Expect a Miracle

By Mark Eck, originally published here.

Could happen to you though.  I like the saying,  nothing ventured nothing gained. Way more accurate when it comes to making change in one’s  life.

In my younger days, I was a drifter. Rutterless. Like a beach ball floating in an in ground swimming pool. Knocking along the edges where the wind would have me. I did this for years. Big mistake.  Eventually I got tired of the mistake. I started to make small changes. Mistakes where still there but this time I fashioned a small rudder for myself. This approach was far more satisfying. Change came in increments.  An inner belief began to develop. This turned me into the seeker. A slow path, but rewarding nonetheless. To fashion your own rudder. Begin here.  I am   Captain of my soul Master of my fate.

Goal setting is very important in life. Think about what it is that you want to have in your life. In your journal, write a small goal for yourself for the next day , then a goal for the entire week and a goal for the month. Continue this practice for the rest of your life, it’s  good practice. Spirit can help with any problems you may have along the way. The more you do this the happier you will become. Any problems wheather they are of a material nature, emotional matter or an esoteric nature. Spirit will supply the answer. Sometimes a lot of patience on your part is required. For those of you who do this, your life will definitely change. It will become an adventure. Your confidence will soar, making you stronger in your convictions. Give it a try. For 1 month and write and read what you have accomplushed each and everyday. This is your proof. Making mistakes is aok, it is how we learn. Better to focus on our own lives, than others. At this stage you become proactive. You are setting a new tone. You take small steps to enact massive change when it comes to your life. The change will come. Count on it.