Our Eternal Existence: A Metaphysical Perspective of Reality

Our Eternal Existence A Metaphysical Perspective of Reality

by David Gaggin / www.6th-books.com

The biggest problem that humanity has is misunderstanding our true nature. We don’t realize the significant impact our negative thoughts and actions have on our own wellbeing. When our lives do not go well, then we often see ourselves as victims of either other people’s actions or fate. We don’t realize that we brought the problem on ourselves. It is our own actions and self-limiting beliefs that have caused our difficulties. If we understood the true consequences of our actions, then individuals would be highly motivated to treat others kindly. In fact, we would be far more concerned with treating others well, both friends and adversaries, than worrying about how we think they are treating us.

Our Eternal Existence, A Metaphysical Perspective of Reality addresses this dilemma by explaining our inner nature and how we interact with our environment. It explains how we inadvertently cause our problems and how to avoid falling into that trap. The book introduces the reader to the nature of the inner self and how it is much greater and more capable than one realizes. Learning to use the power of the inner self more wisely can improve every aspect of one’s life. Learning about our inner self is a huge part of metaphysics.

Meta means beyond and metaphysics means beyond the physical constraints of this world. Metaphysics considers all information including scientific and religious beliefs, in order to better understand ourselves and our surroundings. While science seeks truth through understanding the physical world and religions seek it through following their various doctrines, neither accepts the immense amount of information that falls outside of their purview like extrasensory perception (ESP), philosophy, etc. Only metaphysics takes a comprehensive view of our reality, and it is in the understanding of our unique reality where the answers to our wellbeing lies.

In looking beyond the physical universe, metaphysics is centered around the idea that there is a spiritual force behind the physical reality that humans perceive. In fact humanity and nature are part of a single entity known as the universal consciousness. Because everything is part of a single whole, the book views metaphysics and spirituality as being synonymous. Therefore the book uses the term ‘spirituality’ very differently than in a religious context. In metaphysics it is accepted that we are spiritual beings and everything we do is spiritual in nature, even our everyday physical activities like going to work and keeping a budget.

Metaphysics is a highly complicated subject and there are tens of thousands of books that offer insight into various aspects of spirituality. Although there is a great deal of excellent spiritual information easily available, understanding how it all fits together into a cohesive philosophy is extremely challenging. In fact, sometimes knowing only bits and pieces of the truth, especially when that information is unscrupulously biased, is more confusing and even dangerous than no information at all. Our Eternal Existence is different than the other literature because it provides a comprehensive perspective of mankind’s spirituality in a single volume. It serves as an encyclopedia of spirituality that is easily understood by spiritual seekers at all points on their journey.

Our Eternal Existence addresses three main questions: 

Who are we? 

Where are we? 

Why are we here? 

The information was derived from my lifetime of research into virtually all the main categories of sources of knowledge available to mankind. For example, I considered the world’s main religious doctrines then compared and contrasted their sources to see where they agreed and where they differed. Eastern and Western philosophy, from Plato to Emerson to Lao Tzu, was part of my investigation. I examined psychological studies of consciousness, near-death experiences, out-of-body experiences, remote viewing, and other ESP phenomena were examined. Of course, as a retired engineer I included quantum mechanics and relativity theory along with other scientific fields such as archeology and anthropology. And I reviewed-in depth-mythologies from around the world as well as channeled and mystic information from sources such as Edgar Cayce, and the entities Michael and Seth. My research concluded that our reality is far different than how we perceive it. Both Plato and Einstein said that our reality is an illusion and Our Eternal Existence is an explanation of that reality.

The book addresses the unseen universe and discusses the nature of the life force and how the life force creates different realities in order to provide itself different experiences. Our universe consists of seven fields of creation, which are detailed in the book, including our physical field. All of these fields, except for the physical field, consist of very real substances or pseudo matter, which would not meet our standard definition of matter, but are real all the same. This then leads to the discussion of consciousness and the gestalt nature of everything.

Humanity’s spiritual nature is described and the personality’s connection to and relationship with the inner self. It discusses the various stages of our evolution that we have gone through in order to reach this point and it examines the main parts of our psyche. Death is a natural process and we would not want it any other way. Our Eternal Existence explains what death is like, what we do when we are not having a life experience, and the types of life experiences we can choose.

The evolutionary process is explained including the process of reincarnation, which is arguably one of the most misunderstood concepts in both Eastern and Western cultures. Our Eternal Existence demystifies reincarnation, explains the necessity of it and how it works. It provides medical and psychological data that supports the concept and provides the reader sources for further studies. It also explains how consciousness evolves and the process that was used to initiate this portion of our evolution. The planning process that goes into each new life is explained in significant detail. Each life is extremely important because our time on earth is very precious as it is so limited. A great deal of planning is required for us to have the most valuable experiences possible.

Ultimately it is the power of our thoughts that control our lives. It is the physical world’s unique reality that allows our thoughts to impact our environment and our lives. Because the life force is a mind, thoughts control the nature and health of our bodies as well as the world around us. It is our thoughts that manifest our life experiences, and it is our thoughts that determine how we live.

Who we are, where we are and why we are here can only be understood by knowing our spiritual nature and how the many parts works together as a system. Our Eternal Existence is unique in that it takes a holistic view of the world around us and explains a very complicated topic in an easy to understand manner. It covers an extremely broad array of subjects and brings them together in such a way that the reader can grasp the fundamental aspects of reality and how and why we interact with it. The book is appropriate for anyone seeking the answers to life’s mysteries, and even more importantly, it explains how one can improve their own life. By knowing the nature of our reality, the nature of our spiritual self, and the power that we possess opens us up to see that we, and only we, have the power to change our life.


Our Eternal Existence: A Metaphysical Perspective of Reality by David Gaggin is available from www.6th-books.com or from wherever books are sold.

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