Q&A with Ellen Meredith, author of Your Body Will Show You the Way  

In a world of upheaval and rapid change, how can we enlist the intelligence of the body’s subtle energies to help us heal, build resilience, and evolve? 

That question is at the heart of the enclosed review copy of renowned energy healer Ellen Meredith’s new book Your Body Will Show You the Way: Energy Medicine for Personal and Global Change, which explores energy medicine as a conversation between the body, mind, and spirit and equips readers with practical tools for healing themselves from the inside out.  We hope you enjoy this Q&A with Ellen about the book. 

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Tell us about the title of your new book Your Body Will Show You the Way. 

When I was a teenager, I used to complain that these bodies of ours didn’t come with a User’s Manual!  And I didn’t learn in my family how to interpret what my body wanted or needed.  But what I’ve come to recognize, after years of training by my inner teachers, is that the User’s Manual is built into the very fiber of our being!  

We are all made of energy – subtle energy.  And our body, mind, and spirit communicate using what I call “the language of energy”.  It is a language most of us knew as infants and were socialized to forget.  By re-learning this language – and learning to dialogue once again with the subtle energies you are made of – you can access all kinds of deep wisdom and knowing that is available to you by way of this amazing instrument.  This book offers lots of tools and practices that help you access both wisdom and the guidance system built into your body. 

The book’s subtitle is, “Energy Medicine for Personal and Global Change.”  What is energy medicine and what does it have to do with personal change and global change? 

Your body communicates with itself using both chemical and energetic messaging. Most Western healing tools primarily focus on influencing the chemical communications of the body, but Energy Medicine offers ways to shift your body’s function using energy communications (which can also influence your chemistry.) And since your body, mind and spirit all use the language of energy to coordinate and communicate, energy medicine gives you a chance to participate more fully in your creation of self, in the operation of your body, and in the life you can create with others.

How can this support you in personal and global change?  The energy medicine in Your Body Will Show You the Way is designed to help you evolve your instrument so it can be more flexible, grounded, and adaptable to changing circumstances.  If you want to play Mozart, you need an instrument that can handle more notes.  If you want to play jazz, you need a mind and body that can engage with more complex soundscapes.  As our bodies and minds are challenged to handle more global influences and larger communication patterns and as we are pushed by the earth herself to awaken in consciousness, we need to be able to ground that expanded awareness in a body that can thrive in the new shared realities.

You write about the differences between outside-in thinking and inside-out thinking.  Please tell us more.

Our culture raises children to see authority as coming from outside: from outside experts, from culturally shared practices or beliefs or opinions, and from objective evidence.   But I believe the Universe is asking us to rebalance ourselves and cultivate stronger inner knowing, inner guidance, inner sense of what we want to offer to the shared reality.  In the book, I contrast outside-in and inside-out approaches to exploring several questions:  Where do I get information?  Where and how do I get gratification?  How do I address or approach a problem?  What evidence do I most readily accept?    What questions do I ask?   What makes me secure and safe? 

What is the inner guidance system you write about in the book and why is it important in navigating change?

When we think of guidance, many of us imagine a single voice in our head telling us what to do like a GPS system, right-answer machine, or built in oracle.  While guidance can come in that form, all aspects of your body, mind, and spirit have ways to communicate their gifts, insights, and what they need in order to help you experience greater health and well-being.

The subtle energies we are made of are not inert or mechanical.  They are intelligent and have consciousness – perhaps they ARE consciousness itself.  In this book, I take you on many guided visits to discover what kind of guidance is available to you from the brilliant energies you are made of.

How do we activate our inner guidance system and do you have any techniques for getting it to work better?  

Activating inner guidance is as simple as initiating dialogue.  Show up.  Tune in. Ask questions that open up the mind to new information. Listen and use energy to speak to energy: touch, rhythm, sound, light, image, movement, gesture, taste, scent, feeling, sensations, direct knowing, and more.  This is the language of energy, which is much richer than spoken language and the book is chock full of techniques for training the mind and activating knowing so you can recognize what your body wants you to know.  

What is an energy medicine exercise or practice and how can it support me over time?  How often do I need to do an exercise in order to make a lasting change?  

The energy medicine practices I offer all have an element of exploration, play, and communication in them. They are not like pills that you swallow blindly to make the symptoms go away.  They are moments of dialogue you have with your own being that deepen the communion between your body, mind and spirit.  And they use the experiential languages of gesture, color, sound, movement, imagination, intention, touch, and more to create this communion.

Too often we think of exercises as something we do in order to achieve a certain result, but energy medicine practices are a means to build a relationship with your own subtle makeup.  So instead of asking how often you need to do a specific exercise the better question is, “How can I help my body feel loved, cared for, heard, seen, and responded to in a language that she or he understands?”

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Ellen Meredith is the author of Your Body Will Show You the Way and The Language Your Body Speaks. She has been in practice since 1984 as an energy healer, conscious channel, and medical intuitive, helping over ten thousand clients and students worldwide. Visit her online at http://www.ellenmeredith.com.