to Evolving Beyond Ego- A Free Online Seminar with Craig Hamilton

March 14th, 2014

Can we actually evolve beyond ego?

ie-9wk-05-2014-120x60What would be possible for our lives—and our world—if we could actually evolve beyond our egocentric nature for good? This obstacle to our higher evolution is one that many struggle with on the spiritual path, but Craig Hamilton has discovered a way to catapult ourselves out of its grip. In his 90-minute seminar The Key To Evolving Beyond Ego, he offers an illuminating perspective on ego, provocatively evokes the possibilities that lie beyond it, and shares a step-by-step process for leaving it behind—by aligning with an accessible but hidden spiritual capacity within each of us. The seminar is free and takes place on Thursday, March 27 at 5:00 p.m. Pacific time. Click here for access information and to learn more about it.

Throw Away Your Loincloth

March 9th, 2014

cover(2)Throw Away Your Loincloth by Michelle Jones.

Spiritual development can be a lot like learning to fly a kite. It’s no good trying to fly a 5 meter monster, unless you’ve learned to control the little ones first! If you go out to fly a kite, before you let it go, make sure you firmly attach the lines; if you are working to raise your consciousness you need to make sure the connection to your body and the real world is firmly attached, so that no matter how high you go, there is a clear path back.

This connection is called grounding and it can be as complicated or as simple as you want it to be. I did a workshop about 15 years ago that included a grounding ritual that took twenty minutes to perform and included tying one of your shoelaces to the leg of the chair on which you were sitting. I was desperate to ask what you did if you were not wearing shoes with laces, as mine were fastened with Velcro, but did not have the courage!

They had stipulated that trainers must be worn for comfort, but I suspect that it was more to do with the tying the laces to the leg of the chair thing!

I have a much easier solution: an imaginary extending lead that plugs you in to the earth’s core. This is a very special sort of lead; it never ever gets tangled up in anything, unlike every other lead on the planet. It is a very simple idea, a bit like the extending and retracting lead on a vacuum cleaner; you pull out as much as you need, and then with the push of a button, it rewinds neatly at speed.

It works very well; but is most effective if you put a little effort into installing the software properly the first time you use it. “Software?” I hear you say… The brain is a computer; we are all familiar with that as a concept, so it follows then that anything new that we learn – reading, driving, applying mascara – is effectively new software, an App if you like! Over the years I have chosen to install the ‘Babies and Childcare’ App, the ‘Pandering to Finicky Eaters’ App and more recently the ‘Coping with Teenagers’ App, but I have deleted the ‘Bedroom Tidying’ App. They’re on their own with that now.

To install the grounding App into your brain, take a few moments to really think about what you are doing; if you want to sit and use a traditional meditation technique that’s fine, but thinking about it while performing a routine task, such as housework, walking or even changing a diaper is equally fine!

Whichever method of meditation or mindfulness you use, this is what you need to do.

Grounding App – Plugging in to the Earth

Imagine that there is an electric cable which is wound up inside your feet. It’s quite safe, it cannot affect your everyday life in any way, but when you need that grounding connection to be really active, it will spring into action. Watch as it rapidly unwinds, shooting down into the ground, through the floors if you are inside a building, down through the layers of concrete and soil, through the strata of roots and archaeology, down past the bedrock, through millions of years of history… until it reaches the glowing magma at the center of the planet. Now the end of the cable forms into a plug which securely connects to a socket formed in the magma. This connection is completely safe, keeping you grounded and safe, leaving you free to traverse the heavens with your mind.

If you can, think about this slowly the first time you do it, think about each stage of the layers of the earth; it doesn’t matter if you get these in the right order, or even if they are the right layers – you could have layers of cream cheese and chocolate – what matters is that you take your time over it.

Once you have done this, whenever you need that connection in the future, you can bring it into being at a moment’s notice, just like flicking a switch!

There are many other ways of grounding and images you can use; I use the extending lead most of the time for sheer simplicity, but if I want to connect to a particular place then I imagine that roots are growing from my body, spreading out and down. These are both well-known methods but anything that you can relate to which firmly anchors you to the earth is fine.

There are many advantages to this grounding connection; if you feel lethargic or need a boost, you can plug yourself in and visualize earth energy flowing up the cable to energize you; it’s amazing how much of a kick this can provide, especially when you are at the end of the day struggling to park in an overcrowded supermarket car park, preparing for the slog around the aisles.

Staying grounded is one of the key skills that motors any form of spiritual training or development forwards. As I said earlier, I struggled for years to succeed with meditation and spiritual development. It is just not enough to sit down in that well-worn loincloth and think of nothing.

So what happens if you do not bother with the whole grounding thing? You are certainly not going to end up with a personality disorder, or possessed by an opportunist demon, just looking for an empty body carelessly left unoccupied by someone meditating – but you might begin to feel seriously ‘spaced’ and find it difficult to concentrate for a while. We have all experienced days when we complain that we don’t feel quite there… or not with it… boosting your grounding connection with a few deep breaths while visualizing your personal extension lead plugging in can have an immediate benefit! What I want to get across here is that this is not just for the rare occasions when you have the time to take time out; making this a part of your everyday life, building it into your day, can have a real and measurable effect.author(4)

Throw Away Your Loincloth is a frank and funny account of the author’s efforts to develop her spiritual and intuitive connections whilst looking after the family home, bringing up three children, holding down a high-powered job and generally living the sort of frantic life too many of us are used to! A serious accident ended her career, followed by aggressive breast cancer, but although these slowed Michelle down a little, she did not allow them to stop her from reaching for her dreams…

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-78099-115-3 | $22.95  |  £12.99 | 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches | 216×140 mm | 217PP eBook EISBN: 978-1-78099-116-0 | $9.99  |  £6.99

A Q&A With Dr. Joe Vitale on His Book

March 5th, 2014

vitaleA Q&A With Dr. Joe Vitale on His BookAt Zero: The Quest for Miracles through Ho’oponopono”

 1.     Ho’oponopono has been around for centuries. Why do you suppose it’s taken this long for the world to hear about it?

Until fairly recently, ho’oponopono was a cultural secret and localized to Hawaii. The world would still not know about it had I not written my books revealing it. As with many if not all traditions, the culture itself wanted to keep the secrets within its group, only passed down to others in the family, in a tribal ritual sort of way. As I write about in the book, when Morrnah, a female Kahuna, came along, she began to break with that tradition and reveal what had previously been kept secret. Not only that, while she was skilled in traditional ho’oponopono, she was also the one responsible for a new way of using and experiencing ho’oponopono.

There are two kinds of ho’oponopono. Most people only know of the modern approach that I reveal in my books. The earlier version was really a group healing method often used in families. As such, it required a leader and more people involved. Morrnah’s approach was more internal and didn’t require other people.

So even if the word got out about this method, it would have probably been about the older version because the new version of ho’oponopono wasn’t fully disclosed until my books came out.

2.     Given the flack you got, as well as the ultimate success, of your first book, Zero Limits, what compelled you to write the sequel, At Zero, and what is different about it?

It’s been seven years since the first book. The simple answer is I’ve grown more, learned more, and have more to share. This is part of the beauty of the modern version of ho’oponopono – because it is an internal awareness and approach, it allows for continuous, dynamic change in the individual. It’s not something you do to resolve a problem “out there,” it’s something you take with you along your entire journey of life.

Like any good story, this new book picks up where the first one left off. A lot happened when that first book was published and that was part of the journey, too. I reveal all that in this new book as well as my own “dark night of the soul” as a result of releasing that first book, and how I overcame those challenges.

I believe the new book is more complete for a number of reasons. Besides revealing the story of Morrnah, who invented modern ho’oponopono, it shares deeper aspects of the method. For example, in the first book I discussed three stages of awakening; this new one reveals the fourth.

Also, over the years, people have written to me or attended my seminars and shared with me their own experiences as a result of reading the first book. Sometimes they had questions about the method. So in the new book, I was able to synthesize all this material and answer these questions for everyone.

3.     The story of Dr. Hew Len healing an entire ward of criminally insane people still seems a bit far-fetched. Are these the kind of results the average person can expect if they use Ho’oponopono themselves?

They can expect miracles. Both books share true stories of people handling what others thought was impossible or incurable. Miracles are possible. People have used the method on everything you can name: relationships, finances, health, animals, business – you name it. The method takes care of the perceptions people have that are limiting their wellbeing, so it can be applied to any area. Dr. Hew Len and the mental hospital miracle is a dramatic story, and sets the tone for the idea that anything is possible. The only limits are mental. That’s what’s so amazing about this method. You can use it to break free.

Healing one’s life or one’s self is not a new idea. Many spiritual teachers, including Jesus, talk about our ability to be free and to live a greater life. In my work, what I see is missing for most people is the awareness of their innate ability to live in a miracle state moment by moment. My guess is that they don’t believe it’s possible, but that doesn’t make it untrue. If anything, there’s more and more evidence mounting in the neurosciences to suggest it, if not prove it, and that’s one of the things I talk about in this new book.

While ho’oponopono isn’t the only method you can use, it is a profound one and very, very easy.

book4. You mention total responsibility. How does authentic Ho’oponopono help someone who’s had bad things happen, or has bad things happening today, in their life?

They can learn to accept what happened, without blame or guilt, reclaim their power, and move on to create a happier life. We have to grasp the big idea that everything that happens is due to our unconscious programs. In ho’oponopono, you don’t have to know the belief or unconscious programming in order to delete it. In some cases where it’s rooted in the culture or ancestry, you may never know it. So this isn’t about blame or guilt. It’s about awakening.

When a person can look at what happened and realize a belief system caused it, and that belief system can be changed, then they have freedom and the power to forgive and heal. As long as people hold on to grudges, they will remain unhappy and unhealthy. The hardest thing for people to accept is total responsibility, yet the door to freedom is opened when you accept it all as your responsibility. Again, it’s not your fault, but it is your responsibility.

What you’ll find when you accept 100% responsibility is not only the opportunity to create a more conscious-centered life for yourself, but a sense of peace to go with it. Peace is really all that matters.

5. You say that the four phrases, “I love you, I’m sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you,” delete programs and beliefs at an unconscious level. How does this work and what kinds of changes can this make in someone’s life?

I wrote the new book to explain how it works. Basically, you are using a psychological technique to achieve a spiritual freedom. The four phrases are a sort of prayer, or petition. You say them inside yourself as a request to God or Divinity to remove the beliefs. Each phrase has deeper meaning, of course. “Thank you” ignites the power of gratitude. “I love you” merges us with unconditional love. “I’m sorry” and “Please forgive me” reveal that we were unconscious to our beliefs and didn’t realize we had them, so we apologize to let the Divine/God know we are ready to release them all. These statements alone can transform a person’s life as they lead to greater personal, emotional freedom.

Our limiting patterns, beliefs, or programs – whatever you call them – are like commands we give to our subconscious in the form of negative statements, or negative affirmations, if you will. These act like blocks and hold us back from experiencing the Divine within us. Instead of having to go in and delete them line by line, repeating those four phrases all the time clears out all the negative affirmations that are there. When you clear out that programming, what’s left is a natural state of love, appreciation, abundance, and gratitude.

6. You make correlations to current studies with the brain and the neurosciences. Can you talk about Ho’oponopono in this regard?

Neuroscience reveals that you are not your brain, which means you can tinker with your own machinery. My new book reveals how to do that. For example, I point out that you have thoughts, but you are not your thoughts. You are separate from them. You can observe them. If you are not your thoughts, then you have power to change your thoughts.

One of the people I’ve had the privilege of interviewing and write about in the new book is Dr. Schwartz, author of You are Not Your Brain. He’s a medical doctor, psychiatrist, and researcher in the field of neuroplasticity, who offers proof that you can break free of any self-sabotage or other poor habits. Basically, neuroplasticity states that your brain can be molded like plastic – and reshaped and rewired by you. No matter what the struggle, you can change it. However, until you understand that you are separate from your thoughts, they will feel like you.

The interesting thing is that modern brain science is simply proving what ho’oponopono already revealed: you can change your brain because you are not your brain. You are the operater of it. Most of us just never saw the operating manual.

7. In the book, you mention that Dr. Hew Len said, “A cancer cell is a cell that’s lost its identity,” and that people are like that, too, because of their memories. Can you explain what you mean?

We have allowed our egos to separate ourselves from our Divinity. Our true identity is Spirit, but we have identified instead with personality. It’s similar to an ocean and a wave. A wave is not separate from the ocean; it is an intrinsic part. The ocean guides the wave; it doesn’t have a mind of its own and operates according to this greater body of water. This is just as true of us. Once we get in touch with our Divinity, with that greater whole, our lives reflect it and tend to go much smoother. We’re flowing with the currents of the ocean, so to speak.

In every moment, you have a choice: you can come from inspiration or you can come from memory. Inspiration is the Divine whispering an idea to you; Memory is a past belief, or program, still operating that will urge you to do whatever is within its limitation. Even wanting something right now is memory playing out, urging us to get instant gratification. The Divine has no time and no urgency. The more we clean Memory with ho’oponopono, the more we can be “at zero” and hear inspiration, and the more lighter, happier, and healthier you feel.

8. Can you talk about the programs we are born with and how this affects children?

No one comes in as a clean slate. Look at a litter of kittens and you soon see each has somehow arrived with a personality trait. People are the same. We have programs.

A child may be born with a health challenge, but that doesn’t mean it’s the child’s fault; they were born with what we call a program. To be clear, it’s not anyone’s fault. It’s simply the nature of evolution – knowledge that gets passed down from generation to generation coded into the body, into our unconscious. In fact, the Bible talks about “the sins of the father being visited upon the children” – so this isn’t a revolutionary idea. It’s a fallacy to think we are born without some sort of challenge. Children have this because they are a part of the evolutionary process. It’s simply different for each person.

In ho’oponopono, people have programs/beliefs/memories they inherited from their grandparents and great-grandparents. It could be cultural or something more specific to a family pattern. Regardless, it’s in their DNA. This doesn’t mean it can’t be changed, it just means everyone has a challenge and ho’oponopono can help with it. You don’t even have to consciously understand it or know what it is to eliminate it.

9. How is Ho’oponopono different than the Law of Attraction or the Law of Creation that you’ve written about before?

It is completely different. Ho’oponopono is a cleaning or clearing tool and the Law of Attraction is a principle. They work together beautifully.

If anything, you get double the power by cleaning along with doing Law of Attraction. When you use ho’oponopono to clean and clear your beliefs, programs, and limitations, you begin to feel a deep connection to the Divine, to that Divine love that is a part of who we are. And the more you can come from this space of love and gratitude when you want to create something new in your life, the faster it seems you attract things.

When someone is trying to attract something with the Law of Attraction and they feel a block, that block is a sign of an unconscious belief. That’s when ho’oponopono can help delete the belief behind the block. So, obviously, they work together.

It’s the same with the Law of Creation, which is all about taking action. Again, the more you are connected to the Divine, the more you’ll hear inspiration whispering to you. If you fail to take action on those inspirations and, instead, find yourself dilly dallying and stalling, undoubtedly it’s due to a belief. As you use ho’oponopono to clean and clear those limiting beliefs, your willingness to take action goes up.

10. You say that Ho’oponopono opens people to “Divine inspiration.” You seem to be a productive guy. How has this made a difference for you and how can it help others who might not be where you are?

My results are bigger and better and easier than ever before. I don’t have to try. I follow inspiration and allow. For example, at age 57 I received inspiration to become a musician. I had no education or experience or talent or training. I used ho’oponopono to delete all the limiting beliefs I had about becoming a musician, so I could follow Divine inspiration. I’m now 60 and my seventh album is in production. Seven albums in under three years is astonishing. This is a simple example of how inspiration can lead to greater things than the ego can foresee.

As you clean and clear your limiting beliefs, that suppressed energy is now available to you to use and floods into your being. Now you can be more prolific, productive, efficient, and effective. You can attract more. You can achieve more because you’ve got all of your energy working.

It’s a bit like waking up in the morning and, instead of having 100% fuel in your system, you only have 65% fuel, and you drag yourself through the day never realizing that the other remaining percentage was all wrapped up in your mind and body. Now you have 100% energy and when you wake up with that, you feel like a dynamo. You can accomplish virtually anything.

11. What does it really mean to live “at Zero?”

You are one with Source; one with all that is. You are no longer limited by your beliefs but unlimited by your connection to Divinity/God/Life. “Zero” is an open field of pure love and unlimited potential.

Most of the time we walk through life trying to get this or that, always wanting, wanting, wanting. We feel attached, addicted, or dependent on certain outcomes to happen. We want things now and feel unhappy when we don’t have them. We think we need them. We’re everywhere but in the moment.

This is the place where ho’oponopono can help you, by pulling you into the present moment, the only place of real power because it’s the only place the Divine can be experienced. The past is gone. The future isn’t here.

There is a great freedom living at Zero. It’s a place where intentions are not required to live a full and beautiful life because here you’re allowing the Divine to inspire and guide you. It’s like a combination that unlocks the path to awakening – you have desire but you also don’t. You have intention but you also don’t. You want something but you also don’t.joe

Since Zero is a place of no limits, describing it in any concrete terms would put limits on it. It’s the power source for all miracles. It’s home for unconditional love. It’s the grid of all possibilities.

Joe Vitale is the author of At Zero: The Quest for Miracles through Ho’oponopono and Zero Limits, The Secret Hawaiian System for Wealth, Health, Peace, and More. He is a,globally respected bestselling author, speaker, musician, healer, and star of such blockbuster films as The Secret.  Dr. Vitale is an authentic practitioner of modern Ho’oponopono, a certified Reiki healer, certified Chi Kung practitioner, certified clinical hypnotherapist, certified NLP practitioner, ordained minister, and holds a doctorate in metaphysical science. He has written more than 50 life-changing books, including The Attractor Factor and Life’s Missing Instruction Manual. For more on At Zero and Ho’oponopono, go to http://www.MrFire.com


The pain of being mis-understood

March 3rd, 2014

suzanne-hannaThe pain of being mis-understood, by Suzanne Hanna

There is a time in all of our lives when we feel discarded, abandoned, lost, unimportant, invisible, cast aside, and basically unwanted and unloved, at least in the way that we want to be or yearn to be. I think we can all recall an event or a situation where we felt unheard. A time when we ached to be acknowledged and validated for WHO we are. I know I have. The pain of being mis-understood was so great that at times it felt unbearable.

About a month ago I came across a video on social media that had gone viral. It was a video of an abandoned/homeless dog named Miley. Miley had been living on a heap of trash and at first glance you could not even notice her because she “blended in.” How many times has that happened to us? Being in a crowded room yet somehow feeling invisible and alone? Working hard at blending in because the truth is we are petrified to stand out.

I was so moved by the video and Mileyʼs journey because it resonated with me on a much deeper level. It wasnʼt only Mileyʼs story, it was my story and your story, Miley WAS everyman/woman. This thought brought me to tears. I was so compelled that I reached out to “Hope for Paws” with the intention of wanting to adopt Miley. To put an end to her misery, to give her the love that she so deserves, that I deserve, that YOU deserve.

At first it was difficult to even watch the video due to the horrific neglect that she had suffered. So often we are uncomfortable with witnessing struggle and pain. The truth is because we over identify with it. It triggers our own suffering and our first instinct is to turn the other way, to avoid it. But as I watched the story unfold I was amazed at Mileyʼs willingness to receive help. She couldʼve have resisted, became aggressive out of fear, like many of us do when there is support to be had. We deny what we really need and want out of fear that we wonʼt get it or it wonʼt be how we want it to look.

Miley, however, was receptive, open and grateful. I noticed that when they put the leash on, her initial instinct was to lay back down and stay with what was familiar. Not because she didnʼt want the help but because it is what she had known. The trash pile had become her home. Staying in what is familiar, even when it is filthy, unhealthy, toxic, and festering with potential disease is common for all of us. We know on some level that we should get out, make a change, acknowledge what isnʼt working, but we donʼt. We very often CHOOSE to suffer because the fear of the unknown feels greater.

Mileyʼs wounds were evident, out there for the world to see. Our wounds are not always that easy to notice. We get skilled at hiding them out of fear and shame. Our appearance can tell an entirely different story, one that is completely incongruent with our inner truth. Internally, we live in darkness. Our brutal inner critic can keep us imprisoned, shutting out any possibility for light. We sabotage relationships and jobs. Our internal landscape begins to define our external reality. We are unable to hold onto peace and joy. We hold ourselves back and stay small even when our hearts desire is longing for more.

What saved Miley was love. She didnʼt do it alone, she needed support. She needed those who could give her what she was unable to give herself. They witnessed and validated her wounds. They gave her time to process and heal. They waited patiently for her spirit to shine through. They provided other like-minded companions who had also been wounded. They built trust and together they loved each other out of the darkness and into the light.

I have recently launched a program called The Wilderness Walk, which is a journey into the wilderness to go through the darkness and fear of the inner mind and the pain of the wounded heart in order to integrate all aspects of our being, so we can enjoy full acceptance of who we are. To me Miley is the epitome of a Wilderness Walker, a courageous being who is open, ready and willing to heal. As a psychotherapist and coach I can tell you within one minute who are the individuals who will do whatever it takes to move through their obstacles, challenges, fears, and insecurities as opposed to those who will continue to create excuses and hide out of fear of the unknown. They are both important parts of our journey. Most of us have been in that place of feeling stuck. It was from that stuck place that I was able to find that twenty seconds of insane courage to begin my own Wilderness Walk. The walk into the darkness of my heart and mind in order to find the freedom that I had spent years yearning for. There is no easy fix, happy pill, or someone else that can do it for you.

It is a deep excavation into all the places that frighten you so that they no longer have power of you. You stop running and start walking consciously on a new path. A path that holds hidden treasures of insight and awareness. A path that will eventually lead you home.

Are you like Miley?

Are you ready to do what it takes to obtain a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life?

To be a Wilderness Walker?

Or are you still choosing to stay stuck?

About Suzanne Hanna

Suzanne Hanna is a Licensed Psychotherapist, Holistic Health Practitioner, Spiritual Coach, Writer, and Inspirational Speaker. She has helped hundreds of men and women move through their fear and pain as a way to live a more Inspired Life. Suzanne believes that it is up to the mid-lifers and beyond to come out from the shadows of their own fear, pain and shame in order to be the way – showers for the younger generations. To contact Suzanne and learn more about her work, please visit her web site at http://www.suzannehanna.com/

“I am on a mission to remove the stigma around fear, pain and shame. I want to teach others about the importance of the journey into darkness in order to reclaim their power and true selves. I believe it is the ONLY way to get to personal freedom. Several years ago I went on my own version of The Wilderness Walk when I hiked across the United States with my golden retriever Grace. It changed my life.” http://www.thewildernesswalk.com/