The Ultimate List of Spiritual Awakening Signs & Symptoms

Hey, you. If you’re here you’ve probably spent some time scouring the internet looking for lists of spiritual awakening signs and symptoms. It’s probably not the first time you’ve searched for that either. How do I know this? Because I was once in the same position – endlessly trawling the internet in the search for answers too. ‘Am I crazy?’‘is this really an awakening?’ and, ‘what the hell is happening to me?!’ cycled in my mind in a loop that wouldn’t quit. I didn’t ever really find the answers I was looking for at the time and I secretly worried that I might have gone mad.

Fear not, dear friend, you are absolutely NOT crazy (although some of your experiences might feel that way). You’re going through a spiritual awakening, and I’ve created a FREE 5-day course to help you gain control of it and make the whole process easier, but more on that later.

First, let’s take a look at some spiritual awakening signs and symptoms:


  • Physical sensitivity – sensitive to light or noise, sudden intolerance to foods or products
  • Changes in sleeping patterns – unable to sleep or waking during the night, feeling wired but tired and overstimulated, or sleeping excessively during the day
  • Ringing in the ears or feeling frequency changes
  • Changes in appetite and eating habits – you may find you are suddenly much hungrier, craving sugar, protein, or unusual foods. Sudden aversion to drinking alcohol, eating meat, chemical-laden food or unnatural substances, or less need to eat at all.
  • Unexplained aches or pains throughout the body – these often recur in the same area of the body (usually processing past life pain)
  • Sudden health complications, ailments, or injuries – old issues held in your energetic blueprint are being released
  • Exhaustion and fatigue – feeling drained and depleted like you’ve got nothing left


  • Emotional sensitivity – extreme highs or extreme lows, wild or erratic mood swings, unexplained depression or sudden waves of emotion
  • Anxiety or fear that can’t be soothed
  • Crying for no reason
  • Feeling extremely overwhelmed – even when there seems to be no reason for it
  • Triggering – when something creates a powerful emotional response in your that is intense, abrupt, and unshakable (usually seemingly for no apparent reason)
  • Becoming more introverted or sensitive – craving more time alone
  • Empathy that is so sensitive and compassionate that it can be painful to feel others’ feelings so deeply


  • Energetic sensitivity – picking up on energies or feelings from people, places, or things. Feeling overwhelmed by your own energy or from the energy of others around you
  • Unusual sensations – tingling, tickly feelings, buzzing or prickling, shivers or shaking
  • Increased psychic or intuitive abilities – senses, visions, knowing, hearing, or even seeing
  • Vivid, meaningful dreams, or lucid dreaming
  • Communications with spirit, Creator, guides or ascended masters, angels, or even ET beings
  • Past life memories or current life issues rising to the surface to be released and healed


  • Feeling drawn to metaphysics or spirituality – healing, religion, meditation, practices, etc
  • Synchronicity – seeing number patterns, peculiar coincidences, meaningful signs or symbolism
  • Lack of interest in negative vibrations or interests, loss of interest in old friendships, places, or behaviors
  • Knowing that something has changed within you or your life, even if you can’t explain what
  • Aversion to superficial, fake, or inauthentic people, places, or things
  • A deep yearning to find meaning in life, to help others, to fulfill a life purpose or soul mission
  • Powerful aversion to traditional work, the system, or having to work for money
  • Confusion in life or inability to make decisions
  • Impatience – perhaps you know something is supposed to happen and you feel you literally can’t wait for it, or you feel a soul call or life purpose that needs to be fulfilled. A feeling of time running out
  • Awareness (or yearning) for soul mates, twin flames, or soul counterparts
  • Geographical pulls – feeling drawn to a particular city or country, or finding that life ‘puts’ you there

Our 7-day energy healing course, ’Grounded Awakenings’ can help reduce these awakening symptoms.

Oh no! My Symptom Isn’t On The List!!

Are you experiencing a spiritual awakening sign that’s not on the list? That’s exactly how I felt when I searched too. It’s not good for us, and I actually questioned whether I should create a list at all because it encourages you to fit your experience into a pre-defined framework. That means, that if your experience doesn’t fit the list, you’ll begin to question yourself and everything you’ve been through. You might even secretly fret that you’ve gone mad (don’t worry, I did too).

I want you to know that each and every awakening experience is entirely different, unique, and specific to the individual. You are an amalgamation of all your past lives, all of your parallel lives, all your heartaches and belief systems.

Awakening is the process of UNDOING those exact things. It’s the process of releasing everything that isn’t who you truly are so that you can identify the divinity beneath.

That unraveling isn’t the same for everyone – it can’t possibly be. You have a divine reason for being here – you have something special and unique to bring. Don’t stifle that by defining the way your awakening must go. Allow your soul to lead the way – don’t squeeze it through someone else’s framework – even mine. Your soul knows exactly what it’s doing, and it’s doing just fine (even if it doesn’t seem that way at all from down here) – let it get on with it.

It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way

I know that awakening can feel like you’re constantly trying to tread water, desperately paddling and trying not to drown, but it’s important for you to know that it doesn’t have to be that way.

Over the last few years, I’ve studied the awakening process – physically, mentally, and intuitively. I’ve tried all sorts of different methods. I know what works to make it better (and I definitely learned the hard way about what doesn’t work too). There are real, structured, simple steps that you can take to calm your awakening right down (while still proactively ascending at the same time too). I’ll show you how below.

My Awakening Is So Overwhelming, I Don’t Know What To Do…

I know from first-hand experience that that isn’t so easy. Awakening can be a crazy time and can feel incredibly out of control. You need to find a way to flow through the awakening without it throwing you around like a rag doll (which it will do if you let it). I’ve stumbled on pretty much every mistake you can make during awakening. It taught me a lot. I’ve already made the mistakes and learned what works (and what definitely doesn’t) so you don’t have to.

I created a FREE 5-day eCourse using methods that I’ve found WORKED for me, and my clients, to help you transform your awakening from out of control mess, to clear, stable, and grounded. Let’s get started!

About the author:


Kelly Ashley is an intuitive healer, therapist, and author.

Not so long ago, she went through a spiritual awakening that seemed to throw her around like a rag doll. She had no frame work, or mentor, and she couldn’t seem to find a therapist who specialized in what was happening to her. It was an extremely unsettling time.

You can be sure that anyone would find spiritual awakening challenging. She did too, but she finally learned the importance of grounding her awakening, which helped her discover and utilize her gifts, and align with her soul purpose. Now she helps others to move through their spiritual awakening in a grounded, practical yet spiritual way to help them transform their own awakenings with joy!