The Soul & The Sea Essential Healing For Everyday Life

The Soul & The Sea Essential Healing For Everyday Life

By Benig Mauger/

“ In a time of unprecedented spiritual awakening, emotional

healing must move beyond psychology if it is to be effective”

Benig Mauger

How does emotional healing happen? How do we resolve our heartbreak, our childhood issues, our experiences of abandonment and betrayal and recover a sense of wholeness so that we can continue to walk our spiritual path? Psychotherapy and the benefits of self-reflection and soul trekking are undoubted. Insights from depth psychology can help us uncover and understand our early wounding. But is that enough? Are we healing? In my experience, one can remain at the cognitive level and never heal. Telling and retelling our story and having it witnessed by our therapist not once but many times may not result in feeling healed. ‘ Find and harness the healer within’, we are wisely told. Healing from within, the subject of my last book written almost fifteen years ago did indeed signpost this route to healing, but reflecting the collective spiritual awareness of the time, it did go far enough. The chasm between our sense of wounding and our spiritual evolution remained, resulting in a frequent split between the insights of psychology and teachings of spirituality, thus hampering our healing. And although we have evolved spiritually, the journey to inner healing is still fraught with obstacles since at some deep level we are cut off from our innate spiritual selves, a lacunae previously noted and lamented by Carl Jung. How can we connect with the spiritual wisdom within if we have become separated from our Divine heritage rooted in our own nature? Conditioned to look outside of ourselves for both love and answers to our suffering, we sidestep the inner healing power and wisdom, deeply rooted in our own hearts. Thirty years in the therapy room listening to fellow souls although enriching my life immeasurably, has taught me one essential truth-healing is not a matter of the will. It is a matter of the heart. 

One day, after perhaps years in therapy sitting on the same chair week in week out, a miracle happens, a doorway opens and a great surge of love sweeps over us and we know we will never be the same again”. 

You heal when your heart opens, when you surrender to a higher force, when you trust the greater plan at work in your life and when you pray or listen to your soul. In essence, healing is a mystical process, involving openness, surrender, acceptance, and most of all love. Healing can come through in a dream, in a poem or when something outside us makes an electric connection, a resonance with something deep inside us. Sometimes this connection happens as you commune with and bathe in the blessings of nature; when you walk by the sea or lie down on the earth and feel the heartbeat of the world. Just as ‘the flow’ that became The Soul & The Sea pushed its way into my consciousness mainly through my dreams, walks by the sea and periods of meditation and reflection, so too can healing come to you.

We are living in an age of unprecedented spiritual awakening. Emotional healing therefore, must move beyond psychology if it is to be effective. Connecting to the wisdom of our inner healer and the voice of our soul is vital for our spiritual growth and to help us heal our emotional wounds. Communing with nature, working with dreams, meditation and soul journeying using various spiritual tools, in The Soul & the Sea, I interweave depth psychology with spirituality to present a new model of healing. And although there is nothing new 

in being instructed to look within for guidance and direction, identifying the immense inner healing force all humans and nature itself possesses, is. As beings of light, we have no idea how powerful we really are. Learning to recognise and more importantly to own our creative Divine natures is as vital to healing as is humility, surrender and love, all qualities of the Divine Feminine.

Inviting you to enter each ‘room’(chapter) with intention and focus as you navigate the richness of your psyche, The Soul & The Sea takes you deep into the Sacred Feminine wisdom embodied in the earth, in the sea and in your own soul. In the sanctuary of each room you will be guided to meet and connect with your own inner healing wisdom. As you enter the sanctuary of the Rose room you encounter the Divine Mother archetype and the soothing balm of unconditional love, healing one of the deepest wounds, that of abandonment. In the Green room you meet the earth Goddess where you will learn how your early conditioning and relationships have made their mark on your creativity. Whilst in the Pink room, spending time with Aphrodite you will ponder on your heart and your relationship with love and loving. And deep at the bottom of the sea, in the Blue room, you will be taken to meet the inner marriage and learn how the inner balance of masculine and feminine lie within your psyche, endlessly driving your life and behaviour. The most spiritual and beautiful room, the Purple room, is where you will discover how vast is your sacred power, your ability to heal, to spiritually evolve and to bring about lasting change in your life. Learning how to raise your vibration and consciousness to connect with your Divine light, you will understand the function of dreams as direct path to your soul and the transformative power of images and symbols. Exploring the depths of your soul under the watchful eye of the Great Mother within the sanctuary of your psyche’s various ‘rooms’ will take you on a journey of profound healing.

In the stories of its rich ‘characters’, the book brings to life many Jungian themes and constructs in a very accessible way enabling readers to explore their own relationship to such archetypes as the Orphan child, the Victim and the Prostitute. Seamlessly weaving myths and fairy stories into its pages , the narrative takes you from exploring the search for belonging of the Ugly Duckling to the sadness and grief of the Little Mermaid in her endless search for unobtainable love. Traveling with Hecate/Crone Goddess of Transformation you’ll learn how to navigate your dark nights, being guided to release what no longer serves your soul and to embrace what may be pushing itself into your consciousness; your new life. Then, reflecting my long years as therapist and healing practitioner in part two, ‘Healing Rooms’, you will be taken into the therapy room to witness the healing of universal human experiences such as bereavement, loss, relationship break up, abandonment and betrayal. Highlighting my former life as a birth healing therapist, my favourite room the Birth Room lays out many tools for the healing of childbirth and the wounded mother archetype so prevalent today. Therapy includes not simply psychotherapy but such spiritual practices as heart meditations, visualisations, affirmations, being in nature, prayer, art and dreamwork.

There is a powerful healing knowledge and light within us which we must awaken and harness in order to truly heal and evolve. The Soul & The Sea provides tools to help you reconnect with our own healing abilities and wisdom. By incorporating the spiritual and mystical dimension on our healing journey the semblance of duality is dissolved, a vital component to lasting healing and spiritual wellness. Simply put, by bringing higher consciousness into your mind and light into your physical body, whilst simultaneously working with your psyche there are no limits to what you can manifest.

Inspired by the sea and land around her home, Mauger draws from her own life experiences as a Jungian therapist and spiritual teacher to illustrate how connection to nature and the spiritual world can heal emotional wounds. As both a guide and a creator of a new portal for healing, The Soul & the Sea reads like a story as it charts the journey to healing through nature and spirit while serving as a tool for emotional healing and soul growth, showing us how to connect to our inner healer.

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