The Dream Life: A Tool To Self-Discovery

By Mark Eck

When I was a kid, I always dreamed in color. I thought everyone did, which I found out much later wasn’t the case. I also would soar over my neighborhood  as well. It was a fantastic feeling. I would find myself going down crowded hallways of places  that were schools. In the dream I saw many people of both sexes walking to their classes. I would float about 15 inches above the floor, a couple others would do the same as I. No one paid it any mind. Once in awhile  I would recognize someone and use a special hand gesture in greeting. It was great having those dreams.

     So the spiritual life was always in the back of my mind. At the time I didn’t call it spiritual. I knew that you can have a relationship with divine spirit or God without there being an intermediary. Martin Lutheran came to the same conclusion in Germany in the 16th century. In my 20s I went to malls a lot, then I found small bookstores in them Dalton and Walden books. Where I found the new age section. Bought a lot of books there for the next 7 years. Always looking to learn more and more. It worked. Sometime after,  I had a dream I was looking at a casket in a funeral home. Don’t remember who was in the casket. When I entered the home I saw my previous deceased grandmother  and aunt together and they rushed toward me. My grandmother was freaking out so glad to see me. My aunt got down to business and delivered her message. Get out the fact that we are all soul. I didn’t act on her advice for a long time except for one on one encounters.
       I was at a fondue party my boss held at his house. I was talking to a gal about spiritual things. Then another gal joined. It was mostly a monolog by me. Within 5 minutes I had all the women listening to me. A husband comes over and says to his wife why you listening to this crap. He kept it up until she said shut up Dave! He retreated to the other side of the room to commiserate with the men. I guess women listen through their heart and men through their head. The talk went real well. So maybe the gals continued with their search for the divine, another seed planted.
       The more  you walk the spiritual path, the more experiences you will get. You will be opened up gradually. Problems  in your life can begin to be healed via the dream life. Fear is what prevents us from doing what we would like to do. In the dream state Fear would be addressed. Prior to reading things in the esoteric, I would have about 3 nightmares a year. They were always doozies. One day in my early 30s, the nightmares became more frequent waking up in sweat soaked sheets. It was once a month for awhile.  Then eventually once a week. To every other day. The last nightmare as I was running from a tornado. I remembered I read in a book, take a picture of what afflicts you. In the dream I reach to my back pocket and pull out a nice camera, I’m  shocked that I had a camera in my back pocket. Temporarily  I forgot about the tornado. Oh yeah, quick raise the camera to my eye, it’s almost on top of me. Release the shutter, a very fast rush happens carrying me to a nearby cloud. I walk to the edge of cloud look over. There is me  hell bent running for his life. As I jag left the tornado moves left,  I jag right the tornado goes right. After that night, no more nightmares. I learned from the dream about perspective. We are not one dimensional beings, we are multi dimensional. By changing our  perspective we have an added tool to tackle problems in our life. It’s how you look at things that will color your world view on life. It’s  not easy but keep trying it’s well worth it.
       Dreams can help solve small problems as well as the big ones. My number one question was is there a God? One day I did get my answer but it was delivered via the dream world. It started as a super negative nightmare of all nightmares. In the dream I bloody screamed for God’s help. I didn’t  see him but I knew he exists because the nightmare stopped immediately  right at the most horrific time. So I got my answer. Yes he does exist! Thank God! And no one will ever be able to take that knowingness from me. The experience made me stronger than I’ve  ever been in my entire life. God can work with you no matter where you are in life. Wheather up or find yourself in the gutter.