Can Past Lives and Karma Be the Cause of Persistent Difficulties?

By Lola Jones

Back in 1985, many years before my work Divine Openings unfolded, a psychic who’d been spot on for me countless other times told that in other lives I’d been burned, hung, tortured, drowned, crushed and endured every painful death imaginable for being a healer – for using non-physical energy that was misunderstood or feared – or for doing healings forbidden by religion.

But mental knowledge often doesn’t change the energy. That’s why past life readings usually don’t help anything. That energy did not move, so in the 1990’s I was mystified that a foul-smelling sweat came out of me whenever I led my corporate trainings for big companies. I always subtly embedded spiritual and awakening energy in the trainings.

The saying, “you can smell fear” can be literally true, athough I had no idea what I was afraid of. Anti-perspirants didn’t completely work and it was very embarrassing!

After doing a great job at the trainings, I’d often feel horribly nauseated and vomit. That career was an uphill haul with that heavy energy weighing me down.

That was only a step on my long journey towards creating Divine Openings, but it was my dream job back then (some dream job, huh?) so I did not stop doing it from 1991 until the September 11, 2001 terrorist incident cut corporate training funds. That apparent setback actually led to the life transition and 21 days of silence that birthed Divine Openings. If that lucrative career hadn’t crashed, would I have left it, even though I paid a price after most trainings?

From 2006 on, since my work Divine Openings began, I’ve been a fearless speaker and healer. One day it suddenly occurred to me, “Hmm! I don’t have that sweat or nausea when I get up to speak anymore! I don’t even need anti-perspirant. I can speak to absolutely anyone, anywhere, needing no approval, no permission. That fear is GONE.”

Then I realized that Divine Openings had moved that energy by Grace — just like it does with most energies. And it does that without having to find or process other-dimensional lives. 

I actually don’t call them past lives because outside of this construct we call time, everything is all right HERE and right NOW. Other-dimensional is more accurate.

  • For most people just feeling and moving your emotions here and now moves any other-dimensional energy along with it. You may not have to worry about other-dimensional lives. If you’re feeling the emotions of it, the ENERGY of it is available to you and you can move it here and now.
  • As you accept, be with, honor, and move emotional energy, without judging it and adding resistance, massive amounts of similar vibrations from all dimensions are attracted together and rise in vibration – “no sweat.”
And if you’re not feeling anything persistently bad, then those other-dimensional influences obviously aren’t affecting you!
  • But those other-dimensional energies can be super “sticky and stubborn,” having an almost addictive quality to them. Hard to let go of.
  • It’s not your fault if the feelings you need to move are super sticky, or thickly walled off by your Survival Self that doesn’t want you to feel pain. If you have a hard time melting that armor, it’s not your fault. If there’s a lot of resistance to melt through before the energy can move it’s not your fault. If you are very numb it’s not your fault. Sometimes we just need a little help.
Some of those folks had even seen clear flashes of those other existences spontaneously, but again, just knowing mentally that it was there didn’t clear the emotional charge on it, and in some cases made it worse, for example if they judged it harshly or felt guilty about it. 

So I asked my wise Non-Physical Large Self, “How do I help these people that I’ve come to know and love deeply to move this curiously sticky, stubborn other-dimensional energy?”

The answers and energies came. And it worked.

In those sticky, stubborn cases, I helped them actually move that old other-dimensional energy out of their cells with Grace energy. We moved the other–dimensional energies still vibrating in their bodies up to higher vibrations, while helping them get the full value out of the experience, with soft compassion. They didn’t need to fully reexperience painful events, or even see them. I acted as a modulating buffer so they could just witness and gently feel the energy as it moved.

People suddenly broke through issues they’d struggled mysteriously with for years. 

One woman called it “spiritual dynamite, but gentler.”

Betty was a longtime student/client of mine. Her husband had abandoned her after the birth of their son seventeen years ago and contributed absolutely nothing for seventeen years. Betty had been bitter, but recently she moved that energy in one of my webinars, and the ex instantly reappeared and got warmly involved with their son. Then she had an even bigger shift with this new other-dimensional work, and her ex suddenly started fully financially supporting HER because she doesn’t have a job. Amazing.

She had been stuck in a strong unresolved other-dimensional energy with him. People in such cases have usually gone back and forth with each other repeatedly, trading who plays the victim and who plays the villain in life after life. That endless repeating drama only ends when that negative energy is neutralized — when someone can let it go.

Why I never use the word karma.

  • Because Grace supersedes karma. If we had to balance karma it would be impossible in this life. I was horrible in some other-dimensional lives! Fortunately Grace does what we can’t humanly do for ourselves. It offers us unlimited Grace no matter what. The Universe doesn’t judge, thank God!

But do we humans judge ourselves harshly? YES!!! I marvelled that the people I observed suffering from the heaviest other-dimensional energy were very spiritual, good, well-meaning people, but not very kind to themselves. 

We are the only ones that can limit us, punish us, or hold us back.

God doesn’t do it. The Universe doesn’t do it. We do.

And for some of you that self-punishment is a sticky, stubborn, addictive energy.


About the author: Lola Jones is a spiritual teacher and healer who has helped men and women in 150 countries to know Spirit intimately, get happy, healthy, and fulfilled.

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