Poem: Baby Love

Poem: Baby Love

By Dr. Archan Mehta

I have spent my

Life loving you:

Singing to you

In a soft voice

Classic lullabies

And stories from antiquity,

Such as Snow White

And the Seven Dwarves,


And Little Red Riding Hood.

I have filled your

Bath-tub with bubbles,

My dear, and offered you

A rubber ducky

To see you smile.

I have wandered

Across this earth

Trying to find gifts

Which you may hold dear

Like I hold you

Dear in my heart.

I can’t bear the 

Thought of you

Growing up and leaving

Me alone in this big house,

With only memories of you.


Stay young forever

So I can fill this void

With you for company


Baby, please make

Me feel whole again.


Dr. Archan Mehta has earned a PhD. in Management. Currently, Dr. Mehta is a Freelance Writer and Consultant based in India. Over the years, Dr. Mehta’s creative work has been featured in numerous publications in India, U.K., USA, South Africa and the Middle East. In his free time, Dr. Mehta likes to stroll in the outdoors, party with close friends, listen to music and stay on top of current events. Dr. Mehta is also fond of meditation. Please feel free to reach out to Dr. Mehta at