You are a Frequency

You are a Frequency, By Debbie Anne Sellwood

The process of evolution, both individually and collectively, is a continual and inevitable part of life. We are continually affected by energies from the cosmos which influence us in various ways and at times of peak activity, such as now, the speed of evolution is accelerated. The culmination of several cosmic cycles converging and completing are ushering in a new cycle of existence. This together with Earth’s location in space; increased activity of the Sun, and other celestial activity, means that humanity is being exposed to increasingly higher levels of energies. This is causing instability and upheaval whilst an awakening and transformation in human consciousness takes place.  

Humanity is becoming conscious of its spiritual self and that everything including themselves is composed of energy. This heightened awareness is enabling them to realise they are capable of being/doing more than they had previously thought. They are recognising their power and potential beyond purely identification with the physical body. Underlying the physical form there are energy bodies of a higher frequency (than the physical) which have a vibrational influence on one’s health and psychological well-being. These energy bodies form part of a subtle energy system which has always been recognised by Eastern philosophies. The field of quantum physics has shown that everything (including ourselves) in the universe is energy vibrating at different frequencies, even though it may look stationary. We are composed of subtle energies, expressing as varying wavelengths, which enables us to experience different levels of awareness. These energies also broadcast our unique frequency (known as an energy field) which is a source of information about our health; illness and disease can be identified long before they manifest physically. 

You are a Frequency explains how energies underpin and influence our individual lives, as well as humanity as a whole. More specifically it provides an outline of the human constitution and body from a subtle energetic perspective and how unconscious thoughts and emotions (which are also energies), contribute to our health and wellbeing. Quantum physics tells us that our thoughts and beliefs influence the quantum reality, in other words ourselves. Since we are both the observer (of our thoughts and emotions) and the creator of everything, this means we can have far greater involvement in the health of our bodies than we think. We can, by addressing negative mental and emotional attitudes, impact our health and wellbeing in a positive manner. We are the physical embodiment of our consciousness. 

The book describes the necessity and advantage of taking responsibility for one’s health in the most natural way possible by maintaining a positive mindset and leaving destructive memories and emotions in the past. When actively involved in our health we can create a better physical experience for ourselves. This concept is supported through an explanation of the scientific fields, Epigenetics and PNI. Epigenetics is how our perception of things, not our genes, determines our physicality and PNI, how emotions translate to chemical messengers which affect various organs of our bodies and produce a reaction. 

In understanding the possible reason and purpose of illness, the concept of a higher authority than oneself is discussed. Messages from our higher consciousness can draw our attention to something within us that is out of balance and needs our attention; when ignored we can become out of sync with our true selves which may result in a health imbalance. The physical body serves as a ‘self-balancing system’ warning us if there is something wrong emotionally or mentally, and if we are paying attention, we can improve our well-being by responding to these messages and making changes. Working with higher consciousness can reveal issues needing our attention and if resolved, may not necessarily manifest as a physical problem. Understanding the potential benefits of healing frequency can provide individuals with additional tools for maintaining holistic well-being, addressing not just physical ailments but also emotional and spiritual imbalances.  

The various probable explanations behind these messages are explored, such as cautioning the reader to break free of beliefs that no longer serve one’s personal development. 

The innate consciousness of the body means that our cells are constantly alert, listening to what we are thinking, feeling, and visualising, and as they interpret these energetic messages, they pass them on to other body systems. It is therefore, in our best interests to make sure what our cells detect is positive and not influenced by negative emotions. In fact, our bodies are composed of an incredible complex communication network of resonance and frequency, through which information of an energetic nature spreads. This book delves deep into who we are at a subtle energy level and proposes that liquid crystals underlie and provide the means to power our physical system and enable us to tune into and respond to information available in the cosmos. 

You are a Frequency is timely as health and well-being are major issues of concern today, it is obvious that changes need to occur. In the future, a greater sense of self-responsibility towards our own health will emerge and not what today is effectively a victim consciousness toward illness. Victimhood can be seen in that most of us are not sufficiently knowledgeable or empowered to be able to help ourselves other than on a physical level. The extent to which we consciously and unconsciously participate into our health status is not always appreciated. Everything is vibration, and we have the ability to change the frequency by choosing to perceive our reality from a higher dimensional perspective. Many people are realising that we exist beyond what is solely a third dimensional experience (the physical realm), and we have the subtle equipment to be conscious in other dimensions.

This book provides an insightful understanding into appreciating ourselves in a more comprehensive way and how spiritual precepts are foundational to an emerging new paradigm related to health and wellness. The concept that everything is energy will inform a new much-needed model of health. It will form the basis of future medical treatments where the whole person – ourselves as multidimensional energy beings, will be addressed, rather than the physical body alone. The energy field incorporates all behaviours, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, extending to the highest level of the soul. When components of our subtle energy system are rebalanced with the correct frequencies this can transform health. This may be achieved not only by a change in mindset but with the assistance of vibrational treatments, which are outlined in the book. 

You are a Frequency is an important book for the transformative times in which we live and as humanity slowly comprehends a new definition of themselves and their existence in a world of energies. You are a Frequency assists in explaining how to embrace our multidimensional natures by presenting an understanding of who we are beyond just the physical. It provides the tools to help manage ourselves as energetic beings, keeping our vibrations high in order to positively enhance our lives, especially our health and wellbeing. 

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