New Shoes

By Janet Weissman

I am not one who buys into conspiracy theories.  I do not doubt the moon landing and I have no questions about Area 51 or any of the untimely deaths of public figures.  However, there is one thing that I periodically question and wonder if something fishy is afoot.  

Over many, many years I have noticed shoes are often more comfortable IN the shoe store than after the purchase. The fashionable footwear that was not too tight, did not rub or chafe at the store suddenly hurt my feet. After years of this observation, I have definitively concluded shoe stores have special padding in the carpet that makes every shoe feel good. This is the one conspiracy theory I support.

The other day I realized a pair of shoes that was once uncomfortable had somehow become easier to wear.  The Ah-Ha was this is exactly what happens with new ideas, thoughts or experiences.

When something new shows up no matter what it is or how it was first noticed, there seems to be a period of adjustment before it feels comfortable.  This new thing is replacing something that was there before; it might be a new relationship, a new job or a new pair of shoes.  The old relationship, job or shoes had been “well worn” and became so familiar and comfortable that the time when it was new has been forgotten. 

The experience of anything new, even if we want the new object, comes with the requirement of learning how to use it or adjust to it. This can often be challenging.  To add to this conundrum it seems the longer we have been attached to the “old thing” the more daunting and uncomfortable the shift to the new can be.

I have written about change before and probably will again, because change is constant.  Change is one thing we can always be sure will occur and our permission is not required. 

Currently, there are many new ideas, scenarios, experiences and culture re-workings happening.  Old ideas, patterns and ways are being challenged (and rightfully so) at a breakneck speed.  Each day seems to bring forth circumstances that even six months ago seemed impossible to even imagine, much less experience.  There appears to be a massive dis-comfort zone everywhere.

It’s almost like the whole world is wearing a new pair of shoes and their toes are being pinched.  It’s really hard to move forward when every step is excruciating. 

We need to adapt to the new world paradigm just as we “break in” new footwear. We collectively need to put on these ideas, walk around in them so we can begin to realize we really needed a new pair of shoes (thoughts).  They are only uncomfortable because they fit better, the old shoes (ideas) were worn out, they did not enhance the new outfit (world) and needed to be updated.  

We are being offered an opportunity to upgrade our worldly experience by getting past the past. We can all agree the past is gone, it has vanished. The past is a memory that is only kept alive by constantly bringing it forth. Hopefully a moment will rise up in our collective mind to question the benefit of living in what is no more than an ancient tale that is often embellished to make it more than it ever was.  

The past was not really “the good ole days”; it was simply “the days” that were lived through.  The importance of the past lies in what have we learned from it.  If the “lesson” has not been absorbed it must reappear, each step forward is the foundation for the next and we have currently been stagnant in our momentum process.  There was the belief that everything had been uncovered, learned, studied and no additional growth or change was required. NOT SO FAST Bunky!

What really has been going on is a lack of motivation, it’s that comfort zone of delay or it can wait consciousness.  It’s exactly where my mind goes when it tells me I can do it later, I can go next week to get those new shoes even though that fancy event is next week. 

So I procrastinated and now here’s that event where I have to wear those new shoes and they are really hurting my feet, because it’s the first time I’m wearing them.  Can you see how thoughts can be the same? Do you understand how new thoughts are so difficult to accept because they have been denied for so long?

This is “wear” we are right now.  We need to wear those new shoes, even if they hurt, but don’t fear, before too long we will get used to those new shoes (thoughts). That’s when it will be time to go shopping and try on something new again.  

Chapter 30 of A Course in Miracles is titled “The New Beginning”. This is exactly the space we are living in now.  The introduction tells us each one contributes to the attainment of the goal with their willingness of practice. What is the goal? I believe it is to be able to live together peacefully and respect one another, because that is the way we ALL find Peace. “And together will these steps lead you from dreams of judgment to forgiving dreams and out of pain and fear.”

Those new shoes will  look marvelous on you!!!!


Janet Weissman Bio

Janet was introduced to A Course in Miracles in 1991 and it quickly became a major part of her life.

She has led weekly ACIM groups since 1998. She currently has two weekly groups meeting on Zoom . There is also one in-person group meeting in Wilton Manors, Florida every other week at The Pride Center.

Janet records the daily lesson from the ACIM Workbook on YouTube. She is currently in her fourth year of recordings. You can find her at @janetweissman

In 2020 she published her first book, “Good Morning DearHearts” which is still available on Amazon or her website   She is currently ready to publish again with a flip book of affirmations. It’s titled “Wisdom with a Twist”

Janet schedules sessions with clients for either spiritual counsel or simply to go deeper into their own spiritual practice with individual guidance, or reiki.

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