Interview with Donald Harold Young, author of Finding God in Vegas: Reimagining the American Dream

Donald Harold Young was successful business leader, living the American dream, but a very unhappy person. Something was missing from his life. So, he chased what he thought would make him happy: reputation, physical desires, and everything the material world has to offer. However, Don reinvented himself, his heart and his life in his 50s after he surrendered himself to God and to Love. Then, his whole being became filled with a deep sense of peace and gratitude after years of unhappiness and selfishness.

I recently had the chance to interview Donald about his life and upcoming memoir, Finding God in Vegas: Reimagining the American Dream.

In our conversation Donald talks about:

  • His journey from a material life marketing pharmaceuticals focused on worldly success to a more spiritual life
  • His decision to pursue his passion instead of money
  • How he is able to trust in God throughout his journey
  • How his sexuality as a gay man affected his journey and advice for other people who may be struggling with their sexuality
  • Suggestions for other people who want to reinvent themselves and follow their passions
  • How he believes his purpose is to creating more love; and meaningful actions he has taken to do that such as volunteering as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for the Eighth Judicial District Court in Las Vegas, Nevada

Donald was very authentic and honest about how his journey from being focused on material success to a more spiritual life has filled him with greater peace and freedom. However, he also shares that he experiences anxiety and doubt about trusting in God. One of the most profound and practical insights Donald shared with me is that it is okay and normal to trust in God even if we are still feeling doubts and anxiety. He also shares his daily practices and helpful beliefs for dealing with his anxiety and doubts.

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