Date, Love, Marry, Avoid

Date, Love, Marry, Avoid by Janine Lowe/

Are you looking for fun on your Date or looking for Love?

I wrote Date Love Marry Avoid because I saw a gap in the market. You can swipe right, and you can swipe left, but the idea of this book is to give you the lowdown on who exactly that person is that has caught your interest. Looks are great, but as they say, they don’t last forever.

Are you looking to be with someone but not ready to legally commit to Love?

Are you looking to share your life and have adventures with a partner, marry, or are you just so bad at picking people to be with or avoid altogether. This book answers all of this!

Relationships can be exhilarating, infatuating, tumultuous and bewildering, but with the tools I share with you in Date Love Marry Avoid you are ahead of the game.

Let me tell you a little bit about the book and I will quote some examples from a chapter.

To begin with, you need to know which Chinese Animal you are there is a grid after the introduction to the book where you can work out exactly what animal you are.

So, let’s say you are a Rat born in 1972 you are one of the lucky four animals as the Chinese call them Peach Blossoms and it means people cannot help falling in love with you.

The other three are Rabbit, Rooster, or Horse, I bet you want to know if you are one of them now!

Getting back to the Rat, characteristic-wise wise you will notice them in the room as they never stop talking and they have opinions about everything. They are sensitive souls and are super intuitive.  Now I could tell you more, but you need to read DLMA to get the full details.

I write about all the animals their Top traits, what to wear dressed on your date, The best colours to wear, Your lucky numbers and directions and so much more.

I follow up by giving dates to go on for each of the Chinese animals Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog & Pig.

Rat & Monkey

Well, now there is some serious passion in this mix. If you’re looking for some hot sex, then this will work for you. You complement each other well, wake up at the same time and enjoy afternoons together and you sure know how to play when the sun sets. Night is your playground.

Then it gives the date and the Lowe Down in Date Love Marry Avoid.

Rat & Snake

Snakes are clever. While that’s attractive in a person, Rats will find this annoying because Rats risk being upstages (‘Nobody puts baby in the corner!” as Johnny says from THAT movie).

Each one of the above animals you could either Date, Love, Marry or Avoid you will have all the info about each animal in the twelve different chapters.

My intention is to bring the importance of self-awareness in the dating process, emphasizing the significance of understanding what you want, desire and the boundaries you need to set in place before you embark on your dating journey.

By following the twists and turns of the book if you are looking for a meaningful connection, rather than a one night stand you will have the magic at tips of your fingers.

Now I am not saying check someone’s year of birth out as if you are dating via an app.  When you know their year of birth look up their characteristics, is that someone that floats your boat or are you not a gym buddy you would rather go to a concert or just chill in a wine bar, the tips are in the chapters.

I have been approached by people who have been in a long-term relationship/married and they are like “what would I get out of the book when I am not looking for someone, I have my partner” easy answer for me “but what if you found something you didn’t know out about them and that could make your relationship even better.”

Love has its vulnerabilities and sometimes to be vulnerable can strengthen the connections between two people and bring an even deeper sense of intimacy.

Vulnerability is not a sign of weakness but a powerful tool to build and genuinely lasting relationship.

When you know each other’s weaknesses together you can weather the storms that life brings to you, and you will of course become closer and stronger as a result.

So, the big question “I am a serial dater, how can this book help me, even if I wanted to be helped, as I love having different partners” My thoughts “who am I to stop you living the life you love, but what if one person had just what you were looking for?” No more trauma of ending the relationships calls or if you are one of those people that ghosts, come on that feeling isn’t nice we all know that.

Repeating a pattern of ending relationships after three months there is obviously something much deeper wrong and maybe that’s the book, I write next.

My intention was to break with the unhealthy relationships, give you a chance to meet someone who is both kind, expressive, communicative, intelligent, fun and if wanted a party animal!

I wrote Date Love Marry Avoid bringing a different perspective than online dating, which there is nothing wrong with and in 2020/2021 what else was there to do. I just want to bring back that feeling of anticipation and excitement on a physical meeting on your first date, and after reading DLMA you will have some tools from the book to help you navigate your own dating scene.


Date, Love, Marry, Avoid by  Janine Lowe is available from or from wherever books are sold.