Digital Age Mystic

By Jaron Fund (Rokazulu)

For most, it is something we make up out of thin air and place into our fantasy films or video games. The very notion that one can communicate with other realms is non-sensical to the common way of seeing reality.

This creates a divide between scientifically minded folk who like to point to the hard truths of the material world and the religious thinkers who defy practicality in a desperate hope that their concept of infinity will magically fix everything. They both share in a mutual struggle of perceived rights and wrongs.

In both views there is truth, and in both views, a third can form, wherein imagination and reality co-mingle as besties in a balanced world.

Of Course We Enjoy These Things

Finding balance in this world is not easy. Mainly, because we are required to work everyday to create value for organizations or for ourselves, so that we may enjoy more varied things as well as our basic needs.

Though the view is rapidly changing, usually “just being” or “just existing” is not seen as valuable at all. So much so, is this the case, that people will instead redefine such actions as “seeking God” or “finding one’s self”, in order to relieve them of any doubt that they might be a burden to those around them. I once found myself completely caught up in this idea, that allowed a lot of expansion, and a lot of dead ends.

Thus I swung to the other end of the spectrum. Consistently seeking only the material things. Caught up in how much work I have done, and what my numbers were looking like. I couldn’t make time to just be, because it seemed as though, I would be losing ground, falling behind, or burning up my valuable life span.

I was consistently creating content for my YouTube and Twitch, as well as spending 8 hours at the grind of my custodian job. My thought was completely focused on the idea of building wealth for my future. Until I walked into work one day, and realized how much I needed a break.

I called my boss and told him that I just need to take some unpaid leave, not knowing where the heck my rent money would come from (still I don’t know).

After that day, I was able to sit down and just assume that all would be well. In that assumption, my meditation was no longer an hour long pretense of sitting down with my eyes close (where I would look like I was meditating but in actuality I was planning my next YouTube short or Twitch Livestream). It was an actual meditation.

I went through some kind of death-gate, a static wall of transcendence. Right where I was sitting, I could see a more beautiful world. Before me was a blue, ethereal spirit. I asked it through thought “Are you of love and light?” As it laughed wildly and replied, in thought, with “It seems so! How about you?” As I quickly telepathed back with “It seems so.”

I snapped out of my meditation and everything went back to normal. It felt good to finally have a mystical experience again. To know that it isn’t all about the things we desire to have. And yet the next moment was here. I was wondering about my YouTube, and wondering if I would have enough income to actually quit my job. Perhaps, this was only a momentary vacation to remind me of the potential for a greater balance.

It feels like the five day work week is a bit too much on anyone. All I can do is speak to those who happen to find me.

My mind instantly leaned back towards my next YouTube video. “Would this get me over a thousand views?” I thought, “the harder I work on some things the less views they seem to get.” I pondered a way out of the grind, whether it would come through a collective change or an individual one. “Maybe, it isn’t about the effort at all, but about what is needed. Maybe the chaotic swing from action to comfort is completely natural. Maybe it is only the thought that it isn’t happening, is the effect of it not happening sooner.”


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