How to use meditation in healing diseases 

How to use meditation in healing diseases 

by Claude Bulaceanu

Evolution of health systems paradigm from ancient times to modern ones

Healing diseases was always a big challenge for humanity since ancient times. Back then they uses nit medical science as we know it but more of a mixture of herbal treatments, prayers to gods, sacrifices, and all sorts of empirical means like mercury, taking blood, ayurvedic medicine, shamanism, etc. Some of them could be a death sentence, while others surprisingly effective.

In modern times, medicine improved a lot and we have now public health system just about in every country and available to most people, at least in the more developed countries. The key is that modern medicine in general tends to standardization, and therefore for the same illness the same treatment is used whether in Cairo, Buenos Aires, London, or Boston.

We now should understand that a disease, and illness, is the Effect actually of a Cause, which many times is unknown. When looking at a disease as a whole, we could say that the modern medicine deals with the effects manifested by the physical illness, and less with its causes. By acting upon on the effects, and even if being successful in this, if the causes are still active then in time the disease will return, whether the same disease or another.

From ancient medicine and spiritual healing, we know that our bodies are actually made of energy, connected with the universe around. This energy was called prana by Hindus and chi by ancient Chinese. The Hindus spiritual tradition distinguished seven major chakras as gates of input/output of prana in our bodies.

The prana or chi energy manifests like tiny streams of energy flowing along our nervous system and throughout the entire body. The energy has multiple functions, but the main ones is to adapt the amount of prana needed by the body organs, shift the energy vibration according to needs, feed the body organs around so they function properly. 

An illness is actually a warning signal to somebody that he went off for quite some time from the right track of his destiny. If he doesn’t understand this, then even if some classical medical treatment looks like getting results, in time the illness will return or another grave issue will hit him.

Steps of developing an illness 

The causes and effects of a disease are strongly related, and work according to the built-in universal mechanisms. 

The development of a disease follows 3 main steps:

  1. Some limiting belief held in our subconscious for long time. For instance, being angry, envious, greedy, worried, fearful, jealous etc.
  2. The limiting belief will disrupt our body energy fields. We might start to feel something is wrong, but when going to the doctor the analysis don’t show up anything suspicious.
  3. Finally, the disrupted energy reaches the physical body, and this time an illness is declared and shows up in some medical check-up.

Modern medicine deals only with step 3 of the above algorithm, while step 1 and 2 belong to other branches of ancient medicines. The ancients realized that if only the Effects, meaning the physical illness, is treated then since step 1 and 2 which represent the Causes are not dealt with the illness has all chances to return.

Steps 1 and 2 are treated not with modern medicine but rather with alternative ones, like plants treatments, with energy treatments like reiki, specific flavor treatments, and so on which try to deal with step 2.

While mainstream medicine acts much quicker on the physical illness than energy-treatments, it also has secondary effects since its drugs are chemical-based. These chemicals drugs have all sort of hazardous secondary effects as many studies showed.

The process of healing and meditation

The process of healing a disease is in 3 main steps:

  1. Identify the Causes, which are generally some limiting belief in our subconscious.
  2. Repair the energy disruption in our body energy fields caused by our beliefs over time.
  3. Heal the disease in the physical body, which has as cause the energy disruption from step 2.

The main point I want to make is that to successfully heal we need to correctly identify the Causes, and the causes belongs to Step 1, the limiting belief which is the root of the illness.

Meditation is the main tool in assisting us in getting aware of the main limiting beliefs (causes) in us in order to release them, and also to detach from the restless world around us, get a sense of peace and calm inside.

We need to practice an awareness type of meditation, one that helps us seek into us, into our subconscious, to find the beliefs that causes all the trouble. Only by identifying them correctly we can start working on acknowledging them, and eventually releasing them. If someone is a seasoned meditator he can do this by himself, if not it’s always a good idea to ask for confirmation and assistance in doing the beliefs identification and release. 

Another point is that healing is very much dependent on the body vibration of that person. Body vibration means the average awareness of that body cells, i.e. how they exchange energy with reality around. If it’s the normal average body vibration (3.5 awareness level on the chakra scale) healing using acupuncture and other related techniques can take weeks, months, and years, or even never. If the patient has a higher body vibration that was reached by spiritual growth, then it takes just weeks to months on average. 

If one has already a grave disease like cancer for instance, then he should first go to an official MD and follow the medical treatment prescribed, so to gain time in order to work on steps 1 and 2.

Bear in mind that any energy treatment takes time, the bodies here in 3D (D-dimension of vibration) are very dense and the energy access the spirituals have to prana/chi is quite low. 

Factors influencing healing

The healing on any step is very much influenced by:

1. The trust the patient has in the treatment and the healer. Without this nothing works.

2. The type of person the patient is. For the same illness different treatments are needed for different personalities.

3. The patient should be an active participant, for instance by doing meditations and humbly acknowledging the reason for having the illness, which is generally an old and deep negative belief he harbors for a good number of years. 

4. Energy procedures, like a kundalini awakening done by some kundalini procedures, should be done very carefully, or else these can even accelerate the disease and lead to a patient’s demise before his time, so be very sure what kind of spiritual/energy procedures you apply. 

The approach to healing is to start normally with a diagnostic, an energy diagnostic, like an aimed and competent psychic energy reading. If you do this like once a year by a competent spiritual healer who looks into your energies, you could know in advance if some issues started to develop at energy level. By doing this, you can intervene at the energy level before the distorted energies reach the physical level when healing is much more problematic. 

In my spiritual healing practice I could follow the healing process through all these steps, and once step 1 the limiting beliefs release, and step 2 repairing the body energy fields were accomplished, the mainstream medicine could heal much faster the physical illness, and the illness didn’t return since its causes were erased.


  Claude is a spiritual guide and spiritual healer for more than 20 years. He speaks only from own experience, and never from books. He is passionate about how souls evolve, how energy moves in Creation including in nature, cosmos, human bodies, etc. You can contact him on his site at . He offers spiritual services like Healing and others, and also has his own spiritual school “Body & Soul Ascension Mastery”.