The incredible true story of a U.K teacher & a child using Telepathy

The incredible true story of a U.K teacher & a child using Telepathy.

A Mind Beyond Words: My Decades of Discovery with an Extraordinary Guide

by Jes Kerzen /


Curiosity matters.

If Alice hadn’t been curious, She wouldn’t have followed The White Rabbit. The same goes for Neo. Just think where they ended up.

A Mind Beyond Words is no storybook, though; nor is it a sci-fi film. It’s the memoir of an English schoolteacher who could, if she had not been curious, have gone on living the utterly unremarkable life she’d been engaged in for 45 years.  Instead, she found herself being led on an extraordinary journey by a very unusual small child who turned up in her class one January day. 

Asher, the little boy in question, was also curious. He was trying to figure out why, although he could understand the people around him perfectly well, they seemed incapable of understanding him. He could hear the words they spoke and he could pick up what they were actually thinking. When he tried to beam his thoughts to them, though, nothing got through. When he opened his mouth and tried to talk to them, the sounds that came out apparently made no sense to anyone else.

A Mind Beyond Words tells the true but astonishing story of how Jes met and befriended Asher, how their teacher-pupil relationship deepened into a close friendship and how, as Jes taught Asher to speak more clearly, he set about teaching her to use his ‘first language’ – telepathy – and much more besides. 

If you’re not a curious person – if you think, for example, that Alice should have stayed firmly seated beside her sister on the grass bank that afternoon and busied herself with making a daisy chain, or that Neo should have closed his door to the girl with the white rabbit tattoo and assumed his computer was malfunctioning – this is probably not the book for you. 

If, on the other hand, you’re willing to suspend your belief in how we’ve been told the world works, to wonder whether the experts have it at least partially wrong, to ask questions and have them answered with ideas that make sense in an entirely new way, then you probably would have done what that schoolteacher did the day her life changed, and you’ll almost certainly enjoy following Jes Kerzen down the rabbit hole that is A Mind Beyond Words.


Asher, so the paperwork in his Educational Statement said, was a little boy with special needs, an educational euphemism for having something ‘wrong’. In his case, the experts had decided, there was quite a bit ‘wrong’. His speech was virtually unintelligible because of a problem with the muscles in his mouth. His social skills were limited and he was judged to be somewhere on the autistic spectrum. 

Jes was a specialist speech & language teacher, trained and experienced in helping such children to stop being ‘special’ and become ‘normal’. 

It was only when she realised that for several weeks following his arrival in her class, this apparently studious and well-behaved 6-year-old had been secretly sabotaging her lessons, that Jes decided not to tell him off, but to question him and discover why. His reply, and her response to it, changed the trajectory of both their lives.

Jes recognised that Asher was indeed ‘special’, but not just in the ways the experts had identified. Asher decided that his new teacher was special too. She became the one person he felt able to trust with knowledge he didn’t dare share with anyone else.

Like so many who find themselves on the cutting edge of new discoveries, Jes was compelled, in order to keep her job, to hide her findings about Asher’s special talents and abilities from work colleagues and, even more importantly, from those managers and ‘experts’ who would have been more than happy to dismiss a teacher expressing such subversive ideas.  Working with, and learning from Asher, meant that Jes had to lead a secret life in addition to her ordinary one. A Mind Beyond Words charts 25 years of that life.

An Esoteric Journey

By the time Asher was in his early teens, their roles had, in many ways, reversed. He had mastered speech well enough to explain and demonstrate astounding psychic skills, including telepathy, clairvoyance, psychokinesis, remote viewing and more, and to share the wisdom and insights he ‘just knew’. His former teacher became a committed student and kept notes of his revelations. 

Expect to read of a queue inexplicably dissipating, of an object mysteriously moving, of a book being ‘read’ by placing a hand on its cover for a moment or two and of time-travelling remote viewing in which the future proves to be just as uncannily accessible as the present. It’s time for the reader to lay aside all pre-conceived ideas of time and space, cause and effect; they simply don’t apply in Asher’s mind.

Expect, too, a very different interpretation of autistic spectrum perception to that espoused by most doctors, educationalists and ‘experts’. While frankly acknowledging the many challenges facing a neurodiverse individual trying to get by in a neurotypical world, A Mind Beyond Words recognises and celebrates the advantages of being extra-sensitive and less trapped in the human ‘skin-suit’ than the rest of the population. 

Asher explains how his autistic perception, along with his innate curiosity about all things spiritual and esoteric allow him to travel beyond the 3D world and to explore dimensions outside of space and time.

He cautions against equating 

neurotypical behaviour with human, and neurodiverse with imperfect human. It’s a very chauvinistic way of thinking — similar to the way men used to think women were inferior because they differed from themselves in certain ways.”


As the ‘First Thoughts’ at the very beginning of A Mind Beyond Words make clear, much of the material in the book is delivered via telepathy. 

After years of practice, Jes finally learns to receive consistent messages from Asher in this way. Freed from the constraints of having to use words, which he had never found easy, Asher is able to deliver ideas, concepts and ‘astral envelopes’ of information directly into Jes’s mind. He shares information from a ‘beginningless and endless library’ he discovers in The Realms he visits when out-of-body, asking Jes to record them in words to share with others. 

As he explains to her:

“It is almost impossible for one individual to be able to move beyond the physical enough to reach deeply into Consciousness, while remaining grounded enough to be able to explain it in human terms. I can have the knowledge and awareness as I journey alone but I need help to bring it ‘down to earth’. As you share our story, others like you will acknowledge the wisdom and knowing they have seen in children or adults they care for or guide.”

Curious readers can expect detailed consideration of subjects such as creation, birth and death, along with some surprising and penetrating material about consciousness and what is really going on in the mind and brain, for both the neurotypical and autistic/neurodiverse populations.

A Mind Beyond Words, like all the best rabbit holes, encourages visitors to expand their perception and look at reality in a quite different way. 

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