Grace during a tsunami

Petra Nemcova, a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model,
published a book, Love Always Petra, recounting how she was
heroically rescued during the Thailand tsunami that took place on
December 26, 2004.

This is one of the most inspirational stories I have heard
because her reaction to nearly losing her life during the
tsunami inspires me to think and act from a state of peace,
strength and love — even when life is giving me difficult
circumstances that I don’t understand…

On December 25, Petra and her boyfriend, Simon Atlee, celebrated
Christmas together at a resort in Phuket, Thailand. They talked
about their future together and possibly having kids someday. The
next morning, she was packing in her hotel room when the first wave

The wave came through the balcony of her hotel room and she grasped
onto the roof. That was the last time she saw her boyfriend, Simon.

Trash and debris hit her, breaking her pelvis in four places. Then
the current released her from the roof and she grabbed onto a tree.
She was not able to hold onto the first tree because of the
current’s ferocious power. The power and force of the fierce waves
tore off all of her clothes. However, she did grab a second tree.
She was left clinging for dear life onto that palm tree for eight
hours, naked, with a shattered pelvis and no feeling in her legs.
Eventually, she was rescued by the Thai natives and now has healed
nearly all of her injuries…

A few years ago when she was on Larry King, he asked her what
was going through her mind while she was clinging to the palm
tree. There was pure grace and gratitude in her voice when answered,

” . . . it was actually, in some way, it was really peaceful.
I wasn’t afraid. I was very – the whole time through, I was
very calm and focused. And I was making lots of prayers and
sending energy to people and thinking of Simon and all the
people there . . . I never lose faith, even when there was a
moment when I stopped fighting, stopped kicking. I was very
peaceful . . . I accepted it, and it was actually beautiful.
And I didn’t have a fear.”

I heard her interview with Larry King at the perfect time in my
life. It was during my final exams while I was attending law
school.  After I heard her speak, my initial reaction was complete
awe and amazement and I knew I had to attempt to adopt a more peaceful
attitude when I was faced with stressful situations…

Then, I began to ponder her serene and graceful reaction. She
found peace and beauty in the midst of such a terrible tragedy.
This observation led me to question and develop a much greater
understanding and curiosity for the notion that ones thoughts
influence how one experiences reality.

I still do not fully understand exactly what it means that
your thoughts can affect your reality. Does it mean that our objective
reality is actually entirely subjective because it is determined by
our thoughts? Does it mean that our thoughts have the power to
influence our reality by attracting circumstances, events, and
people into our life that are aligned with the vibration of our
current thoughts?  Or, can a thought simply shift the way
we interpret a situation which leads to more resilient,
benign and helpful outlook on life?  I am not sure
and would love to hear your thoughts on this too???…

But, it does appears that Petra was able to use her thoughts
to influence her reality. For example, by focusing her
thoughts on sending love, prayers, and energy to Simon and
other people her reality became filled with service,
tranquility, and beauty in the midst of a tsunami.

Additionally, was she able to use her thoughts to help
attract a Thai native to heroically rescue her and then use her
thoughts to help her heal nearly all of her injuries???

Finally, if your thoughts do affect your reality, what is the most
powerful thought to think in order to create the most fulfilling,
meaningful, and joyful reality for yourself? It is my belief that
the most powerful thought I can think is a “thought of God” – a
thought filled with reason, authenticity, compassion, strength,
integrity or love.