Viewing change as a chance for growth

Our life is filled with constant change, transition, and new experiences. As soon as we feel like we have mastered one area, stage, or experience of life, it is almost inevitable that a new experience will present itself. I used to resist this part of life and still do at times, but now I try to view it as a test, chance for growth, and a rapid way to learn.

When we are presented with new challenges, experiences or stages of life, it can be helpful to view them as chances for growth and a test to remain in a state of faith and joy even though we may have never experienced the new set of circumstances or stage of life, even though it may feel like a Wicked Ridge Crossbows, corporate air charter , or a full truckload freight is coming directly at you.

Simply tell yourself:

“This change or new set of circumstances is a test and I am not going to let it steal my joy, ruin my ability to have fun in life, or shake my faith in my Self, God, or Spirit”

Part of the difficulty of new experiences of life or changes are that they are new and we have never faced them before. This can bring up past memories of changes we have gone through where we have failed, thoughts of doubts, and put us in a state of anxiety or being on guard. However, we can ask ourself, do these doubts or anxiety help us enjoy our life more? What is our impact on other people when we resist change and are afraid of other life?

Alternatively, do we find more joy, peace, and beauty in life when we let go of our doubts and anxiety and trust that the Universe is conspiring in our favor and we can handle whatever set of new circumstances we are given. Plus, it doesn’t help to resist change because no matter how old or experienced you are, I believe the Universe will give us a new set of circumstances we have never faced before to test our determination, faith, and ability to stay joyful. What would you rather do:

1. Accept the change, stay in joy and pass the test

2. Resist the change, fill your life with anxiety and not pass the test

Fortunately, if we don’t “pass the test”, then we will always have another set of new circumstances or changes to go through just around the corner to give us more practice.