Poem: Poetry’s Nature

Poem: Poetry’s Nature By Dr. Archan Mehta


I want you to know that

I never stopped loving you.


When will you visit me?

I long for you like

A lover pines for his beloved.


I will build castles

In the air, especially for you.


We will dance with the stars

And the moon will be

Your necklace.


I will wrap clouds around you

Like frosted marshmallows.


You can swim in the ocean

And play with the waves.


I will do whatever pleases you—

For example, I will treat you

To a movie and a romantic

Dinner, late at night, by candle light.


We will gaze into the unknown

And pretend

The universe’s heart beats

Only for you.


I long for your warm

And comforting embrace,

So don’t fall silent

And quietly walk away from me.


Please don’t conveniently find

Somebody else to love—

Instead, love me.


Save the last dance for me—

We will tango on a moon beam

While winking at a shooting star.


I love you

Even if the tone deaf masses

Don’t fancy you and crack

Jokes about you behind your back.


Rest assured, I will support

You even if I have to play

The role of a “starving artist.”


Rest assured, I will defend

Your right to live even if

The ignorant and egotistical

Masses try to suffocate you.


You can rely on me

To be your knight in

Shining armor and I will

Rescue you from evildoers,

My damsel in distress.


The market will devalue your

Contributions in favor of

What sells and who buys

But I will defend your 

Aesthetic grace, free will

And imagination to my

Last, fading and dying breath.


I have spent my

Childhood days

Day-dreaming about you

And I have chased you

Like teenaged girls

Who stalk rock stars.


I know you feel completely

Ignored by the vast majority

Of the human race and that

Is fine as long as you know

That you are my vintage wine.


I know about your weird

And eccentric demeanor—

For example, how you conveniently

Ignore time, space and protocols,

But I will wait patiently

For you anyway because

You are like holy beads

And lucky charms whose

Grace changes our ugly

World into a beautiful jewel.


The masses often tell

Me that I am living

In a fool’s paradise

But I ignore them and

Pursue you anyway

Like cops chase after robbers.


Even if my neighbors

Complain about your

Erratic, unpredictable, sudden

Comings and goings, please 

Do not be bullied by

The lowest common denominators

Of society and follow your bliss.


Those who complain about

Your eccentricity cannot tell

The time of day and are surely

Clueless about the odd and

Strange ways of the muse.


Forget about those

Who oppose you and

Desire to do you harm

By playing politics and

Stabbing you behind your back

Because, in the end, the masses

Don’t matter anyway: all that

Really matters is the charm

And grace you bring

To our society because

Of which we are able to

Rise above our savage

And bestial natures and

Seek refuge in the finer

Aesthetic impulses—

A creative response to

The war, conflict and violence

Which threaten to consume 

Our planet and turn it into

A culturally barren wasteland.


Whenever you feel insecure,

Unloved, unwelcome and alienated,

Please remember that the hostile

Forces trying to cut you down

To size won’t matter at all

Over time: keep on

Shining the light and

Show us the way out

Of the deep and dark

Tunnel which suffocates

And destroys us.


Every time you step away

And step out of my life

I feel embittered and lonely

Like a shipwrecked sailor

Abandoned on a godforsaken

Island in the middle of nowhere.


We need you more

Than ever before

During these dark

Times of natural disasters

And weapons of mass

Destruction and nuclear

Holocaust which pose

An existential threat

For our planet earth.


It is time to turn

The page and savor

What is essential to

The heart and soul,

So mankind can avert

Crises and live to

Fight another day

By seeking comedy,

Laughter, music and play.


You entries and exits

Remind us, finally,

That human beings

Do not live by and

For bread alone and that

Tender loving care will

Always trump labels,

Stereotypes and dollar signs.


Finally, if you forsake

Me for another please

Understand that I have

Nowhere else to go and 

Nobody else to turn to:

In that case, I don’t know

What will become of me.

How will I celebrate the

Dawn without you by my side?

Who will wipe my tears 

During times of hardship?

Who will provide me

With mentorship and guidance

If not you?

Who will I confide in

During good times and bad times?


I don’t need palaces,

Private jets, expensive

Jewelry, exotic perfumes,

A bulky bank balance,

Fancy sports cars, etc.

All I need is you

For company so

I can forget about

Our world and even

My earthly existence.


I am waiting for

You with open arms,

So please feel free

To descend from the

Heavens like angels

Who bless our Earth

With their divine presence.


You are my best

And only friend,

So let us jump

On a white stallion,

You and I, and ride

Off into the sunset

Like an American cowboy.


Dr. Archan Mehta has earned a PhD. in Management. Currently, Dr. Mehta is a Freelance Writer and Consultant based in India. Over the years, Dr. Mehta’s creative work has been featured in numerous publications in India, U.K., USA, South Africa and the Middle East. In his free time, Dr. Mehta likes to stroll in the outdoors, party with close friends, listen to music and stay on top of current events. Dr. Mehta is also fond of meditation. Please feel free to reach out to Dr. Mehta at