Spiritual Revelations from Beyond the Veil: What humanity can learn from the near-death experience

Spiritual Revelations from Beyond the Veil By Douglas Charles Hodgson / www.o-books.com

Many of us consider only fleetingly, and seldom profoundly, certain of life’s larger questions. Does God exist? Does Heaven exist? What other spiritual realms and dimensions exist? What is the Ultimate Reality and what is illusion? What happens when I die? Is there an afterlife and what form might that take? Do I possess a soul or consciousness that survives the death of my physical body? Am I a human being having a spiritual experience or a spiritual being having a human existence? What is the purpose of my Earthly existence and what is my place in the Universe? Am I ultimately judged on a reward-punishment basis? Do Universal Laws exist which underpin the Universe and all of Creation?

These are all fundamental metaphysical questions in the sense that they cannot be answered through objective study of material reality; they are largely beyond human sense perception and Earthly human experience. Nevertheless, virtually all of us have a vested interest in the answers to at least some of these questions, although being caught up in daily worldly distractions, attractions and illusions may draw us away from pondering these questions to the extent that perhaps we should.

For the past three centuries, scientific materialism and reductionism have postulated that only physical matter exists and that a separate consciousness cannot subsist outside the human body; consciousness exclusively depends upon the functioning of the human brain and the body’s physiology. This view has been widely and conventionally held and shared by the scientific and medical research communities. This consensus, however, is now being challenged and there is an emerging recognition within these communities (including in the subatomic quantum physics field) that the human soul or consciousness survives the death of the physical body. The human brain does not create consciousness but is a mere filter of it, and that such consciousness is eternal by nature.

The so-called phenomenon of near-death experience (NDE) reveals and confirms that the soul or consciousness survives the death of the physical body. Although accounts of such experiences date back to antiquity, they have only been systematically collected, documented and researched over the past 50 years or so. Hundreds of accounts written by those who experienced an NDE are to be found on the website of the International Association for Near-Death Studies, Inc. (IANDS). What does a near-death experience typically involve? While no two such experiences are identical, most share at least a number of common features which appear in the written accounts. Those who experience an NDE report a feeling of suddenly being outside of their physical body in what has been described by some as a black velvety void. They perceive their own body below them as a neutral and emotionally detached observer. They experience peace and a warmth in this void and eventually perceive a pinprick of bright white light far off in the distance. Suddenly their soul begins to drift towards this light through a long dark tunnel or deep valley, eventually gaining great speed as the light appears ever closer.

Then upon reaching the threshold of this intense brilliant golden white light, other spiritual beings arrive to greet them, often consisting of deceased relatives and friends. Music filled with beauty and majesty is often heard. They are then joined by a Being of Light of indescribably kind, gentle and loving energy which assists the experiencer with what might be called a “life-review” in which are instantaneously displayed through visual imagery significant events in their lifetime. A nonverbal, almost telepathic communication then takes place which is designed to assist the experiencer in reflecting upon and assessing that lifetime and how they might have been more selfless and less selfish in acting or failing to act in relation to those events. A barrier or veil then appears – often in the form of a fence, door or body of water like a stream or pond – demarcating a boundary or limit between the Earthly plane and the afterlife and the higher spiritual realms of existence.

But before crossing over, the experiencer is advised that they must return to their physical body as it is not yet their time. They still must complete their life mission and/or other responsibilities of a familial nature. The decision to return is often a very difficult one, as the experiencer is now used to experiencing sublime and unearthly love, peace, contentment and bliss. Nevertheless the experiencer must return and does so, afterwards recalling varying degrees of the experience and what was communicated.

Near-death experiences have had a deeply profound and life-changing effect upon those who have experienced them. They involve persons who were resuscitated after having been pronounced clinically dead by medically qualified staff or who came very close to death without being pronounced clinically dead. Most experiencers claim that after their experience, they no longer fear the death of their physical body and have acquired newfound clarity concerning what our true role or mission is in our Earthly life. Many report that what they experienced was far different than a dream or hallucination and was more real than anything they have experienced in their Earthly life, being able to recall vividly and accurately what happened to them many years later.

These intriguing accounts contain valuable descriptions of their experiences and what they leaned while they were outside of their physical body, both for their own benefit and that of Humanity generally. What they described in their written accounts included but went well beyond what can be found in the sacred scriptures. These accounts contained vivid descriptions of Heaven and the higher spiritual realms, what interconnectedness/oneness means, the nature and liberation of the soul-consciousness, the gift of Free Will and its purpose, the nature of soul agreements, various Universal Laws, the nature of positive and negative energy, the significance of the death of our physical body and our post-physical death spiritual rebirth and life-review.

The study of these accounts and the identification of strikingly common observations, themes and insights drawn therefrom culminated in the writing of Spiritual Revelations from Beyond the Veil: What Humanity Can Learn from the Near-Death Experience. Some of the messages and revelations brought back from the Other Side are disarmingly simple to comprehend while other concepts appear beyond human comprehension and Earthly experience.

This book decouples spirituality from a religious context. Numerous IANDS authors declared that before their near-death experience, they had no religion and did not believe in the existence of God or an afterlife, while others who were adherents of a particular religion or faith declared that after their experience, their particular religion was of less importance to them and henceforth aspired to be more spiritual in their outlook on life and in their dealings with others and the natural environment. All agreed that their NDE had afforded to them certainty and proof concerning the existence of God and the afterlife.

The purpose of Spiritual Revelations from Beyond the Veil: What Humanity Can Learn from the Near-Death Experience is multifaceted. It is to provide comfort and assurance to the terminally ill, to those who have fear or uncertainty about the eventual demise of their physical bodies (or indeed life itself), for those who are grieving the loss of a loved one and for those who feel lost and confused about the meaning of, and purpose to, their lives and what lies ahead of them. It is to reassure them that their souls are eternal and that there is a beautiful afterlife awaiting them in the higher spiritual realms (our true Home).

It is to reveal that there is so much more to existence and reality than this life on Earth and our physical body. It reveals our purpose for being on Earth, one which is remarkably simple to comprehend although sometimes challenging to achieve in practice. It reveals observations on God, the Source and Creator, and Heaven as well as various Laws of the Universe and the nature of positive and negative energy. It provides validation and corroboration to those who have had a near-death experience in relation to what they observed and learned while outside their body. And finally it describes how our soul is an eternal knowledge-acquiring work-in-progress, evolving continuously and inexorably towards communion with God.

The messages and revelations from beyond the veil presented in this book are clear, compelling, easy to understand and life-changing. They will dispel various illusions and delusions which burden our spirit and prevent us from progressing our soul’s learning and evolutionary journey to the Light. 

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