How to respond to unexpected adversity: Be Still

Could you please expand on quote below and how to respond when we are stopped completely in our tracks, or how to respond to unexpected adversity or challenges in life:

By Morgan Richard OIivier, author of The Strength That Stays

“There is a season of life we will all encounter that will stop us in our tracks completely. There will be pain that will shake us to our cores and open our eyes to the facades of life and the truths that stoically stand behind them” – Morgan Richard Olivier

When writing The Tears That Taught Me, the book that is home to the quote referenced, I recalled a chapter of my life that bruised me yet built me. It was one of the those “One thing after the next” times of my life. I was struggling, learning, failing, and seemingly losing every comfort while I was also gaining a long overdue understanding of myself, God and life. 

It was truly the most difficult and depressing time, yet it was the catalyst to fully pursuing my faith, healing from the inside out, and discovering who I truly am. 

Truth is, we will all experience seasons in our lives that will lead us to not only question everything and everyone around us but also prompt us to seek a greater understanding of the mindset, faith, and identity within us. 

Whether that comes from crisis, illness, suffering, or an unplanned fork in the road—it is inevitable that pain and pressure will come. The problem is that many of us do not know how to navigate that season, emotion, or situation—especially if it is unexpected or overwhelming. 

Experts, random people on social media, and the world can provide you with a multitude of advice but there are two words that I will relay to you that should always be your initial response when you are stopped completely in your tracks, or you face unexpected adversity and challenges in your life and that is to be still.

In situations where your emotions, ego, or ignorance want you to quickly respond or react, it is best that you don’t act off impulse or fear and give yourself adequate time and space before you make decisions or deem yourself hopeless. 

Reflect before you react, access your situation, and clearly identity and address what is in your realm of control. Know when it’s time to ask for help and hold yourself accountable when needed. Most importantly, pray and seek wise counsel. Surrounding yourself with people who know better and have your best interest at heart is critical—especially in seasons of isolation and inner work. 

Whatever it is you’re facing, you will overcome and learn through it all. Give yourself time to process what you’re experiencing and permission to release it in due time.

Oftentimes, the very seasons that bring us pain and uncertainty are the ones that propel and prepare us for our purpose most.