The 7 Levels of Wisdom

The 7 Levels of Wisdom, by Mónica Esgueva /

In the realm of personal transformation and spiritual awakening, Mónica Esgueva stands as an extraordinary beacon of inspiration, a testament to the boundless potential that lies within each of us. Her journey, marked by profound self-discovery and unwavering dedication to personal and spiritual growth, offers a compelling narrative of how we can transcend the limitations of our perceived reality and embrace our true calling.

Mónica’s Early Quest for Understanding.

Mónica’s quest for understanding the human condition began early, sparked by an insatiable yearning to unravel the mysteries of existence. As a child, she found herself questioning the norms and expectations imposed by society, her curious mind seeking answers that lay beyond the confines of conventional thinking.

The Himalayan Odyssey: A 180-Degree Transformation.

Mónica’s transformative journey took an unexpected turn from the comforts of a prestigious Parisian neighborhood to the serene foothills of the Himalayas in Dharamsala, India. Fueled by an elusive sense of dissatisfaction, she embarked on a three-week journey that extended into three transformative months. In the presence of Tibetan lamas radiating wisdom and compassion, Mónica experienced a profound shift that altered the trajectory of her life.

This 180-degree transformation prompted her to relinquish a prestigious job, a comfortable marriage, and a socially and materially affluent existence. Her quest led her to study the foundations of lasting inner peace with Tibetan lamas, including teachings from the Dalai Lama during annual visits. She uncovered that the pervasive sense of dissatisfaction and existential anxiety she felt was a shared human experience known as “dukkha.” Her clear motivation was twofold: unravel these methods for her own transformation and assist others facing similar struggles.

Detachment and the Art of Letting Go.

Mónica’s transformative journey led her to a profound exploration of detachment—a process that involved material and emotional aspects. In a poignant exercise led by a lama, she envisioned a thief taking away her belongings, bringing to light the inevitability of parting with material possessions. This exercise became a powerful metaphor for her own life transition, emphasizing the advantages of a life free from material attachments.

Beyond material detachment, Mónica confronted emotional detachment, letting go of identities tied to relationships and roles. This process involved questioning her essence without familiar roles and recognizing that clinging to certain aspects induces anxiety and suffering. This transformative journey allowed her to voluntarily release attachments, finding peace amidst the ebb and flow of wealth, friendships, love, and career opportunities.

From Self-Discovery to Guiding Others: A Transformational Coach.

Armed with outstanding training in NLP, mindfulness, coaching, psychology, and neuroscience, Mónica transitioned into the role of a transformational coach in 2008. Her mission was clear: guide individuals in healing the roots of their difficulties, managing emotions, letting go of grudges, overcoming fears, and finding purpose. Her first book in 2011 marked the beginning of a more public role, participating in debates on national TV, interviews, and speaking engagements.

Her volunteer work at a hospital, supporting children battling cancer, added another layer to her transformative journey. Witnessing their suffering without succumbing to emotional burnout became a profound lesson in embracing what is without conditions. Mónica advocates for accepting each situation as it unfolds, emphasizing that resistance only leads to internal conflict and suffering.

Global Adventures and Inspirational Novels: Weaving a Tapestry of Shared Humanity.

Mónica’s unique journey is woven with threads of global adventures and a relentless pursuit of understanding the human experience from a higher ground. Her extensive travels to 110 countries have shaped her unique perspective. The intersection of her global adventures with the literary realm resulted in three inspirational novels inspired by the diverse tapestry of human experience.

A six-month volunteering stint in Tanzania emerged as a pivotal, life-altering chapter. Immersed in the resilient joy of children facing challenging circumstances, Mónica deepened her understanding of the human condition and embraced a profound sense of brotherhood. Regardless of differences, she recognized the shared humanity connecting us all.

Silence as a Pillar of Inner Peace.

Mónica’s exploration of inner peace extends beyond conventional avenues, delving into the transformative power of silence. In a society that fears and neglects silence, she challenges the pervasive noise, advocating for its ability to foster introspection and connection with one’s serene, conscious inner self.

Despite societal norms prioritizing perpetual activity, Mónica consciously incorporates silence into her daily routine. This intentional practice, including at least an hour of meditation each morning and periodic silent retreats, is a testament to her commitment to mental stillness and introspection.

Mónica’s Spiritual Awakening and the Birth of The 7 Levels of Wisdom.

Mónica’s spiritual journey, marked by peak experiences and memories of past lifetimes, reached a profound culmination during a silent retreat. This transformative moment brought an intense clarity—an unmistakable realization that her quest was over.

Amid the silence, Mónica discovered the elusive essence she had sought for a lifetime. Unlike external pursuits or givers, it resided within her—a truth often acknowledged intellectually but now profoundly felt. This raw experience allowed her to connect continuously with this inner source, granting her permission to live in the present with pervading serenity.

The newfound clarity sparked inspiration, leading Monica to guide retreats and impart spiritual wisdom on how to raise one’s level of consciousness. Furthermore, an unexpected and emotionally charged experience in 2018 brought about her great awakening—a state of inner peace and harmony that has endured since. Realizing the transformative power of this revelation, Mónica felt compelled to share it with the world, driven by the desire to uplift and aid others in breaking free from the confines of the metaphorical Matrix.

During a trip to Mongolia, she understood that she should write a book in English to inspire more people. It was clear that it should talk about the different stages of the evolution of consciousness and how to reach the highest level of self-realization through self-awareness, spiritual work, and personal growth. That is how The 7 Levels of Wisdom was born.

Mónica’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of self-discovery and the unwavering pursuit of inner peace. Her life serves as an inspiration to all, reminding us that within each of us lies the potential to transcend our limitations and embrace our true purpose in life.


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