Conversation with Oluwaseun Bayode, author of “As in Little Things – Finding Answers to the Great Questions of Life from Everyday Experiences”

In As in Little Things, Oluwaseun Bayode shows us that, upon closer examination of life, “certain unfailing spiritual laws and principles emerge that reveal the wisdom and orderliness of Creation”—from a tiny ant colony to the complexities of modern life. 

The author’s practical advice, entertaining stories, and useful guidance will help readers learn how to apply this core wisdom to their everyday experience and live in flow with Creation. He also illustrates spiritual principles through the example of legendary figures, from Beethoven to Alexander Graham Bell.

I recently had the chance to talk to Oluwaseun about his book and life experiences. In our conversation we talk about the big questions in life and also practical tips for applying them to everyday living including:

Conversation includes:

  • Why we were created and why we are here on Earth
  • Major obstructions to finding Truth and how we can overcome those obstructions
  • How we can perceive conflict, division, and natural disasters
  • How to sharpen your intuition to gain insight for making decisions in everyday life experiences
  • How occurrences in nature and everyday lives reveal wisdom and orderliness of creation

One of the most interesting comments Oluwaseun told me was that he believes we are here on earth to grow so that we can be useful in Higher Realms. We talk about what that means and how to apply that idea to our lives now.

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