My Dog, Emma, Through Telepathy, Taught Me to be Kinder

Rev Karen  E. Herrick, PhD 

I had always believed in mental telepathy but especially after a Halloween experience with my dog, Emma. In paranormal and spiritual literature, it is explained from years of testing and studies that telepathy is real. It has been stated that it helps if the sender and/or receiver have a positive relationship. Sometimes telepathy can happen during crises or frustrating times. Carl Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist, states that “Telepathic phenomena are undeniable facts” and that evidence of this is important and “should spur the spirit of research to the greatest effort.” (CW, Vol. 18, paras. 813, 814). 

  I had been reading before this incident about Wm James, sometimes called the Father of American Psychology, and his belief in telepathy. It was Halloween evening. Several hooded adolescents walked up the twenty steps to my Hurricane Sandy lifted house for some chocolate bars. I opened the door, asked them to remove their hoods as then the dog would stop barking. As I handed them the bowl to remove the bars, Emma, my poodle, sniffed into it. 

A friend came over about an hour later. We had a cup of tea and a piece of pie I had just made. Then we had another cup of tea and another piece of pie. After my friend left, I went into my closet to change into my pajamas. As I walked out of the closet, Emma was sitting in front of the doorway staring straight at me. I asked her to move. She did. 

I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth. Upon leaving the bathroom, there she was again sitting up very straight in the doorway. I again asked her to move, and she did. I went into the computer room to retrieve my glasses and as I turned around from the desk, she was again right in front of me. I almost fell over her.

I was frustrated and bent down like you would to talk to a two-year old child. I looked straight into her eyes and said “What is the matter with you? Don’t you know you could cause me to fall? I could hurt you and myself. What is your problem?” 

The thought I then heard in my head was, “Everyone got something but me.” I could not believe it. My first thought was “But you’re a dog.” And then I realized “Yes, a dog but a dog who expects things to be fair and kind for all.” I gave her a treat and she went to bed. I had never before realized how much Emma watched the behavior around her and expected to be part of it. Now when I have dinner with guests, Emma is always fed before they arrive, so she is not hungry. When we have dessert, she is then given some type of treat just for her.

As with many telepathic situations, this one can never be repeated. I have read that relationships with people and their animals are determined by their histories and by their feelings for each other. Emma felt that if she tried hard enough that she could make me understand, for which I am grateful. I was really worried about a fifty-three-pound dog putting herself directly in front and behind me, which was dangerous. This lesson only happened once, and it was extremely meaningful. 

As I have read and experienced, Emma’s and my communication should be studied in relation to each other. Both of us had simultaneously assigned meanings to our behavior. ESP is like lightening “because it’s an emotionally laden relationship” and “There was a need to communicate” (Le Shan, 2004, pp. 133, 134). 

It is a sudden connection between two bodies of their respective electric condition. We were acting in a rhythm and our connection created meaning. “This type of communication needs to be recognized (LeShan, 2004, pp. 102, 103)” 

It is important in thinking of telepathic communication to understand that this happens in the clairvoyant reality, which means we are in the NOW. We live daily in our sensory reality where there is a past, present and a future but in the clairvoyant reality, there is only NOW. It is a head/heart connection that is special. I’m sure that there are those reading this who can relate to situations with their animals. 

New Research with a Medium on Telepathy

During Covid, I began working with a medium from England. I sent her a copy of my latest book entitled The Psychology of the Soul & the Paranormal. This medium stated that the spirits of famous people came to her. She states they also come to many other people; however, most people do not realize this because they are not clairvoyant. 

I discuss Wm James and Carl Jung, psychology’s spiritual ancestors in my book. I was surprised though one day when the medium said that the spirit of Wm James spoke to her and that he had a message for me. He wanted me to research an article he had written that I would find on the Internet that had “Blind Faith” in the title. I did so and was surprised to discover an article entitled Drawing and Believing: Blindfolds and Blind Faith, which was available at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. 

This article discussed an argument between James and Simon Newcomb who was a driving force in American astronomy. Among Newcomb’s targets in this speech was the George Albert Smith investigation widely regarded as the best proof of thought-transference (or mental telepathy) on record (Newcomb, Simon Letter to Wm James, February 16, 1886).

The result of their discussions salvaged evidence for mental telepathy. Wm James’ spirit had wanted me to look it up! This was the biggest piece of evidence, for me, that Wm James was actually coming in and out of our sessions trying to teach us diverse types of spiritual material. It was hard to believe but here it was – definite proof that what a spirit who said he was Wm James had told the medium was real. I had believed in telepathy because of what happened to me with Emma but this was a wonderful addition to my knowledge!

One day the medium told me that Wm James’s spirit had told her that telepathy happens because her spiritual guide and my spiritual guide sent messages to both of us simultaneously and that is what causes mental telepathy and that it usually happens when a quick message has to be delivered. 

James had explained at another time that telepathy happens when our guides speak to each other and then to the person who receives the information through thought. James’s spirit continued to explain that telepathy is when you have two people, and one person thinks something. The guide of that person then communicates with the guide of the other person to give them the same words or images. 

The message goes through four souls essentially since spirits are just people without bodies – two human people and two spirits. (I understand that we are each given a spiritual guide who stays with us for life). He continued to say that this happens when someone has not followed their intuition in a situation and communication must be given quickly to keep the situation on a certain path. 

Upon thinking one day, I asked the medium if all of this information meant that Emma had her own spiritual guide? Weeks later, I received the answer that “No, Emma had no spiritual guide.” What the spirit said was that he believed that my spiritual guide had a sense of humor. Good to know! I agree with Carl Jung who once said that more research is needed in this area so more people can fully understand the process and the impact these telepathic situations can have on all people.

The End.


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