A Letter from Isaiah movie

According to the film’s website

This story is set 2,700 years ago in the Middle East and Japan and explores the themes of true love and peace through the old letter of the main character, Isaiah. This animation is not just for entertainment. It is a soothing animation based on spectacular backgrounds, a memorable art style, and a beautiful orchestral soundtrack that will bring tears to your eyes, making it perfect for all generations, from children to elders.

Isaiah’s last will and testament passed down from generation to generation.

To his descendants.

To the people of the land of harmony, in this world of oneness.
He continued to convey the importance of harmony to the children of Yamato…

In the land of the Jindai, letters left by Kukai, a descendant of ancient Jews,
are found in the temple opened by the ancient Kukai and in the ancient warehouse of the family that guards the shrine. Along with a letter…

Emperor Junnin, who was a descendant of Isaiah, loved and respected Isaiah.
There, the tragic emperor Junnin, a descendant of Isaiah, who loved and respected Isaiah, said, even if you hurt me, I will not hurt you.

The world of emptiness, where love can connect us, is in the inspiring book of Mu… He said.