Introducing You to Your Own Perfection

by Akash Sky /

I grew up thinking Self Realisation is for the Holy People amongst us, it’s alien to society as it talks of mystical experiences and life beyond the 5 senses so this subject tends to have a lot of fear based around it. It’s a subject that we are not taught through our education system, a subject which we touch on in religious studies, but religion has division in it itself and doesn’t address Universal spirituality. Its simply the truth of what we are, how we have been created, what is this universe, this world, this body and how we are a multidimensional being as well as Eternal. More than these words are the feeling, knowing and being of our self all of the time.

This pathway tends to come to those who have had enough of what the external world offers us. Usually, a painful event brings us to this moment or for some it’s too much success and little fulfilment. My trigger was my Dad passing away, as I sat over his lifeless body I had so many questions, what is death? What’s the point of life? Is there a God? Is there hell or heaven? What is the body? Why are we here for such a short time? What is this world? The answer came to me in the form of a question, the place where this question came from was flawless, unchanging and true.

The question was: WHO AM I? This question is answered completely in Introducing You to Your Own Perfection.

Introducing You to Your Own Perfection is aimed at the reader who has an interest in transforming their self-awareness to gain inner love, peace and joy at every moment of their life. Self-Realisation historically tended to be for those within religious groups who have left society i.e. Monks, Nuns, Priests, Rabi’s, Pandit’s (Brahmins), Imam’s. It also tends to be for those elder in age as they appear closer to death and life’s questions emerge.

I’m an ordinary everyday 38-year-old dad, husband, friend, accountant & spiritual coach. I live in fast paced London City with a busy finance career, a flourishing spiritual career, very young children (1 and 3 years old) & in a married householder life with my wife. My life is dedicated to truth, to always be in our own Inner Perfection and to share this with humanity. Introducing You to Your Own Perfection guides us all to the realisation of the self and to attain the qualities of that, Inner Peace, Unlimited Joy and Unconditional Love, always.

Introducing You to Your Own Perfection is for all of us; it’s the book about you. Who are you? Where  are you from? How have you arrived here? How to go back home to that magnificence? How to live here in your completeness? We can all do this; we are all created perfect. Is life hard? Is it beating you down? Do you feel alone? Even if you feel the slightest of pain ever in your life, this is totally unnatural to our true state. We have a choice to accept this or not. Ever tried not accepting it? Read Introducing You To Your own Perfection and you’ll never need to feel anything but Joy again. I open the audience up to this possibility.

Introducing You to Your Own Perfection will assist humanity as shows you your true state, informs us of the blocks to it, gives us the solution and guides us to freedom. I bring in simple examples of complicated areas by using my little children and their simplicity to easily understand the subjects at hand. I walk the reader through this as a guide and encourage them to take parts in before moving on. Introducing You to Your Own Perfection has been written for normal people who are not naturally spiritually inclined but brings the reader on a journey of growth by opening up their mind to the limited beliefs we have all adopted.

The one takeaway from Introducing You to Your Own Perfection is you are not this body, not this person, far far greater, more like birthless, eternal & everlasting, but these are just words until you know it and feel it all of the time. There is a lot more going on in you and around you than you realise as a singular ‘person’.

Learning the content for Introducing You to Your Own Perfection was joyful. My internal teacher which has many names: the divine light, the awakened mind, the holy spirit, the higher self directs my understandings. It’s useful to have a symbol in your mind to represent that as an image, mine is Guruji and Jesus Christ. We have a formless relationship. Guruji like Jesus Christ are the manifestations of the supreme, of the Divine light, of the Holy Spirit. They are the Holy Mind and the memory of what we are, the Holy child of God. Guruji is the avatar of Hinduisms Lord Shiva and he like Jesus are everything that we are, except we have something else which restricts us, that something else is what we have put there, it’s our self-individualised identity. They have no identity and are free, they are here to assist us to this freedom. I combine Guruji with Jesus in Introducing You to Your Own Perfection as Guru-Je.

Learning A Course in Miracles was never as I would have imagined, it was on the Train and at work! When I began the course, it took me two years to complete. I was worried at first how I would find the time to study, but actually Guru-Je (Guruji and Jesus) had a marvellous plan. It took me 45 minutes to arrive at work and 45 minutes to come home, and my new job was travelling by train so I could sit down and study. It wanted me to study on the train, Monday to Friday for 90 minutes a day. At first, I thought this was a joke, but actually looking back they were absolutely incredible. Guru-Je was so connected to everything it would give me a workbook lesson to read in the morning, then reinforce it by giving me real life examples at my work to use the lesson on, and then I would reread the lesson and go over the day on the way back home. It was as if Jesus was using the people I work with and the situations to teach me the lesson. I was so grateful all the time as I knew I was being handheld.

The material for Introducing You to Your Own Perfection arrived to me in interesting ways. Typically, information would arrive into my mind at the Gym on the treadmill, also in open discussions with people where my interpretation of their words would be different to the meaning of that conversation flow and I would right down my inner interpreted meaning in my phone notes to add to the book when I got a moment to myself.

Information also arrived in my dreams at night, the words entered in the form of the A Course In Miracles text, and I would write them down in my notes to follow up when I had a chance to write more on the topic. I would basically create a journal or diary of topics and it somehow turned into a manuscript for Introducing You to Your Own Perfection and I never intended to publish a book.

A typical question that is asked is can I get a materially better life from Introducing You to Your Own Perfection? This is about building a relationship with that part of us that is eternal, that is in no need or desire of anything as it is whole, complete and innocent always. This is the opposite to relationships in this world with possessions, people, objects and other attachments that leave us and are temporary. That said, by strengthening our eternal relationship it makes our temporary relationships holy, lovable, playful and peaceful by unlearning a thought system that is based on fear and accepting a thought system that is love.

A Course in Miracles is a universal spiritual teaching in the form of a book made up of 3 parts, the text, the manual for teachers and the 365 workbook lessons. Introducing You to Your Own Perfection is endorsed by Best selling Author and world renowned ACIM teacher Gary Renard.

Being a Hindu, Jesus came into my life very early on unexpectedly. My parents were born in India and decided to have children in the UK. Mum wanted me to go to a Christian school as we are in the UK which is a Christian country, it was destiny for me to connect with Jesus from a young age. I went to infant and primary Christian school. Jesus was built into my life script that I would affiliate with him early in my life and when studying the course with him it was like a big brother teaching me what I am.

Having little children and also living a pure non-dualistic spiritual life seems unheard of. Living in a world as a dream, with children who are dream figures within it – well, I must say I’ve never loved more than I ever have. It’s about living in a world and knowing we are not of it. Although the bodies around you are dream figures, you stop that cycle of falling in and out of love which is imaginary love, instead you love their being, you love them for what they are not what you want them to be and its so playful, fearless and innocent. There’s so much gratitude for having them in my life as a way to raise global consciousnesses.

Combining a full-time career with surrender seems unnatural as its not what we are taught, but actually it’s the most natural way of life where ‘I’ don’t prepare for anything! There really is no preparation for meetings and boards, in the sense of ‘I as Akash’ don’t prepare anything. Guru-Je prepares it all for me, tells me what to write, what to say and knows the skills I have that can help others who need it. I just follow the guidance within, its so peaceful and stress free. Sometimes it will create the decks to speak over in advance as that is what helps the audience, sometimes it will just speak in the meeting as a free flow and others it wont speak at all. Work is done as it is needed not as ‘I’ need it in order to invent a career out of a self-image.

Giving up or renunciation of the world isn’t what is asked of, giving up what is valuable is painful, like a food diet is, but not associating anymore with what is valueless is something else entirely! Identifying with Love instead of Fear and Guilt is far more rewarding.

Introducing You to Your Own Perfection is aimed at the reader who has an interest in transforming their self-awareness to gain inner love, peace and joy at every moment of their life. Working with the world-famous universal spiritual teaching called A Course in Miracles, we become mindful of who we are. Are you a body? Are you an accumulation of experience and past thoughts? Are you a person independent from everything and everyone in this world? In this book, self-aware author Akash Sky continuously investigates the individual we think we are. The conclusion is that as we dissolve our personal identity we arrive at a state of nothingness, which is the beginning of pure existence. This knowing unites us with love’s presence and covers us in peace. Sky shows us that through understanding what we are, what our origin is and where we are now, we can arrive back to our natural joyous state of mind by holy forgiveness with the higher self. Introducing You to Your Own Perfection offers an open discussion about self-realisation, with enjoyable analogies presented throughout.

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